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Movie Recommendation #2: The Moon and Sixpence

Tweet Here is a link to the previous installment of this series, where I recommended the movie “Darling.” Movie Recommendation #1: Darling On Sunday at 10:15 AM, the cable network Turner Classic Movies is airing “The Moon and Sixpence,” a 1942 movie based on a novel of the same name by W. Somerset Maugham. It’s [...]

Reader Letters #1, Epilogue

Tweet I want to take this time to respond to questions from part 5 of the Reader Letters #1 series. First, here’s a question from Kal Ross: I saw the solution to being a codependent as mourning first, becoming self accepting second, and then partaking in social interests and having real empathy (which also keeps [...]

New Post Up At Planet Ill

Tweet I wrote a new post for Planet Ill’s “What.Is.Black” series. My installment is “What.Is.Black: Fried Chicken” where I discuss the joys of fried chicken and defend Mary J. Blige’s Burger King commercial. By the way, don’t forget to support this site. The Rawness would appreciate your help. Related posts: Latest Planet Ill Post: The [...]

Support The Rawness

Tweet I’m writing this as an open appeal for people to support this blog. If you have been enjoying this blog, if this blog has been giving you intellectual stimulation and food for thought, if this blog has given you practical, useful advice that has gotten you real world results, or even if this blog [...]

For RSS Feed Readers – Part 5 Is Up

Tweet For people out there reading my blog through RSS feed readers, I was recently made aware that my latest post, Reader Letters #1, Part 5,  didn’t update in RSS readers. I think that’s due to the sheer size of the post, so I’m making this smaller post letting people know the latest installment is [...]

Reader Letters #1, Part 5

Tweet Links to the previous installments of the series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 As you’re already aware, this is the final part in a series of letter from a reader named Bill. The advice in this series  is specifically meant for people with codependent tendencies, so keep that in mind as [...]

The Delay

Tweet I want to apologize to Bill and all the readers disappointed by the delay in my getting part 5 up. It’s been due to three reasons. First, I was a little burnt out and spent from writing up part 4, which was a monster of a post at 20,000+ words, and recharging mentally took [...]