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The Myth of the Middle Class Alpha Male, Part 4

[Warning: If you are one of the readers who thought the wordiness and repetitiveness of Part 3 or any of the previous installments outweighed the useful information contained in them, or worse believed they had no useful information at all, don’t bother continuing this post.  It’s more of the same stuff you hate.  The rest of you, dig in.]

One of the great works of Western philosophy is the book Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes.  It is widely considered one of the earliest and most influential treatises on social contract theory ever written.  Wikipedia defines social contract theory as “a broad class of theories that try to explain the ways in which people form states to maintain social order.”  And Wikipedia, in describing Leviathan, states

Hobbes wrote that chaos or civil war — situations identified with a state of nature and the famous motto Bellum omnium contra omnes (“the war of all against all”) — could only be averted by strong central government.

This strong central government is what Hobbes called the Leviathan, as described in this Sparksnotes summary of the book (pay particular part to the section I emphasize and bold below):

Hobbes’s political state, the Leviathan, is a monster. The name “Leviathan” itself refers to the Biblical sea beast: “None is so fierce that dare stir him up . . . his teeth are terrible round about. His scales are his pride, shut up together as with a close seal. . . . His breath kindleth coals, and a flame goeth out of his mouth. . . . When he raiseth up himself, the mighty are afraid . . . Upon earth there is not his like, who is made without fear” (Job 41:10-33). Yet Hobbes takes this creature as the inspiration for his political state, because the Book of Job describes Leviathan as “King of all the children of pride.” Hobbes’s political state has to be a Leviathan, the most terrifying of all monsters because it must subdue the pride inherent in its human constituents, and it must use fear to prevent a recurrence of the state of nature.

The horrors of the state of nature are always lurking behind the state of the Leviathan. Civil war within the Leviathan causes the artificial body to collapse and all the subjects to fall into the state of nature. Fear of the state of nature is one reason for avoiding civil war. Fear of the sovereign Leviathan is another. The Leviathan is constructed to combat the fear of the state of nature, but it is capable of doing so only by wielding fear as its own weapon. Thus, in Hobbes’s view of things, fear never disappears from human existence. However, there is a security accompanying fear of the Leviathan, an assurance of peace and the preservation of life. In contrast, fear of the state of nature has no such assurance. Thus the fear experienced by people living within the Leviathan is infinitely preferable to the fear experienced by people living within the state of nature.

Let that marinate in your skull for a bit.  That’s what modern society is, a Leviathan where we trade in fear of the chaos of nature where lower status men live in constantly fear for their lives and have little hope of reproducing thanks to incredibly powerful high status men, for the infinitely preferable fear of the Leviathan, which at least promises the  assurance of peace, better protection of their lives and better chances for the average man to reproduce with a quality woman.  We agree to let the Leviathan be society’s ultimate alpha because we know despite how flawed as the Leviathan is, it has a much better track record at not abusing ultimate alpha status than individual humans.

All this has already been laid out in the earlier installments of the series.  I already described life for lower status men before the Leviathan existed.  I already described how the Leviathan was collectively created by lower class men to protect their interests from uberalpha males who ruled their lives and hoarded their reproductive opportunities through despotism, polygamy and hoarding of reproductive opportunities.  I already described how democracy, monogamy laws and property rights were the political mechanisms that allowed this leveling of the playing field between lower-status men and higher-status men.

This installment elaborates on the specific tools our modern Leviathan uses to maintain this status quo and keep things from returning to the state of nature Hobbes described, the short, brutish, chaotic existence where everyone fended for themselves and the strong had free reign to crush the weak and take their shit at will.

To make the idea of monogamy work, lower-status men had to make marriage to lower-status seem to be as good a deal as marriage to higher-status men.  The problem was, how could they do this?  Not only were women back in the day physically weaker than men (same as today), but also,unlike today, they had little rights and protections and few independent means of income.  Choosing a strong, powerful alpha male was especially important for women back then for mere survival, not just bragging rights.

Lower-status men simply couldn’t cut it.  Say a pack of men want to rape her.  Is he high enough in status or badass enough in combat to protect her?  Because there’s no reliable police force to do it for him.  Or if some thugs do rape and violate her, is the lower-status man badass enough to storm up to the thugs stronghold, kick in the door and get revenge for her?  Does he have strong alliances and coalitions that allow him to get things done?   Even if he’s able to accumulate decent resources, if someone comes along and tries to take his resources, his worldly possessions, run him off his land, burn his house down, kill his children, and/or steal his wife, what is he prepared to do?  Once again, no police force to call.  And no reliable court of law and property rights in existence to intervene and set things right if you were violated in such a way.  No institutions dedicated to righting your wrongs and enforcing your rights for you.   

In the olden days, you and you alone as a man are responsible for providing physical and financial security for all your resources and family yourself. There’s no one else for the average lower-status man to assign these tasks to. In such an environment, how can a lower-status male compete?  A woman back then relied on her man for everything when it came to her physical and financial security.  Think of the level of responsibility a woman, or even worse, a whole family was for a man back then.

This is where a concept I call alpha proxying comes into play.  This is where lower-status men, in a democracy where they have a vote and the ability to change public policy, collectively create alpha proxy institutions to relieve less powerful men of their alpha responsibilities.  And a major tool these alpha proxies use to  is renegade alpha suppression.   Some examples of alpha proxies and renegade alpha suppression, but far from an exhaustive list, can be seen below:

  • Police. Protects and serves.  Punishes those renegades who try to attain alphadom using routes not approved of by society.  Gets retribution for victims against those who wronged them, saving them the burden of having to avenge themselves.  You’re wife gets raped, you get beat up or your kid gets robbed or killed?  You can have the cops accomplish your alpha duty of retribution for you.  Suppresses alphas of the violent and greedy variety.
  • Insurance companies. One advantage of marrying an uberalpha back in the day for a woman is that she and her kids could get his resources when he died.  A lesser-status man didn’t have the same resources to leave, which was yet another way he couldn’t compete.  A life insurance policy accomplishes that. The way insurance works, lower-status men collectively pool their resources to accomplish what only a super powerful resource-rich alpha could do back in the day: leave a lot of money to his family.
  • Civil and criminal courts and strong property, torts and criminal laws. It wasn’t enough for a woman to get a man with resources back in the day.  She had to find a man who was bad enough to hold on to his resources.  If he was too weak to stand up for himself and hold on to his shit, then they were in a precarious position.  And if her man lost his resources, she and her children were screwed because she had no way of making money on her own.  If someone was violent against their family and he couldn’t take care of business and offer retribution, they’d continue to get victimized.  If someone stole from them, if he wasn’t man enough to take it back, same thing.  Courts and strong laws and rights relieve lesser-status men of these burdens as well.
  • Justice Department and Antitrust laws. This alpha proxy works to keep rich uberalphas in check by punishing them if they are found guilty of running monopolies and crushing their competition.  Forces them to spread the wealth and play fair.
  • The IRS. Takes money from those successful at acquiring resources, and the more powerful the person and successful at accumulating resources, then the more this alpha proxy tries to take from the uberalpha.  Then it works to redistribute this wealth among lesser status men.  A legally sanctioned extortion and protection racket designed to control and suppress excessive alpha ambitions.  Relieves lesser-status men of the alpha duties of trying to take down the big man, trying to get a crack at his resources  and stopping him from getting too powerful and rich.
  • Capitalism, Division of Labor, Technology and the Service Industry. Not handy around the house?  Hire a contractor.  Can’t hunt and gather or grow food and run a farm?  Create a society of convenience where you can just buy things at supermarkets.  Don’t have the skills to build a house for your family?  You don’t need to have them.  Can’t fight?  Technology has created the gun and capitalism has created the means of getting it in your hands.  In a capitalist society with division of labor, efficient allocation of resources and a thriving service industry, many of the traditional manly skills an alpha male was expected to have can be outsourced to others.
  • Media, Public Opinion and Social Norms. Hobbes envisioned the Leviathan as being composed primarily of a strong government.  But the Leviathan we have is made up of more than just government, it also has a strong social component: collectively agreed on social norms and public opinions at play, and a pervasive media entity with which to disseminate these social norms and public opinions.   You may wonder how this works for alpha suppression?  Start examining the stories in the media and the recurring themes.  If a billionaire alpha like Tiger Woods tries to build a harem, he’s shamed into apologizing for his natural male urges.  Bill Gates is demonized as evil incarnate for attempting to build a monopoly and become even more powerful.  The media becomes more liberal and less and less sympathetic to powerful men unless they’re willing to openly celebrate, praise and feed the Leviathan (which is why powerful liberal men like celebrities and Democrats fare better in the media than so-called “greedy” men like Wall Streeters and Republicans).
  • Military. Channels young male aggression that could potentially turn renegade alpha into being used for the Leviathan’s purposes as its enforcement arm.  Teaches potential renegade alphas to play by the Leviathan’s rules and become part of its international renegade alpha suppression force.
  • Jails. If someone is stubborn about refusing to concede to the Leviathan’s ultimate alpha status and insists on not playing ball and reaching for ultimate alpha status for themselves without playing by the Leviathan’s rules?  They end up fast-tracked to jail and set straight.  Relieves lesser status men of having to find a way to punish ambitious renegade alphas in their midst themselves.
  • New Deal Entitlement Programs. The Great Depression and the fallout from it among lesser-status men was a great illustration of the dangers to a woman if she married a lesser-status man.  If you ever read a book describing life for the average man in this era, it was horrible and emasculating.  Now if a man runs out of ways to support a family, he can get unemployment benefits to help him get by between jobs.  And Social Security and Disability Insurance relieve him of the burden of having to figure out how to support his family after he can’t work anymore.

As I said earlier, this is far from an exhaustive list.  If you think about it, you can come up with a ton of other alpha proxies and methods the use to suppress renegade alphas in our society.  The more alpha proxies a society has, the more attractive lesser-status men become as marriage material as a result.  If you’re a lesser-status man, you no longer have to  be capable of singlehandedly doing all the traditional alpha duties in order to promise financial and physical security to a prospective mate.  You have all of the Leviathan’s alpha proxies to do that for you and keep renegade alphas from getting too much status and making your life hell!  And as a result lesser-status provider males become a competitive marriage option against uberalpha males.

This also explains why many less developed countries can technically have democracies yet still have a dog-eat-dog environment with badass uberalphas like CR alpha from part 1 of this series ruling the roost: because despite the existence of democracy, these societies do not have good alpha proxies in place and therefore individual men are still ultimately responsible for their own alpha duties.  For example our expat concierge in Costa Rica from part 2 in this series told us how pathetic and powerless the police were against truly dangerous criminals and how you had to “handle your own shit” there.  But on the bright side, he proudly said, it was much more acceptable in Costa Rica to kill someone in self-defense without any bleeding hearts ganging up on you for it like in America.

It’s not just democracy’s one-man, one-vote system that curbs abuses by uberalphas, it’s democracy combined with institutionalized, well-funded alpha proxies. See this article about Costa Rica for example:

One such cultural characteristic of Costa Rica that is both deep rooted and unfortunately very public is a lack of respect for their own law enforcement …

Largate, largate” … or ‘beat it’, ‘go away’ was yelled by many in the crowd at the recent San José Festival de la Luz celebration whenever Costa Rica police would walk by on the parade route.
Valid arguments to justify mistrust by the general Costarricense public of government police agencies include; lack of qualifications or education for recruits, poor initial training, little or no in-service training and corruption from top officials down to the street-level officer.

The mistrust of Costa Ricans does not end with the effectiveness of the police, but of the entire criminal justice system. Too often the few criminals that are actually apprehended by the frequently scarce and slow to respond police are not even prosecuted with ‘lack of evidence’ cited as the main reason.

This broken system leaves Costa Rica citizens’ feeling the only real solution is to take matters into their own hands – especially when it comes to petty crime and repeat local offenders that plague a neighborhood, often referred to as “ladrones”.

The United States found the solution to improving its own police problems was to professionalize law enforcement. Active and public pursuits of police corruption, expectations of more accountability, better training, higher standards for police recruits and improved salaries to attract better officers all resulted in a better social image and increased respect for police by the American public.

I also did some research and discovered Costa Rica had no standing military to channel renegade alpha aggression. It was abolished in 1949.

Now as you review the alpha proxy list I made above and come up with your own examples, notice something.  Even though alpha proxies work to limit excessive alpha ambition across all socioeconomic levels, who do they disproportionately affect more?  Middle class men!  As I said in an earlier installment, upper-class men have the resources in the form of riches and connections and the best legal assistance to get away with going against the Leviathan more often, or to become an important part of the Leviathan and use it to their own adantage.  Lower-class men have an advantage in that they have nothing to lose in terms of resources and reputation, aren’t afraid of punishment and are conditioned for hardship and  free-for-all dog-eat-dog conflict.

The middle-class man has the worst of both worlds: unlike the lower-class man he has just enough resources, respectable connections and reputation to be irreparably hurt if he loses any of them, plus he’s not cut out for environments like jail or the ghetto, but unlike the upper-class man he doesn’t have quite enough resources, respectable connections and reputation to buy off or successfully infiltrate the Leviathan either.  Although the alpha proxies that make up the Leviathan use their power to punish renegade alpha’s across the board, it’s the middle class man who suffers the most from going renegade by trying to be too alpha.  Hence the title of this series.

An illustration of what I’m talking about with lower-class men.  I was on the train once in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, where I lived.  Two guys were talking about a third guy, a friend of theirs who was recently arrested.  They were talking about how he got arrested and went to court for a crime and ended up copping a plea so that he could go free but end up with a very long probation period.  I believe several years long (I was eavesdropping so I didn’t catch every last detail).  Guy #1 was dumbfounded and asked why he would agree to such a long probation period.  Guy #2 said he had the option of doing “a bullet” (street slang for a year in jail) and possibly getting out in a little less time with good behavior, or taking the years-long probation instead.

Guy #1 said “What an idiot!  Why not just do the bullet!  It’s just jail, we all done a bullet before.”  Guy #2 laughed and agreed that the guy they were talking about was an idiot for choosing probation over jail, but said in his defense that he just had a kid and wanted to be free to spend time with him.  But even after that they both seemed unconvinced still that their friend did the right thing and continued shaking their heads and debating it.  You and I may call these priorities fucked up, but that recklessness and personal disregard is exactly what makes lower-class men so hard for the Leviathan and its alpha proxies to control.

In parting, look at this scene from the wonderful television program Jersey Shore:

Now look at the fallout from that alpha moment, as shown in the first 9 minutes or so in the clip below:

Notice how Ronnie went a little renegade, got his alpha on and began to puff his chest out and strut. Look at how all the Leviathan’s alpha proxies like the police, the courts, jail and public opinion immediately swooped down and work together to put him in his place. And finally, look at the speech he gives in the second clip, remorseful, contrite, and ashamed for doing what was totally within his rights to do according to the laws of nature: punch a man who was following him home and threatening the safety of him and his woman. He’ll think twice the next time. If he was rich, he’d have been able to buy his way out of this little scrap. If he was poor and blue collar/ghetto he’d have been undeterred by a stay in jail and wouldn’t hesitate to do the exact same thing next time and go right back to jail. But Ronnie has neither option and as a result is still facing the charges even today as prosecutors build their case against him.

All because he bought into the myth of the middle-class alpha male.

[Only two more parts to go: Feminism: The Monkey Wrench and The Conclusion: How All This Translates Into Practical Advice for You To Use. Hang in there.]

29 Responses to “The Myth of the Middle Class Alpha Male, Part 4”

  1. I started reading “the 48 laws of power” and its a very useful book. Thanks for pointing it out on your blog.

    I propose a new name for the book: the 48 ways to conserve status. His examples assume you need status first to exercise power later, such as water behind a dam can destroy a town even if the dam is not breached.

    If your rival falls in status and you conserve yours you de facto gain status. Even better, passive augmentation is less offensive to peers, and presents less of a target.

  2. Kid w/Golden Arms on March 3rd, 2010 at 10:35 AM

    Very true series about how things are set up in the west. A freind of mine told me about his cousin, a gangster from the West side of Chicago, who went to the favelas in Brazil and was shook from the moment he got there even though people didnt seem to notice him. He had all his gear signed to the right, but those crew conventions are only prevalent where Peoples and Folk nations are…….that demonstrates perfectly what you are talkin about.

    It seems though, even if lower status men made these things over time…it is still women who win in the overall game because they do it for them.

  3. Great series. I’m looking forward to the last 2 posts.

  4. If your rival falls in status and you conserve yours you de facto gain status. Even better, passive augmentation is less offensive to peers, and presents less of a target.

    Yup, this is the main benefit of alpha proxies to lesser-status men.

    It seems though, even if lower status men made these things over time…it is still women who win in the overall game because they do it for them.


  5. Good shit! Keep up the great work!

  6. Kid w/Golden Arms on March 3rd, 2010 at 1:16 PM

    ^^^I mean this design is clever as hell on behalf of the women and alot of dudes underestimate women in that regard. It makes me respect the older hustlers and pimps more because the reversed the game. Your post on pimpin covered that and I wonder how alot of supposed alpha dudes in the west would react to this…most of the ones I know are too busy talkin trash about the very same women they look to for validation…

  7. I’ve enjoyed the rigour with which you’ve presented your argument and the series has been a great read. Bravo.

  8. gawd damn, what a schooling!

  9. If I’m allowed to toot my horn about any one, single aspect of this post, I’d have to say it’s starting off with something as highbrow and classic as Thomas Hobbes Leviathan to begin my point and ending with an example as lowbrow, of the moment and trashy as Jersey Shore to drive it home. Wasn’t deliberate, just some unintentional irony I noticed on the reread.

  10. ^^^I mean this design is clever as hell on behalf of the women and alot of dudes underestimate women in that regard. It makes me respect the older hustlers and pimps more because the reversed the game. Your post on pimpin covered that and I wonder how alot of supposed alpha dudes in the west would react to this…most of the ones I know are too busy talkin trash about the very same women they look to for validation…

    This is very true, and I have to pop my collar at these women for their exemplary hustle. They inherently have a lot more game than men, and I can’t be mad at them for getting what they can. They traditionally know how to get what they need while letting men believe they’re in control. I’m going to have a lot more posts on that, but if you’re interested in the topic I suggest you look at the Anatomy of Female Power PDF download in the upper right corner of the blog, where Chinwezu builds on this dynamic even more.

  11. My definition of an alpha male is really parallel to that of a leader and any truly great leader is not a jackhole.
    PS love the mix of Leviathan and Jersey Shore. Works for me!

  12. My definition of an alpha male is really parallel to that of a leader and any truly great leader is not a jackhole.

    See, this is where I slightly disagree with you. I don’t think not being a jackhole is a necessary prerequisite at all in regarding someone to be alpha. There are plenty of jackhole, dickhead alphas.

    I think this is a big problem with a lot of online sites, something I call “alpha dissonance,” a concept I’ll go into further in part 6, the conclusion to the series.

  13. Great post. I agree with your idea of alpha proxies keeping order and channelling aggression in more socially useful ways but I’m not sure I’d put New Deal and Later Entitlement Programs into that category.

    To me it seems these represent the newer phenomenon of the proxy beta provider. And women profit most by this. Now the Leviathan provides welfare and other safety nets for the lower classes and no fault divorce with alimony and child support for the middle classes. This has greatly devalued a man’s contributions and lowered his status. Why would a woman settle for a lower status man when the leviathan will be a proxy beta provider? She doesn’t need him any more which contributes to the higher divorce rates and the lower marriage rates of this generation.

  14. D’oh! That is a mistake, I was supposed to delete the “and later entitlement programs.” I specifically meant to leave out Great Society programs, I am discussing those in the next installment about feminism.

    You’re absolutely right Reader. The reason I only discussed Social Security and Unemployment was because I meant to focus only on New Deal programs for the reasons you describe. I’m editing it now.

  15. Kid w/Golden Arms on March 4th, 2010 at 2:44 PM

    The leviathan, as you put it, can only temporarily hold back the “alpha” dudes” because the “betas,” when left by themselves, tend to create their own pecking order and hierarchy based on their own commonalities….from my observation…..its funny to me though….things like the leviathan are said to work for the benefit of “the people” while they exploit some in the name of others.

  16. Have you read “Anarchy, State, and Utopia” by Robert Nozick or the counter argument to that “A Theory of Justice” by John Rawls. ?

    I like everything you wrote except for the part about the republicans. I think they are retarded scums.

  17. Very good way to put things. Since you’ve mentioned Brazil (my home) I have to say that, besides the favelas which are a sort of Sovereignty bubble, the rest of the country is halfway from becoming westernized in the alpha/beta sense.
    With events such as the World Cup and the Olympics, as well as the conversion into a market economy goes deeper, there is a growing pressure for the improvement of the proxies (as you put it). That is specially true where there are more German and Italian immigrants.
    So the players and PUAs who read Roosh’s blog and are interested in the delights of interacting Brazilian women should hurry. I’m afraid it won’t last more than a couple decades.

  18. I kinda feel bad because it seems like I hurt your feelings with my comments on the last installment. Ricky, you are so insightful. I am really looking forward to the parts I can actually use! I do not hate these articles Ricky, I’ve liked them enough to read every word! Hopefully next time someone criticizes you you will make constructive use of it. Or, if you decide not to, which you may, at least don’t bother to feel bad about it. It’s not worth the effort to feel bad.

  19. Anonymous, dude, I know tone doesn’t come across well in written word, but relax, you didn’t “hurt my feelings,” and the opening paragraph wasn’t directed solely at you. The opening paragraph in this piece was just warning anyone who didn’t like the last installment (and it wasn’t just you, there were others) to not bother with this one, because everything people complained about from the last installment went double for this one: extreme length and repetition.

    I can take constructive criticism by the way. Look at this very comments thread where Reader pointed out a mistake I made and I promptly thanked him and edited the original piece. And believe it or not, I also had your response in mind when doing this installment and tried to make my point clearer so people wouldn’t misinterpret it like you and others did before.

    I don’t have problems with people not liking my stuff or disagreeing with it, but I admittedly can get frustrated when I feel people misinterpret.

  20. Great post. This touches on a lot of things that I’ve been talking about with some of my guys out here in Korea and Seoul.

    I totally agree that Democracy, guns and industrialization are the primary contributors to the rise of the average man. A lot of this is talked about in The Sovereign Individual, but not in relation to dating.

    What’s interesting being out here in Asia is that most guys come out here and they are suddenly swimming in pussy and they think they’re hot shit not realizing that they’re only tapping the girls that can’t get high status males here, but don’t want to settle for the standard issue beta-male either.

    I’m curious to get your take on the difference between high-status and alpha because I think people confuse the two and that leads them to a lot of wrong conclusions about women so that you see high-status beta males get top quality girls while low status alphas don’t. Often too you see that women will marry/date the high-status beta-male, while simultaneously “sport fucking”(as you call it) the lower status more alpha male.

    Definitely when I look at my own experience over the years, I see where alpha doesn’t necessarily help. I’ve spent a lot of time in clubs over the years and have been in about 7 or 8 minor altercations and never has my involvement endeared me to the women witnessing. And usually, the guy who’s most wounded gets the sympathy while the guy who whooped his ass is a monster(the social conditioning you talked about).
    .-= RedpoleQ´s last blog ..Quick Tip for Meeting Women #6: The Basics of Compliance =-.

  21. That’s what modern society is, a Leviathan where we trade in fear of the chaos of nature where lower status men live in constantly fear for their lives and have little hope of reproducing thanks to incredibly powerful high status men, for the infinitely preferable fear of the Leviathan, which at least promises the assurance of peace, better protection of their lives and better chances for the average man to reproduce with a quality woman.

    Among hunter-gatherers, the closest thing we humans have had to a state of nature had very egalitarian distribution of male reproduction. It is true that there was lots of violence and men did have to fear for their lives, but lower status men weren’t that much more likely to die from violence than higher status men.

    The transition to civilization brought a decrease in violence, but also made polygamy possible.

  22. Captain Kirk4 on March 12th, 2010 at 9:04 PM

    Could the effect of monagamy on society as opposed to polygamy be that over time people are domesticated in a very similar process that occurs with animal husbandry? I was watching a show on some environmentalists in South Africa preserving Cheetas and they had an orphaned litter of cubs, some were very wild but one was very timid and tame becoming sort of the “pet” of the people raising them. The wild ones were fast tracked to be reintroduced to the wild but they kept the tame one on the ranch. Now in the dog eat dog world the tame one would probably have been killed and never given a chance to pass on it’s genes, but here people interfered in nature selecting the animal for it’s beta attributes. I will tell you big cats are nothing like the house cats we are familiar with, I held a young Tiger once and that thing was WILD, hyperactive, overcharged as opposed to the cats I had growing up who were calm and passive. The theory is that Egyptians tolerated the betas as rodent control but killed off the more aggressive alphas of the wild cats that hung around their farms leading to domestic cats. Similar processes led to dogs, cattle, sheep, corn, etc. Man steped in and allowed individuals of a species that would not normally have had reproductive sucess to survive leading to radical changes in the population from their wild relatives. By allowing generation after generation of Beta Males to pass on their genes perhaps monagamy created a calmer, henpecked version of man who obidiently wakes up at six am on the weekends at the behest of his wife who wants to take the whole family to church. The type of people who return sacks of money to the lost and found instead of keeping it. The kind of people who become nerds and build rockets to the moon instead of hanging out on the street corner all day drunk trying to scam tourists out of money. With feminism all the women chase after the same few sociopathic smooth talkers producing a similar result to the polygamy mentioned in the Incas where a few men hogged all the women to themselves. Ironically women are largely unaware of this and talk as if we live in some sexual free for all where “free love” is being distributed around equally amongst the men, when in reality as I saw in high school it is a few players scoring all the chicks with the bulk of the boys as little more than betas left with their dicks in their hands. I heard a woman caller on the Tom Leykis show when he brought up the topic of legalizing prostitution. Her comment betrayed it all “My God, this isn’t the 50′s anymore. Any guy who needs a hooker in this day of age…” In reality sex was probably a lot easier to come by in the 50′s than now. Women voters have replaced city administrators who turned a blind eye to brothels operated by the mob with uptight nanny state “no sex, no driving home after a night drinking with the boys” aparacheks who give us this BS anti-male dystopia we now live in. As late as 1992 in Cicero Illinois the mob ran the strip joints and for around $100 you could screw one of them in several rooms in the back. It was almost as good as Bangkok. Unfortunately that changed and we now live in a world more akin to a George Orwell novel. And they won’t stop there, these do gooders are trying to tell the general public, who never travel, that all the 25 year old, tatooed,stretch marked single mothers I see in the Thai go-go bars are “child sex slaves” in an attempt to ruin that too.

  23. Hi, new to the blog. I like it.

    The comments about the writing here being a little wordy are right on. Nothing wrong with a wordy style. A general rule, though, is you will communicate more effectively and more people will read if you can communicate more concisely. Brevity is next to Godliness.

    What works for me is to write, then re-read and edit by eliminating words I don’t need. I’ve taken a crack at re-writing the warning, below.

    [Warning: If you are one of the readers who thought the wordiness and repetitiveness of Part 3 or any of the previous installments outweighed the useful information contained in them, or worse believed they had no useful information at all, don't bother continuing this post. It's more of the same stuff you hate. The rest of you, dig in.]

    [Warning: Don't bother reading this post if you thought that the wordiness of previous posts outweighed the useful content. My style hasn't changed and it's more of the stuff you hate. The rest of you, dig in.]

  24. Problem is,, You cannot convert to an Alpha, you are born that way. Imitating it will only get you found out by the smarter females. Just accept what you are and make the best of it. Alphas have a short, miserable life anyways and many end up in jail.