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Narcissists, Cluster Bs, Shame and Shamelessness

Tweet I’ve discussed in the past the relationship between narcissists and shame. Basically, anyone who suffers from Cluster B personality disorders (which include narcissism, histrionic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and sociopathy) is ruled by shame. Codependents are also ruled by shame as well. In response these observations, I’ve often received variations of a very [...]

Raw Concepts: Transporting

Tweet I previously wrote about a concept I called “time travel.” It was about being “in the now,” and in it I discussed Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now. Personally, I prefer the words “being present” rather than “being in the now” because “being in the now” seems to only refer to the time [...]

Movie Recommendations #6: Carnal Knowledge

Tweet Tonight at 1:30 AM Eastern on the network Turner Classic Movies, a movie is airing called “Carnal Knowledge.” It stars Jack Nicholson and Art Garfunkel (yes, that Art Garfunkel). The movie is about two male friends and their friendship with each other and sex lives with the opposite sex from college to middle age. [...]

Movie Recommendations #5: Lust For Life

Tweet Tomorrow at 6:00 AM Eastern Time, on the cable station Turner Classic Movies, the movie “Lust for Life” is airing. I highly recommend the movie, so set your DVRs accordingly. In 2012 I recommended a movie called “The Moon and Sixpence.” It was based on a W. Somerset Maughm book about a narcissistic paint [...]

Response to A Reader Comment: Ego Discussed

Tweet Another blogger at a blog called Casual Kitchen recently linked to one of my posts. The post in question was one from 2011 titled The Ego Trap, which I advise you to read before proceeding if you haven’t already. The added context will help when reading the rest of this post. A commenter over [...]

Raw Concepts: Time Travel

Tweet One of my favorite books is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Years before reading that book, I had often heard about “being present” or “being in the now,” but I just dismissed it as woo-woo new agey advice that didn’t have much practical use to a productive person. I thought living in [...]

Sympathy vs. Empathy

Tweet One thing we often hear about Cluster B Vampires is how they lack empathy. One of the things that makes many of these emotional vampires fly underneath our radars is that we can remember instances of them displaying what seemed like empathy. The inability to reconcile these instances of supposed empathy with their other [...]

The Myth of Female Maturity, Pt. 3: Emotional Masturbation

Tweet [NOTE: This post has been slightly edited from the version that debuted yesterday.] The previous installments of this series were surprisingly controversial, but I got bogged down with real-world stuff and couldn’t follow up as quickly as I would have liked and unfortunately lost a lot of momentum. One of the issues I wanted [...]

Break From Original Posts For A While

Tweet I’m going to take a break from original posts for a while to catch up on reader feedback. I will be doing posts over the next few weeks that will address reader feedback that I never got around to responding to like I wanted. If you ever sent me an email or had an [...]

More Examples of World-Creation

Tweet To read about the concepts of world-creation, check hereĀ and hereĀ for two examples. If you understand the concept, here are some more examples of world-creations, both positive and negative: Someone keeps showing vulnerability and acting in trustworthy ways, but when someone mistakes their kindness for weakness, they enforce their boundaries. They end up in a [...]