Voting Results for Reader-Suggested Topics

What’s interesting was how the voting changed halfway through. Early frontrunners were drama queens, gossip and advice column. Then at some point the voting shifted to what you see below.

I’m making two requests from readers. First, any male reader who feels like he’s learned a lot of unpleasant truths about human nature, dating and relationships, whether through this blog, other blogs or books, life experience, parental advice, whatever, share your journey and your stages. The feedback will be helpful for me when putting together my post addressing the stages a man goes through after discovering game. Posting your story in the comments below is okay as well.

Second request, if you have questions that require advice, send them to me at the email address shown on the above right. The occasional advice column option only came in at 12, so it’s not a top priority, but I’d like a backlog of questions handy just in case.

And without further adieu, the results:

  1. The stages a man goes through when he first discovers game, similar to the stages of grief. 16%
  2. More Renaissance Man series. 13%.
  3. Expand on 31 Days of Game posts. 10%
  4. What to do in a relationship when your woman lets herself go. 8%
  5. Why people are opting out of reproducing, especially white women. 7%
  6. Future of the dating game/State of Marriage. 7%
  7. Female hypergamy and how it changes when women get older. 6%
  8. Drama queens who seem normal at first then turn out crazy, and discuss early warning signs. 5%
  9. Liberal mindsets and whether their ideologies good for the poor? 5%
  10. Expand on Anatomy of Female Power. 4%
  11. What does trashy gossip tabloid reading habits women have say about them? 4%
  12. Occasional advice column. 4%
  13. The TV show Californication. 3%
  14. The TV show Entourage. 2%
  15. Jersey Shore analysis. 2%
  16. The TV show The Shield. 1%
  17. Discuss This TED Talk: 1%
  18. More Immortality Drive series. 1%
  19. Other. 1%