Voting Results for Reader-Suggested Topics

What’s interesting was how the voting changed halfway through. Early frontrunners were drama queens, gossip and advice column. Then at some point the voting shifted to what you see below.

I’m making two requests from readers. First, any male reader who feels like he’s learned a lot of unpleasant truths about human nature, dating and relationships, whether through this blog, other blogs or books, life experience, parental advice, whatever, share your journey and your stages. The feedback will be helpful for me when putting together my post addressing the stages a man goes through after discovering game. Posting your story in the comments below is okay as well.

Second request, if you have questions that require advice, send them to me at the email address shown on the above right. The occasional advice column option only came in at 12, so it’s not a top priority, but I’d like a backlog of questions handy just in case.

And without further adieu, the results:

  1. The stages a man goes through when he first discovers game, similar to the stages of grief. 16%
  2. More Renaissance Man series. 13%.
  3. Expand on 31 Days of Game posts. 10%
  4. What to do in a relationship when your woman lets herself go. 8%
  5. Why people are opting out of reproducing, especially white women. 7%
  6. Future of the dating game/State of Marriage. 7%
  7. Female hypergamy and how it changes when women get older. 6%
  8. Drama queens who seem normal at first then turn out crazy, and discuss early warning signs. 5%
  9. Liberal mindsets and whether their ideologies good for the poor? 5%
  10. Expand on Anatomy of Female Power. 4%
  11. What does trashy gossip tabloid reading habits women have say about them? 4%
  12. Occasional advice column. 4%
  13. The TV show Californication. 3%
  14. The TV show Entourage. 2%
  15. Jersey Shore analysis. 2%
  16. The TV show The Shield. 1%
  17. Discuss This TED Talk: 1%
  18. More Immortality Drive series. 1%
  19. Other. 1%

12 Responses to “Voting Results for Reader-Suggested Topics”

  1. Let’s see here, I will try and summarize my stages of thought after discovering game:

    Stage 1 – Initial Discovery: thought is was an interesting, novel topic, but surely it would not work on most women. Surely it would come across as contrived and phony if it were actually used in the field. This was in the days when Ross Jeffries’ NLP was the only real ‘game’ knowledge out there on the net. Thought it sounded creepy and sexist.

    Stage 2: Started thinking now and then about all the best players I have known in my life, and how even though most of them were good looking, some were short or ugly, and still had hot girls all over them. Hmm, maybe there is something to game, but surely it cannot be taught.

    Stage 3: Started reviewing my own romantic failures, looking for common threads.

    Stage 4: Ended a long relationship in which I had slipped into pathetic betatude. Studied game a little bit, but convinced myself it would not work on the type of worldly, intelligent, mature girls I was attracted to.

    Stage 5: Dated and failed with a few of those “worldly, intelligent girls” even though I did nothing wrong during the courtship (except fail to use ruthless game).

    Stage 6: Realized that even the most ardent feminist or intellectual is still completely susceptible to game, just like any other girl. Realized what a lie I had been living, giving women way too much credit for being smart and independent. Realized that “bitches ain’t shit”, or put another way, they are all liars who are slaves to their vagina tingles, just like they accuse men of being.

    Stage 7: Slipped into a deep funk feeling hopeless and very disgusted and angry at all women.

    Stage 8: Discovered Mystery, Neil Strauss, and the new school version of “game”. Realized how much sense it made.

    Stage 9: Analyzed all past failures against this new knowledge of game, and realized what a pathetic beta I had been all my life, how many chicks I could’ve slept with if I’d opened my eyes earlier, etc. Extreme self-loathing for all the needless pain I had experienced at the hands of women. Extreme anger at my mother for raising me with harmful feminist ideals. Extreme anger at my father for being a wimpy beta and not teaching me to be a real man.

    Stage 10: The realization that marriage, and forming a relationship based on sincere intentions, is for idiotic suckers. Vowed to spend life gaming and getting laid with chicks in their twenties.

    Stage 11: Learning the mechanics of it, and practicing, and realizing just how potently this shit works on EVERY woman!

  2. I wrote a blog post of my own with regards to my own experiences studying ‘game’ etc

    Here’s the link –

    Additional Info:

    1) Was dumped aged 18, left me devastated one summer.
    2) Recalled during the relationship itself reading some articles on about dating. So despite the depression, started re-reading these posts and began googling ‘relationship mistakes’, ‘dumped by girlfriend, how to get her back’ etc etc
    3) This led me to David DeAngelo – read his newsletters with earnest interest, bought his basic ebook absolutely captivated, slapping myself on the thigh with recognition of all of my past mistakes.
    4) Signed up to his monthly interview series
    5) Flirted with Mystery for a short while
    6) Began applying what I was learning in clubs & bars. Even with female friends.
    7) Had some success but found it incredibly hollow & vacuous. My depression had not lifted, only gone deeper. I felt as though Love did not exist. Only animal & ego biology.
    8) Heard Stephane Hemon on the DYD monthly interview series – it was a life changing moment for me.
    9) Started studying Hemon’s work in greater and greater depth. Found it mixed spirituality with ‘game’ extremely well. Found ‘peace of mind’ and depression began to dissipate.
    10) Gradually dropped out of reading DeAngelo stuff but occasionally would catch up on others writings.
    11) Was like that for 3/4 years. Enjoyed success through Stephane’s teachings.
    12) Still a big student of Hemon, even though he’s effectively retired now. However in his absence enjoy Adam Lyon’s work.

    Very grateful for the wisdom & education I’ve benefited from, it’s saved me immeasurable amounts of pain. Wish I knew this stuff when I was 12 though!


  3. 1.) Dilemma between following to the T ” game advice books” or following my own instincts and life experiences with women.
    2.) Whether to be assertive in approaching women that I find attractive or waiting for them to show interest.( I noticed that the women who I didn’t approach and that were clearly into me on their own accord I would end up having sex with but, the women that I approached without them having initial interest would not make it to the bedroom.)
    3.)*** Has diminished a lot but not being accustomed to women of other races. Meaning because I’m African American and accustomed to such women I was conditioned to women being unafraid to approach me and tell me exactly how they feel as I’ve experienced a lot with African American women. Women of other races I’ve noticed for the most part are traditional in the sense they prefer for the man to approach and no matter how bad I can tell they want me in their eyes and body language if I don’t say anything they will do the same.( It’s happened to me often on long train rides…. LOL)

    4.) Coming to terms that physical attraction in no way equals sex, if I don’t get to her feelings and what makes her tick I’ve got no shot. (Only unless she’s a ho.) I noticed that ho’s don’t discriminate.
    5. Controlling my body language as to not give away that I want her to soon. ( Noticed that whether spoken or not if she knows to soon then it’s game over and no sex.

    Books that I’ve read include: Tariq Nasheed’s “Player within, Elite Way”. ” The Mystery Method How To Get Beautiful Women Into Bed” by Mystery. ” Mode One Let Women Know What you Are Thinking” by Allen Roger Currie

  4. Good responses so far. Keep ’em coming.

  5. Most of the time I’m “the other guy”. Not worthy of committing to. I can’t even have sex with women anymore. I can’t stay hard once my pants come off. It’s weird. While my pants are on I can stay hard and even ejaculate but once I take it out, poof, gone. I don’t have ED as I’m able to handle myself to completion. WTF is wrong with me. Dudes don’t turn me on so I’m not a homo. But I fit the stereotype, single, no kids, no GF, approaching 40. God that sounds awful. Oh well fuck it. More time for video games!

  6. It’s depressing to me that DDog feels like he won something by concluding relationships are for suckers. It’s a major loss. Even the gamers admit there’s nothing as amazing as love.

    And Ashen, my guess is that you’re mistrusting of these women because you’re the other guy and your body is rejecting them.

  7. Stage 1. Denial.

    Denied game would ever work, thought that the PUA community was nothing but a hyper-commercialized, get-rich-quick, snake-oil scheme exploiting the romantically desperate. That the type of people who would buy into game was the same type of people who would click on “enlarge your penis” links in the spam folder. Joined the mainstream horde to readily denounce and ridicule any self-identified PUAs on sight.

    Stage 2. Concession.

    Conceded that game might work on inexperienced, low-esteem, low-quality girls coming from broken homes. Definitely would not work on modern, educated, wife-material women. Saw game as a despicable attempt by douchebags to manipulate women, and was inherently misogyny and patriarchal. Promised self that lifelong celibacy, if it ever came down to that, would be preferable to using such immoral tactics.

    Stage 3. Personal Connection.

    Recognized striking parallelism between own past failures and game’s “Don’t Do List”. Found out general descriptions of an “AFC” (average frustrated chump) fit self to a tee. The challenge of worldview became personal and impossible to ignore.

    Stage 4. Exploration.

    Began actively seeking out game materials. Still a skeptic but figured no harm, and perhaps even intellectually engaging, in reading controversial opinions. Agreed that some concepts were merely common sense and had merits. Still completely baffled by how it could possibly work when it came to most other techniques.

    Stage 5. Trial.

    Began cautiously applying the more agreeable part of game bit by bit in life. Noticed slight improvements in general interactions with the opposite sex, but downplayed the contribution of game and attributed the success to “being more confident”, “just using common sense” etc.

    Stage 6. Seeing the Matrix.

    Began applying the more aggressive and controversial tactics of game. Completely not expecting them to work but figured out there was nothing to lose by trying. Result was SHOCKINGLY PHENOMENAL. Women began to be attracted. Sexual encounter became almost on-demand rather than literally “getting lucky”. The outcomes were completely reversible/reproducible/repeatable by switching between being the old self and applying aggressive game. Confirmed that, yes, game indeed worked on normal women.

    Stage 7. Epiphany.

    Saw the side of human nature that cannot be unseen. Continued to be exposed to more of the wild sexual side of women – women who were, by all accounts, “not that type of girl”. Continued to be awed by the sexual escapades demanded (and how easily they were fulfilled) by modern women and made available to a small selection of men. Almost petrified by the two-faceness of women in general. Felt sympathy for the women’s husbands and boyfriends left in the dark. Discovered the power of providing women plausible deniability, and confirmed the validity of “chick logic”. Felt that one’s eyes were open to the harsh reality of the human mating ritual, for the first time.

  8. Stage 8. Anger.

    Satisfaction from the new-found sexual ability quickly turned to anger. Angry at women for saying one thing and wanting another. Angry at feminists for conflating “should” with “is”. Angry at last generation’s men for allowing feminism to happen. Angry at self for being so naive and ate up all the bullshit fed by society all these years. Angry at the predicament of how many good, kind, productive men will, through no fault of their own, die alone, get cuckolded, or get tricked into raising other men’s children, because they take women’s words too literally and gave them too much credit.

    Stage 9. Revenge.

    Serially and concurrently sought out unsuspected women for sex only. Applied game unapologetically. Tried to make up with lost opportunities in the past. Convinced self that it was morally justifiable because of what the opposite side had been doing.

    Stage 10. False hope.

    Became hopefully convinced that, game, once widely publicized through the power of the Internet, would wake men up in droves from the lies they were living in. Began telling friends about game.

    Stage 11. Hope shattered.

    Utterly shocked, for the second time. This time by the complete disinterest of the topic by people in general. The dismissal of game was almost always immediate, automatic, mechanical, and seemingly pre-programmed, with no thoughts put into it. It was a mental knee-jerk reaction.

    Stage 12. Depression.

    Depressed about how the situation seemed irreversible at the societal level, and how the everyone seemed happily oblivious. Became even more depressed when AFCs vehemently supported practises which worked against their own interests and made them AFCs in the first place. Became convinced that feminism would not be sustainable in the long run for a civilization. Read up on statistics of birth rates in feministic countries. Read up on history on doomed ancient civilizations and their correlations with rising female rights. Convinced that patriarchy was not a conspiracy by men to hold onto power, but a misunderstood necessary condition for the survival of the species.

    Stage 13. Acceptance.

    Accepted that women did what they did, not because they were evil, but because they were genetically compelled to. Evolution played a crucial part. Genetic hardwiring had been significantly downplayed in modern society. Accepted that the rise of feminism would also be naturally inevitable in advanced societies where individual rights kept expanding. Accepted that feminism could not be applied to every country on Earth or humans would die out. Accepted that feminism could only be locally sustained if local population was replenished by immigrants from non-feministic countries.

    Stage 14. Practical applications.

    Realized unplugging others from the matrix was not one’s responsibility, and it must be initiated from the inside by the very participant. Accepted the low public opinion on game. Stopped speaking of game proactively, and feigned ignorance if brought up by others. Concluded that, armed with this knowledge, while changing things at the grand scale might be impossible, improvements on one’s life could still be made. Became more hedonistic. Started evaluating everything in terms of cost/benefits and pleasure/pain. Began testing the value transference of game. Discovered aspects of game which could be applied to other areas, such as business, negotiations, persuasions, and other human relationships. Began to formulate a Grand Theory of Everything for human interactions. Concluded which types of male-female relationships would be “good deals” and which ones were for suckers. Became more aware of legal gotchas. Kept updated with current expansions and erosions of rights for both genders and maneuver the world accordingly.

  9. damn fine work, Nobody.

  10. Agreed, incredible write up by Nobody.

  11. I’d welcome your insights into the human ego, as it’s known and described by people as diverse as Eckhart Tolle (yep, Oprah’s guy), Carl Jung & Sigmund Freud.

    For me, the ego is the true core of human nature and it’s study leads to a deeper understanding of why we are what we are etc.

    Yet I’ve always found it noticeable how you’ve never utilized or attributed to it in your own work when I find it has direct relevance to everything you write about.

  12. Might I suggest you take a swing at this:

    Stephen Fry, the homosexual British actor/celebrity said that he feels sorry for heterosexual men because women basically trade sex for relationships. This has caused a kerfuffle. Women bloggers and editorialists are adamantly denying that there is *any* truth to this and Fry was close to becoming persona non grata on the basis of this statement.

    As a heterosexual guy who has to go through the 3 date rule business and do alot of game to get laid, I have to say there is something to what he’s getting at.

    What say you Rawness? Please advise.