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Movie Recommendations #7: Gone Girl

The real world has been keeping me too busy to blog regularly, but I plan to return to it soon, I promise. In the meantime, I saw the movie Gone Girl, a pretty interesting movie this weekend that covers a major topic of this blog, Cluster B personality disorders. It’s a fascinating fictional case study […]

Raw Concepts: The Jumpzone

Jumpzone is a phrase I’ve coined, but that I think needs to enter widespread usage. In fact, if someone can create an urbandictionary entry for it for me I’d be grateful. A jumpoff is a girl used strictly for sexual validation and no other type of connection. The jumpoff is the female equivalent of the […]

Compulsion, Expanded

In my last post I described the three elements of addiction, which were: Compulsion Tolerance Withdrawal I want to take this time to explore in more detail exactly what is meant by compulsive behavior. In the book Neurosis and Human Growth, Karen Horney discusses compulsion. The specific illustration she is using involves narcissism, which one […]

Raw Concepts: Mood-Changers, Addiction Elements

There are many cultural critics from different disciplines who complain about how people expand the language of addiction to describe everything: sex addiction, gambling addiction, eating addictions, etc. The rationale is that by labeling forms of bad behavior, you are somehow excusing them. I strongly disagree. I think if anything we are too limited in our […]

Sex, Lies, and Rinsing Guys

This documentary is a few years old, and apparently generated some buzz in the UK in 2012, but this is my first time hearing about it. The thirst is real, people.

Comments and Emails, #1

[NOTE: I am taking a break on accepting letters regarding personal problems for a while. I have a backlog of email to respond to, which I’ve decided to use as material for blog posts. This is the first of those blog posts. You can still email me for a variety of reasons, including to share […]


I have a project I’m undertaking in 2014 with the blog. I plan to answer every question-asking single email or comment I’ve ever received from the beginning of this blog’s existence. If you have ever written a comment or sent me an email asking a question of me or asking for advice, whether it was […]

The Atrophied True Self

In my last post, I discussed how people tend to have three selves in play: The idealized false self The despicable false self The true self I also discussed how many people have two problems. First, they mistake the despicable false self for their true self, and second, they don’t have much of a true self […]

The Two False Selves

I often talk about the idealized false self in my writing. It’s a concept that comes up very often in psychology, philosophy, and eastern spirituality, although not always under the same name.  It basically means a perfectionist persona that one believes represents the ideal type of person one should aspire to be. Neurotic people then put […]

Narcissists, Cluster Bs, Shame and Shamelessness

I’ve discussed in the past the relationship between narcissists and shame. Basically, anyone who suffers from Cluster B personality disorders (which include narcissism, histrionic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and sociopathy) is ruled by shame. Codependents are also ruled by shame as well. In response these observations, I’ve often received variations of a very sensible […]