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Valuing Time

Posted By T. AKA Ricky Raw On July 10, 2012 @ 8:49 AM In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled

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After posting the Patrice O’Neal video yesterday [9], I remembered a related paragraph I wrote in part 4 of my Reader Letters #1 series [10]. It was such a long post that I think there were lots of paragraphs that were powerful enough to warrant their own posts that got their concepts swallowed up in the overall post.

But the paragraph in question was covering the same ground as the Patrice O’Neal video I posted yesterday:

As I’ve said in previous installments, what sexual affection conquests are to a man, flattering attention and ego boosts are to woman. Society teaches women this from very young, and as a result women realize early the power they wield by strategically denying and granting men access to their vaginas, or even just the potential for access to their vaginas. Society however doesn’t teach men about the fact that flattering attention and ego boosts to a woman are as important as sexual conquests are to men, and that the best weapon men have against women and their way of leveling the playing field is to strategically deny and grant women access to their flattering attention, or even just the potential for access to their flattering attention. Women are told to respect themselves and their bodies, but men aren’t similarly taught to respect themselves and their time.

I think the idea bears repeating not only because it’s powerful but because the urge to do the opposite and be a “time ho” is so strong in most men that we need to be reminded of it often. Put a post-it note or index card in a place where you’ll see it every day with the words [11] “Don’t Be A Time Ho” printed on it if you have to.

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