Raw Concepts: Superior Inferiority

Tweet I’ve discussed how and why shame-based personalities tend to fluctuate from one extreme to another, often viewing themselves as either subhuman or superhuman. I’ve also discussed how these extremes often coexist at once in one shame-based individual, leading to codependents with disguised narcissistic tendencies and narcissists with disguised codependent, needy tendencies. Today I’m going [...]

Raw Concepts: Codependent Entitlement (or Covert Narcissism)

Tweet We’ve already discussed how shame-filled people are prone to view themselves in extremes, as either superhuman or subhuman. I called this the superhuman/subhuman dichotomy. You can see this dichotomy in the way shame-based people tend to become either narcissists (superhuman) or codependents (subhuman). Although narcissists and codependents may seem like opposites on a superficial [...]

Raw Concepts: The Superhuman/Subhuman Dichotomy of Shame

Tweet A great book I read on shame was John Bradshaw’s Healing the Shame that Binds You. I’ve read better when it comes to getting into the hardcore psychodynamics behind shame, like Leon Wurmser’s books, but those books can be very intimidating, dense, and jargon-filled. Bradshaw’s book, though, is great for laypeople, and has a lot of [...]

Raw Concepts: Maladaptation

Tweet   We’ve already discussed the ways that collective psychology disciplines like group psychology and evolutionary psychology have parallel concepts to what one finds in individual psychology. I want to carry these comparisons further with a discussion of the concept of maladaptions. Maladaptations are an umbrella term for (1) maladaptive behavior, (2) maladaptive beliefs, and(3) [...]

Obama: Decent Speech, But Still A Malignant Narcissist

Tweet First off, I’m glad Bin Laden’s dead. Wish it was sooner, but hey, whatever. The fascinating part of it to me was the verbal and body language during Obama’s speech. The swagger he used to saunter up to and away from the microphone. That was cool. That slight shit-eating grin he was suppressing throughout [...]

The Limits of Evo Psych (Plus Two Good Relationship Articles)

Tweet [By the way, just because there’s a new post up, don’t forget to go back to this post and help me out with my request. I need your help. – T.] I was getting bored with the old themes of the blog, and I didn’t want to just repeat myself or preach to the [...]