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31 Days of Game Is Taken Down And Other Matters

Tweet I’ve decided to take down the 31 Days of Game. At some point soon I’m going to revisit the concept to figure out whether I’m just going to get rid of them altogether, revise them, or do a combination where I keep some, revise others, and junk the rest. The reason I took them [...]

Movie Reminder

Tweet A while ago in this post I mentioned the movie Darling starting Julie Christie as a movie that is a great example of an emotional vampire Cluster B type in action. She plays Diana Scott, nicknamed “Darling,” and she’s a pure narcissist through and through. Christie won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her [...]

New RSS Feature

Tweet                     I have a feed for those who want to track all comments made on the blog in their RSS reader. You can see this feed up permanently now in the sidebar on the right, or you can click the feed below or enter it [...]

Reader Letters #1, Part 4.1

Tweet When I was doing Part 4 to this series, I did a lot of research on the internet and in the book The Game to try to make a psychological profile. One thing I found interesting though was how little of Neil Strauss’s background, particularly his childhood and upbringing, was discussed, as opposed to [...]