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Shame is Immature

Tweet This is an insight that may seem a little basic or obvious, but I try not to take anything for granted. Sometimes things I think I’m making¬†obvious people totally miss, and things I think I didn’t make clear enough, people grasp far better than I ever originally hoped. One such insight I’m not sure [...]

Raw Concepts: The Suppression-Expression Paradox

Tweet The suppression-expression paradox simply means that the more a person or group suppresses a natural human urge, the more intense their expression of that natural urge will be once/if they ever do decide to express it. For example, modern progressive liberals, especially of the Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert generation, choose to engage in [...]

Raw Concepts: Superior Inferiority

Tweet I’ve discussed how and why shame-based personalities tend to fluctuate from one extreme to another, often viewing themselves as either subhuman or superhuman. I’ve also discussed how these extremes often coexist at once in one shame-based individual, leading to codependents with disguised narcissistic tendencies and narcissists with disguised codependent, needy tendencies. Today I’m going [...]

Civilization and Human Nature

Tweet We’ve been discussing human nature and the naturalistic fallacy a lot, and how proving that something is human nature is not the same as proving that it’s a desirable trait to have today in modern society. As I’ve said in the past, human nature just means it was something that was at one point [...]

Raw Concepts: The Free Riding Tipping Point

Tweet As I’ve said in recent posts, proving that something is part of human nature is not the same as proving that it’s good. The belief that all human nature is desirable and should therefore be deliberately emulated is known as the naturalistic fallacy. As I said previously: Human nature is a collection of traits, [...]

Raw Concepts: Subclinical, or Shadow Syndromes

Tweet   I read a book a while back called Shadow Syndromes: The Mild Forms of Major Mental Disorders That Sabotage Us by John Ratey. It’s a decent enough book, but I wasn’t quite crazy about it overall, which is why I didn’t add it to my recommended reading page. However the premise of the [...]

Raw Concepts: Human Nature, Personal Nature

Tweet Something that pops up often online when discussing human behavior is something called the naturalistic fallacy, which is when someone argues that because a behavior, trait, or instinct is natural, meaning that it’s human nature, that behavior, trait, or instinct must also therefore be considered desirable and good. This is also called “the is-ought [...]