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The Myth of the Middle Class Alpha Male, Part 2

Click here for Part 1.

The nightclub we were at was on the second floor of the building, with different landings in multiple directions that allowed you to lean on a railing and look downward at people entering from the ground floor and heading upstairs. I was spending my time at the club people watching rather than actively socializing.  As I saw one unremarkable person after another enter, my eyes began to glaze over with boredom.  I was just counting down the hours, no minutes, before I’d be heading home.

Suddenly my vision sharpened. I saw a man enter that caught my attention. Let’s call him CR Alpha.  On the surface there was nothing really impressive about him. He wasn’t remarkably fit. He wasn’t remarkably unfit. He was slim but not muscular. He wasn’t tall but wasn’t particularly short either. He wasn’t incredibly handsome although he wasn’t ugly. He wasn’t especially well dressed. He definitely wasn’t peacocking. He just had a basketball jersey, some track pants and some sneakers. He had a slight swagger but it was understated and not a godzilla-stomping-out-tokyo badass strut or anything like that; he had no chip on his shoulder or attitude that he was looking for trouble. He had some tattoos, but not the outrageous amount guys get when they’re blatantly overselling the bad boy image. But I could tell there was something about him.  He exuded maximum confidence and control of his domain with a bare minimum of cocky displays or overt exertion.

As I described before, the streets of Jaco were filled with a lot of crash test dummy criminal types. The kind of petty crooks who would try to sell you drugs or steal your stuff in a heartbeat if you left it unattended. They walked around trying to look as grimy and hard as possible all the time. I classified them immediately as opportunist punks, dangerous in that if they saw a moment of weakness, like you were drunk and outnumbered and a herb, they may try something, but if you were street smart and willing to show some heart they wouldn’t consider you worth the trouble of bothering. But this guy was different. I immediately identified him as a different class of criminal: a player.

I tapped my partner in crime Beethoven and pointed at the dude with my chin. “This fucking guy.”

Beethoven took notice and immediately knew who I was talking about. “Yeah, I see him.  He’s all business. He carries it.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Like if anything goes down, he’ll have the last word. But he’s not obnoxious about it. Like he’ll never go looking for trouble or causing unnecessary shit. Like he’s just chill as shit unless you come at him sideways. And then that’s that. No extra talk, no prolonged “man dance” where you argue and puff your chest out for 45 minutes straight but no one makes a move. He just handles his shit.”

Beethoven’s eyes stuck with the guy. “Yeah, yeah that sounds about right.”

The guy makes his way upstairs. We forget about him for a while. When I look at the beautiful girl from part 1 of this tale again, she is with him. Until he arrived, she was aloof and her expression was somewhat blank. She wasn’t acting stuck up or standoffish anything, just not particularly emotional one way or the other. But now that he was here, she was smiling, gregarious and warmer. She and her friend were only talking to him. But more important was the body language between him, the girl and her friend, who was also female. He would smile approvingly whenever they addressed him, speak a few words, but otherwise just lean back against the railing and stare at an undetermined spot in the room rather than at them. He wasn’t hugged up on the girl and she wasn’t attached at his hip. She and her friend would dance in his vicinity, almost for his benefit, but rarely directly in his line of sight. More like within his peripheral vision, so that he could keep his eye on them without having to look preoccupied with them. It was almost like there was an invisible semicircle area of personal space around him, a force field of unspoken protection, and they happily occupied the area within it, never going beyong the outer perimeter, held within his orbit by the invisible gravity of his quiet charisma much like a moon predictably orbits a planet and is content to never go beyond that orbit. He just leaned back, surveyed his domain and held these two girls in his sway with minimal maintenance.

Now you can always tell a winner mentality from a loser mentality by how they react to viewing situational winners. Losers see winners in a situation and try to visualize either how it should be the losers winning instead or try to think about how the winner doesn’t really deserve to be winning and got his gains unfairly. A man with a winner mentality sees someone winning in a situation and thinks, “Why is he a winner right now, and what can I learn from this?”  That was my attitude when seeing this guy.  I couldn’t hate, I had to congratulate.  A lot of square guys, especially from developed Western nations, would have seen this dude and say “What does he have? Why is that chick with his third-world criminal thug ass and not a classy civilized nice guy like me? The world is unfair.  After all, doesn’t she realize I’m smart, have a high IQ, am from the West, have American dollars, would treat her like a queen the way she deserves instead of ignoring her like this alpha thug does?  She must be brainwashed or low IQ trash to be content with a third-world badboy asshole like him instead of jumping through hoops for a good guy going places like me.” Even worse is the guy who puts a chick like that on a pedestal and imagines how all she needs is his nice treatment and exposure to his worldly ways to see the errors of her dating choices. That’s sucka mentality.

But there’s a saying in the hood, “game recognizes game.” Any guy with real game, I’m talking truly internalized game that comes from years in the game and not a bunch of barely tested scripts and gimmicks, would recognize that this guy deserved what he got, because he was giving her what she needed in that harsh environment. He was an alpha in the purest sense, and in an environment like that pure alphaness mattered more than anything else.  He was alpha in the way a middle class man could never be, especially in the West. The more primal and dog-eat-dog the environment, the scarcer the available resources for both the average man and woman, the harder the everyday grind, the weaker the property rights, the weaker the governmental representation, the more corrupt and powerless the police force and most importantly the more powerless and more nonexistent the middle class population, then the more women in said environment will select for pure, true alphas.

Here in the modernized West where there is a strong middle class and the average woman has more and more self-reliance thanks to feminism and doesn’t need a man as much for survival, a woman doesn’t need to select for pure alphadom as much, and probably won’t.  She may still be primally drawn to such alphas due to her genetic hard-wiring, a holdover from the more primal Pleistocene era, but she has enough counterprogramming from Western culture to ultimately balance it out.  What women in our modernized western societies are screening for, contrary to popular belief, are not the most purely alpha men but the most relatively alpha men within reasonable limits, or what I dub the Renaissance Man (credit for originally coining the term though goes to Tariq Nasheed).

To a chick surviving in the bleak, primal grind of a Jaco, Costa Rica, does she have time to seriously entertain this as an alpha male?

Is that really the pure essence of an alpha male in traditional evolutionary terms?  Or this frat guy?

No offense to any of the guys up there (Mystery, Style, Tucker Max), but most middle class men that are successful with women aren’t true alphas in the historical evolutionary sense.  They’re alphas in a relative sense, when compared to other middle-class men in their social circles.  Not only are most middle-class men not alpha males in the pure sense, but it would be stupid for them to even aspire to true pure alphadom.  Because true alphadom is a pointless goal for middle-class men in the West.

The successful middle-class alpha male is a mythical figure that can’t exist for any significant amount of time.  Our society is specifically built to put most alpha behavior in check.  The only types of men who can pull off any semblance of true alpha behavior in the West are men at the extreme lower end of the socioeconomic scale because they feel they have nothing to lose and men at the extremely high end of the socioeconomic scale because despite having something to lose they have more resources with which to get away with alpha behavior.  This is a society that keeps the peace and maintains the status quo by keeping alpha behavior in check through various disincentives and punishments.

Middle-class men in the West especially feel the pressure of these disincentives and punishments because on one hand they have enough resources and civility that they feel they have too much to lose by receiving these disincentives and punishment.  They have enough property and status and career that it will hurt them to lose any of it.  And if they end up in jail, they’re so civilized and genteel that they aren’t built for that setting the way a man from the lower end of the socioeconomic scale is.  Yet on the flip side they don’t have so much resources that they can shield themselves from the consequences of alpha behavior either, either buy buying themselves out of punishment or getting afforded a cushy punishment in the form of a country club prison stretch the way a man from the higher end of the socioeconomic scale can. For these reasons lower class and upper class men have much more freedom to push the envelope in pure alpha male behavior than middle class men do. And even for these groups in America there are limits to how alpha they can be, for various reasons.  I touched on limitations on the alpha status of the lower class already.  One of these days I’ll do the Myth of the Upper-Class Alpha Male as well.

Western middle class women are willing to enjoy these middle-class Western men because they have grown up conditioned to aspire to self-sufficient career woman status and expect to have two-income households when they marry.  So they don’t have to select mates with enough extreme wealth that can support a family singlehandedly.  Thanks to their own careers and middle-class status, they can still get a great quality of life from combining their own middle-class income with the income of a middle-class man, as opposed to the woman of the past with few big career opportunities who needed to rely totally on her prospective mate’s income and resources to improve her socioeconomic status.  Also, because of the higher expectations of monogamy in the modern West, even if a bunch of Western women wanted to effectively share a powerhouse alpha’s resources, it would be logistically too hard to pull off.  Rich men in America and the developed West are expected to be and actually are much more monogamous than rich men elsewhere in the world or throughout history because polygamy is very frowned upon here and the financial consequences to the rich man for engaging in it if caught can be very high.  Not to mention the social shaming (ask Tiger Woods).

Also, two more factors.  Rich people have less leisure time than ever, which is an important part of philandering.  They work more than ever nowadays, limiting the time they can spend on building and maintaining a harem.  Second, the cost of a decent standard of living in urban environments and big cities, the places that offer the most opportunity for rising in socioeconomic class these days, becomes a natural obstacle in harem building as well.  For a rich guy in a small town or the third world or a less expensive bygone era, maintaining a harem of extramarital women is a much less economically draining proposition than for a rich man in New York or Tokyo.  That’s why in America it takes a man of Tiger Woods’s flexible schedule and exorbitant wealth to pull off a harem of 14 women (not all simultaneously) throughout the years while a successful businessman in some parts of the world can accomplish the same feat with ease.

So rich men in America get monopolized by one lucky wife and may have one or two long-term mistresses with assorted quickies and escorts here and there.  The most access the average lower and middle-class woman can get to one of these high powered alpha men is the parting gift of occasional fling or quickie, and not the first prize of marriage or second prize of kept mistress status.  Societies like ours that strongly enforce monogamy shrink the supply of powerful alpha men women can choose from since they aren’t allowed to share these men amongst each other the way they could in a society that allows, explicitly or implicitly, long-term polygamous arrangements.  But as I pointed out, this shortage of powerful rich men available for long-term pair bonding is irrelevant because Western women don’t need such men for their survival like women in the past did.

In addition, thanks to a strong police force, strong property rights and strong paternalistic democratic government to offer physical protection and entitlement benefits if needed, thanks to feminism altering gender role expectations and giving women equal representational votes, thanks to a strong court system to provide retribution and justice if a man tries to violate them in any way, thanks to their own careers that allow them to be self-sufficient enough to provide their own sustenance and resources, thanks to birth control and abortions, thanks to the conveniences offered by appliance technology like washing machines, food processors, blenders and trash compactors, they are free to engage in sexual escapades and mating arrangements their female predecessors never dreamed of.  Or as I like to call it, “sport fucking” or “fun fucking” whoever she wants, be it bad boy alphas, metrosexual artfag hipsters, starving artists, ad account executives, Starbucks employees, and all types of middle class and working class guys who would have normally died without reproducing in the old dog-eat-dog primal eras of the past.  Choosing non-committing alpha males for flings or weak betas with little to moderate resources, while not the optimal choice of her genetic hard-wiring, doesn’t have the same dire consequences her in the Western world that it had for humans in the primal environments of the Pleistocene era or in modern third world hellholes.

In the West, a powerful resource-rich alpha isn’t a necessity thanks to the factors I described above, and in addition such an alpha isn’t widely available thanks to strongly enforced monogamy (only one women for each man) keeping the supply low.  This is why middle-class men are able to thrive in Western society.  They are a luxury only Western women can afford.  And the ideal middle class man is alpha enough to be a prize, but due to his circumstances there are natural ceilings to how alpha he can be.  A middle-class alpha who aims to have any longevity and reproductive success can’t exercise pure alpha status.  Sure he can work hard until he moves into a higher socioeconomic status and becomes rich, and at that point become more of a true, pure alpha, but so long as he remains in the middle-class status he won’t be able to pull off true, pure alpha status.  It’s for these reasons I specifically called my self-improvement series The Renaissance Man series and not The Alpha Male series.  The choice of terms was very deliberate and the two concepts are not interchangeable.  Because I think telling the average middle class man that alphadom is attainable or even desirable while remaining in middle class status is the biggest crock of shit going on today.  The best thing for a middle-class man to be in today’s society is not a true, pure alpha but a blend of the best aspects of an alpha male and the best aspects of a beta male, with the trappings of neither. A Renaissance Man.

Back to the Costa Rican Alpha Female I described in Part 1.  If you came up to her using some cheezy negs and magic tricks, she’d look at you like you were a joke.  The first thing she’d think is, if some crazy dude came up to me and tried to attack me or force me into prostitution or some drunk tourist tried to rape me, this dancing monkey couldn’t do shit. Can he guarantee that I’ll never have to resort to prostituting myself to get big bucks or slaving away at a shitty service or hospitality job for peanuts just to barely keep above grinding poverty level and stay at the same class level? This middle-class guy with his check-to-check existence, his meager 401(k) plan, his Netflix queue that he updates religiously, his mirthless materialism that he uses to convince himself he has more status than he actually has ans he works like a dog to maintain, his DVD box sets and encyclopedic knowledge of sports stats trivia, fantasy basketball league and collection of Bill Simmons Sports Guy columns, his 367 facebook friends, his witty repartee of popular movie quotes, his blog following, his X-Box 360 or whatever other middle-class trappings he has?  He’d be utterly useless to her.

“Fun-fucking” men like that for sport the way Western women can is a luxury not afforded to women who don’t come from the same environment.  For these women, choosing the right man is a decision so critical that it means the difference between surviving and thriving or wasting away in poverty, shame and degradation.  A woman like this may view such a middle class guy as as a trick or a simp and use him for some short term material gain like some free drinks or quick cash, but that’s it.  She may maintain a correspondence with him in hopes he’s a Captain Save-A-Ho type so that she can hit him up later with some sob story about her sick babies and get him to wire money to her if he’s enough of a big-hearted sap to go for it.  And if he’s a that type of jackpot middle-class sucker who can be used for a real long-term benefit like getting immigration to the West then she may really entertain him seriously, usually by playing to his emasculated Western male ego in a way American women would never do.  This type of treatment usually blows the  middle class Western man’s mind and he’s immediately sprung and wrapped around her finger.  But she’ll never respect him fully due to the type of men she’s grown up exposed to and once she immigrates and gets a foothold in her new country to the point where she no longer needs him anymore, she’ll leave him and get with the type of alpha male she’s been conditioned to be turned on by. Oftentimes she’ll even cheat with such an alpha behind her beta husband’s back soon after arriving in her new country.  Such stories are common.

Most of the time, what the average woman in a primal dog-eat-dog environment need in their immediate future is a lower-class guy who is so badass he can physically protect her from the dangers of the ghetto, or a guy uber-rich and uber-powerful enough to immediately lift her far away from the ghetto, so far in fact that she feels she is never in danger of going back.  In the specific case of Costa Rican Alpha Female, she is so top notch, even by the standards of the world stage, she can get the best of both worlds in Jaco: the guy who is both badass and tough enough to offer physical protection and powerful and rich enough to lift her far away from her poor beginnings.  A guy like CR Alpha.

So who exactly was CR Alpha?

The next day I discussed this with our guide for the trip.  This guy knew was a street-smart American expat who now lived in Costa Rica and functioned as both our concierge and tour guide.  He had been there for years and knew the ins and outs very well, from the seedy underbelly to the well-to-do parts.  We described the guy to him to see what he could tell us.  He immediately knew who we were talking about.  “He’s a lieutenant for the Colombians here.”  I can’t remember the full details because I was pretty wasted, but he was a ranking member of a Colombian organization known as either the White Colombians or the Black Colombians, I forget which.  He was their representative and highest ranking member in CR.  He ranked pretty high in the gang’s heirarchy, and of their members stationed in Costa Rica there was none higher.  Our concierge also said things that echoed the speculations Beethoven and I made the night before.  That he carried himself as a really cool guy and didn’t walk around acting like he had something to prove, but if there was ever a problem (which there rarely was because few were willing to cross him), he handled it in a definitive, unambiguous fashion.  He was no joke, and our concierge said over the years he even used him to handle some of his own “problems” that our concierge didn’t have the clout or muscle to handle on his own (presumably for a fee or in exchange for a favor, I didn’t ask for elaboration).

But that’s true alpha.  Not a fuzzy hat and black nail polish.  Not a cubicle job or middle management office. Not blog stardom.  None of this shit is true alpha.  And that’s fine.  For reasons I’ll explain in the next installment.

Next installment, how and why modern Western Society keeps alphadom in check and penalizes any excess of it.  And the pros and cons of such a system.

Click Here for Part 3

65 Responses to “The Myth of the Middle Class Alpha Male, Part 2”

  1. I’ve been reading sites like Roissey ( good ) and others not so good. There’s a strong odor of beta braggadocio in the conquest tales of many self-considered alphas. Newcomers post comments presuming that alpha-ness means traditional macho strength ala John Wayne, but the long timers snap back that getting laid a lot is the only true badge, which feels intrinsically beta; a middle class consumer’s point of view.

    There’s a word ( that I’ve forgotten, ) from sociology for the system of reputation and savage retribution that emerges in lawless tribal societies ( ex: the Balkans, Appalachia, Laos ) and you tie that to real alpha behavior beautifully.

    On the other hand, your reasoning is so tight and clear that it probably escapes a lot of readers. Now if you could promise those middle class materialists more pussy…

  2. So how did it feel to know that even though you are a Renaissance Man (as you put it) would never be enough to get the Alpha females in places like Costa Rica? Would you give up your Middle American life in the pursuit of true unadulterated Alpha status? What do you think the objective of men should be? The pursuit of true Alpha status, or just settling for as much as they can get and leave it at that?

    I guess I might be getting ahead to your next blog post, so I’ll just wait it out.

    Once again you leave me thinking.

  3. Best article you’ve written so far.

    I don’t think that being cut off from the Alpha Females from third world countries is that heavy a cross to bear. It’s like when many men first encounter the game, and they realise that their social conditioning/upbringing has formed them into a Beta all their lives-you can’t become the exact same as the guy who was born with it inherent. You live, you learn, you keep pulling and pulling until you get to the highest rung you can grasp of Alphadom. And in most cases, that’s much higher then you would expect.

  4. Yeah, but doesn’t it irk you to know that you might someday be like CR Alpha if you were to move to Costa Rica? (Maybe, maybe you will just end up eaten up by the other Costa Rican aspiring alphas). So just because the end result is better than what you expected you settle?

    But, when is enough enough? Middle class America? Middle class on a developing country? Criminal on a developing country? Some random remote tribe? Living with wolves?

    Or as an alpha male do you have to put things in a balance? On one hand true Alphadom, on the other, the benefits and comforts of modern life. Whichever one you care most about guides you towards your final decision.

    Or is it all about where you can get the most and higher quality pussy? Maybe in a secluded tribe you are the ultimate Alpha Male, but you are only passing your genes to a handful of women; in middle America you could be potentially passing your genes to thousands of women (not that you want to).

    If the objective of the Alpha is propagation of genes, then probably middle or high class America is your best bet; if on the other hand Alphadom means imposing your genes over everyone else (and I mean depriving the other men of a chance to reproduce with YOUR females) then probably the remote tribe is your best choice.

    But which one is it?

  5. Dude… this article kept me up all night mate. I had one nightmare after the other. I will be back to post my question.

  6. Amerigo, the key to your question is danger and it’s social context. The CR Alpha guy is a member of some kind of mafia in a dangerous place, and the woman is seeking protection first.

    Why would you want to be him? That kind of alpha life can be short and brutish, despite bedding beautiful women. Do you believe that it’s better to live a short, glorious life or a long, less exciting one?

    Not to disrespect, but when you asked What do you think the objective of men should be? , I kind of cringed because that’s something you should work out for yourself.

  7. You live, you learn, you keep pulling and pulling until you get to the highest rung you can grasp of Alphadom. And in most cases, that’s much higher then you would expect.

    But that kind of misses the point as well. The point isn’t to just grasp the highest possible rung of alphadom you can grasp. My point is that the beta to alpha continuum isn’t just a linear bad-to-good path. In the modern, developed Western society being too alpha can also be a bad thing. Too many people writing for the benefit of men paint the falsehood that more alpha always equals better. I think that’s only true in primal dog-eat-dog environments. If I knew a guy aspiring to success in middle class modern developed Western society and he was super alpha, I’d actually encourage him to learn to be more beta until he could get the perfect balance of alphadom and betadom that I think encompasses a renaissance man.

    That being said, I without a doubt believe that being too alpha is by far the lesser of two evils than being too beta.

  8. So how did it feel to know that even though you are a Renaissance Man (as you put it) would never be enough to get the Alpha females in places like Costa Rica? Would you give up your Middle American life in the pursuit of true unadulterated Alpha status? What do you think the objective of men should be? The pursuit of true Alpha status, or just settling for as much as they can get and leave it at that?

    First off, let’s make something clear. There weren’t a ton of hot alpha females where I was. In fact, I’d say the talent was average. This girl was gorgeous, but a guy can get a comparatively hot girl in Vegas, New York, LA, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Brazil, for way less hassle than being a ranking member of a drug cartel. And without being over the top alpha. Look at all the skinny metrosexual male model types and bartenders and starving artists and guidos getting smoking hot women in the developed West. Look at sites like That’s the beauty of the modern developed West, there’s a market for everything so long as you’re decent looking, ambitious, not a total beta social misfit and have some game.

  9. Amerigo, the key to your question is danger and it’s social context. The CR Alpha guy is a member of some kind of mafia in a dangerous place, and the woman is seeking protection first.

    Why would you want to be him? That kind of alpha life can be short and brutish, despite bedding beautiful women. Do you believe that it’s better to live a short, glorious life or a long, less exciting one?

    Exactly. The girl was hot but not so otherworldly hot that you couldn’t find her in a more civilized area of America, Europe or South America. And while she was would be a challenge to get in those places too, the challenge would be more along the lines of some combination of having a real good job, being well dressed, being witty, dressing sharp, having game and being handsome. Not easy, sure, but way easier than climbing the ranks of a murderous drug cartel. I’ll take America. The tradeoff isn’t worth it.

  10. There’s a word ( that I’ve forgotten, ) from sociology for the system of reputation and savage retribution that emerges in lawless tribal societies ( ex: the Balkans, Appalachia, Laos ) and you tie that to real alpha behavior beautifully.

    If you or anyone else here could find this word for me I’d be extremely grateful.

  11. First, we need to get one thing out of the way. Alpha is probably the most misused and misunderstood term in the blogosphere. The seduction community co-opted it to serve their own self aggrandizement because player or lothario just doesn’t stroke the ego as vigorously. They’ve been able to do this simply because the bar for masculinity in the west has been lowered so extensively, that clueless males apply de facto alpha status for the paltriest signs of masculinity. I would go further and say that even the term beta has been rendered meaningless because both alpha and beta create neat binary categorizations of men that are not realistic. Now there have been clever attempts at creating beta and alpha continuums but let’s be frank, they’re all attempts to fit round pegs into square holes. Of course, there are plenty of spineless men devoid of any swagger that truly deserve to be called beta no doubt augmented by a feminine culture but there are a lot of guys that don’t fall into that category either that will never be alpha. True alphas are a rarity.

  12. Good post.

    One idea that strikes me from this post is that although we can understand that status and power are integral to attracting women, how you must earn that status can be very different in various places. The starving artist image may play well in America, where you can play up your rebellious nature and gain respect for your courage to live outside the system, but it falls flat in poorer places where you are just a bum and the lawyer, whom we might dismiss as a paper-pushing cubicle dweller, has the income to provide a much better life for a girl.

    A big complication is that some status signals are contradictory across cultures; what signals high status in one place signals low status in another. For instance, gated communities. My friend from CR practically lives in a fortress and I’m sure that having enough money signals to a CR girl she can live protected in a similar fashion. But in the US, living in a gated community is borderline racist and something you would want to downplay to maintain the respect of people who matter. Understanding who you have to impress and how you can do that is vital.

    The fact that no matter how good your game is in the US, you can’t walk into that club and pick up that girl is an instructive reminder about how status is crucial yet varies in its substance across groups.

    I think a large element of the concept of the Renaissance Man is someone who can gain respect from anyone as needed, who knows how different people apportion respect and has the experience and temperament to earn it.

    Few people can accomplish this because very few people can think about status and respect unemotionally. Talking about status is a highly charged issue. I think that people don’t think logically about status because it is essentially respect, which can be a very emotional issue. You want to earn the respect of those close to you, like your parents, friends, spouse or children. You want to have a sense of self-worth. And for psychological health, we all need some acceptance and respect from those around us, especially those close to us, as well as from ourselves. So people may figure out how to gain status among a small group of people, but then can be thrust into another group where status is apportioned much differently, where they do not get similar respect and acceptance. For instance, coming from a low or middle class background and hanging out with rich people. You can feel like a victim, an outcast and get very angry and angsty about it. You can rationalize all these reasons why the world is unfair, how you hate these people and wish they would just like you. Also, understanding that in some parts of the world you have little to no status can be depressing, it can shatter your ego. But you need to realize what the game is, how it works, embrace the shallowness and play the game a little and those feelings will drift away.

  13. I know that in most corporate workplaces, hard though it is to believe, alpha behaviors and attitudes are likely to get you fired. The organization prefers betas, and the insecure betas play mean passive-aggressive games on those who they find threatening.

    The rules are different for sales and upper management, not that I have any personal experience there.

  14. @ Joey Giraud

    Oh I definitely would go for the longer life, not the short glorious one. I agree with you, every man should figure out what their objective is by themselves, personally I am all for the developed world life, even though I’m from South America; what I wanted with my comment was to hear a different viewpoint from mine.

  15. Great stuff. I always thought the omega-to-alpha thing was ‘way too linear, but it never occurred to me to wonder why, and you’ve come up with some plausible explanations.

    One request? Any chance you might consider introducing more paragraph breaks into your writing? What you’ve got to say is often superb, but getting through those gigantic blocks of visually-unbroken prose can be a challenge.

  16. Lot of good comments here, keep it up people.

    Ray, thanks for the constructive feedback. I broke up the paragraphs some. I write and publish in a one-draft, stream of consciousness flow so I tend to not stop and think about stylistic issues like that. So much appreciated.

  17. First off, excellent post.

    Second, I had two guesses who the alpha would be:

    1. Expat world traveler surfer tough guy.
    2. Colombian drug dealer.

    The reason I knew this was one, I have rolled Costa Rica tons back in the day (hence my first choice). And two, my best friend lived in Costa for a year recently, and told me about the changes there. There are a lot of Colombians embeded in different towns nowadays.

    On another note, one of the reasons I have been turned off to the whole Pick up Artist community is because I have traveled a lot in life, many times to heavy zones, and I know that the eyeliner and fuzzy hat thing doesn’t fly.

    Nor does the frat boy as@hole thing.

    - MPM
    .-= The G Manifesto´s last blog ..Mardi Gras: The G Manifesto Way =-.

  18. Joey Giraud

    “I know that in most corporate workplaces, hard though it is to believe, alpha behaviors and attitudes are likely to get you fired. The organization prefers betas, and the insecure betas play mean passive-aggressive games on those who they find threatening.

    The rules are different for sales and upper management, not that I have any personal experience there.”

    This is absolutely true.

    You have to be a beta in corporate America. (One of the reasons I could never deal with that crap).

    Act like Gordon Gecko in Corporate America and people will hate you pretty quick.

    - MPM
    .-= The G Manifesto´s last blog ..Mardi Gras: The G Manifesto Way =-.

  19. G Manifesto, those are two very good guesses. The Colombian/Nicaraguan/native Costa Rican dynamic down there is pretty fascinating from the little I’ve been told about it. Also, it seems there are some kind of immunities Colombians have that allow some of them to get away with murder. Literally supposedly. That’s got to add to the boldness of the drug dealers if true. When i got back to the States I tried to look up more info about it and sadly couldn’t find any so who knows…

  20. Joey, G, a reader put me onto this link and I think it breaks down betaness in corporate culture pretty well. The only ones with room to be really alpha are the top category, “the sociopaths.”

    I think for middle management corporate types to thrive, they have to be strategically alpha…alpha with a handful of people beneath them, a mix of alpha and beta with their peers and totally beta with their superiors .

  21. Sorry to post so much, but I had to make this,

    Edit: When I said this guy “1. Expat world traveler surfer tough guy.”, I should clarify: When I say “tough”, I mean real tough. Like can handle himself in a knuckle up, and potentially carries a gun down there. Strong chance the guy also has some unresolved legal issues in the USA.
    .-= The G Manifesto´s last blog ..Mardi Gras: The G Manifesto Way =-.

  22. G, you always drop knowledge so comment as much as you like.

    I know what you mean, I met two types of surfers down there. One was the naive, dreamy stoned slacker types. These kinds when I met them went to Jaco one time when they were young, got all romantic about it because they were sheltered types and bought into this noble savage, back to nature/away from evil civilization narrative. Needless to say, they got a rude awakening when they arrived and lived there for a while. Most of these types were pretty disillusioned, jaded, and were just counting down the months to return home. Seems like most on average last a max of two years down there before getting eaten up and spit out.

    Then there are the surfers like the guy you describe. The kind that are grimy and tough as nails and go down there and realize that even though they’re technically from the civilized West, they in many ways fit into the primal, Wild West dog-eat-dog world of Jaco better and fit in immediately. These guys see it for what it is and love it anyway and feel at home. Unlike the former type of surfer, they’ve seen it all before ending up in Jaco and don’t have romantic fantasies about it. They just like the freedom to be as rugged as they want to be that the modernized West doesn’t allow them. Our concierge was like that.

  23. Not to be too gracious, but thx for the link. I could use some validation of recent observations.

    Spent the first 15 working years of my life in the blue collar world; construction work, factory work, and bench tech. Then got married, finished an engineering degree and moved to the white collar for the next 15. The transition was *not* easy or smooth.

    The blue collar world is harder, harsher, more painful, but it’s one hell of a lot more honest, direct and sane. The white collar world is nice and warm, pleasant and comfortable, but people are, or are forced to be, phoney. To thrive professionally I’ve had to become unctuous, diplomatic, euphemistic, and do a lot of lying about things that matter to avoid triggering insecurity and resentment in my co-workers and superiors. While not claiming to be a perfect worker, I know some specific problems were caused by my not being beta enough.

    To survive doing corporate contracting, one must be oblivious or impervious, preferably both.

    I’ll take Jaco.

  24. I’ve been saying the “oblivious or impervious” thing for years, and what do I see near the top of that link?

    Sociopaths on top, losers at the bottom, and right where I should be: clueless!

    Made my night, thx again.

  25. T: “The only ones with room to be really alpha are the top category, ‘the sociopaths.’ ”

    I think this is exactly wrong according to Rao’s analysis. In part two, where he talks about “powertalk,” he writes:

    “If you’ve watched movies dedicated to the evil sorts of sociopaths (like say Wall Street or Boiler Room) you might be under the impression that sociopaths communicate by retreating to places where the clueless and the losers can’t hear them. Out there on the golf course, or in private dining rooms in exclusive restaurants, you might think, they let their guard down and speak bluntly, with liberal cursing and openly cruel jokes against non-sociopaths.

    “You couldn’t be more wrong. That sort of private candor is actually a type of aggressive Posturetalk prevalent among the clueless in the more superficially macho (finance) or actually dangerous industries. A fine example is Joe Pesci’s clueless (in the Mafia context) character, Tommy de Vito, in GoodFellas. I don’t have time to analyze this movie, but a word to the wise should be sufficient: the true sociopaths in the movie, like Robert de Niro or Ray Liotta, never trap themselves in a corner with their own posturing: “I’m funny how? I mean, funny like I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh…I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how?” Yes, Tommy shoots the waiter (another clueless Posturetalker who unwisely sasses a clueless guy with a gun), but that still counts as “sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    “The bulk of sociopath communication takes places out in the open, coded in Powertalk, right in the presence of non-sociopaths”

    Most people think posturing is the pinnacle of alphadom, but its not. Very few people can see past the posturing to the “powertalk” underneath. (And the concept of powertalk extends beyond language: your clothes and accessories, your behavior with others, your body language are all ways to posture. Example: Bottle service is posturing) I think the phrase “game recognizes game” means in part that only people who understand the power subtext of every interaction can see it whereas most people only see the superficial elements on top, the posturing and so forth.

  26. 691 – Honestly, I didn’t read the whole piece in depth yet, just skimmed it once and made note of the category names.

  27. TK Raw… Now when I asked for Beta to Alpha write up, I had this CR dude you described in mind. Someone who is just cool but you can tell has it all together like you described. But you are saying been a Renaisance Man is better? Secondly does having this Alpha trait come from his position in the gang crew or his position in the gang crew came from his trait ie it cannot be taught, you eeither have it or not? Its the “psychology” behind how you look at this things that really does it for me. GREAT WRITE UP. PS: Feel free to write up on how to be this Alpha.

  28. t, great posts. i came to this blog by way of roissy and roosh. i still read those guys and dig on their blogs, but i can’t help but think that they’re spinning their wheels a little. these two posts show me that you’re attempting to take this to the next level.

    studying human nature and social dynamics so that you can get laid and assure the love and affection of a good woman is certainly no small thing. after reading this and that “gervais principle” link, however, it becomes apparent that there is real power here. you’re really starting to flesh out how most people go through life in some mode of self-delusion; like they’re still plugged in to the matrix. i look forward to the next installment.
    .-= j r´s last blog ..“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.” =-.

  29. cold hard truth. i am 37, I date 18-20 year old models. dot com millionaire, ivy grad. I suggest you spend less time posing and more time building an enterprise.

  30. cold hard truth. dudes i run with pulled women like that regularly without being anywhere close to being dotcom millionaires, just an apartment, game, a liquor cabinet and a bag of coke or pills. or just getting bottle service in nightclubs. if you’re really a dotcom millionaire and you’re bragging about doing 18-20 year old models, honestly you’re actually underachieving. getting millionaire status just to get 18-20 year old models? really, dude? everything from club promoters, low level drug dealers, bartenders at trendy clubs, aspiring male actor/models, six-figure I-bankers…they all can pull 18-20 year old models. they’re a dime a dozen.

    if you’re really a millionaire, step your game up dude.

  31. i’m sorry but i still can’t get over “reality’s” comment. reaching dotcom millionaire status to pull 18-20 year old models is like using a hand grenade to kill a cockroach. :D

  32. envy is a bitch. no I settled down with the best of the batch last year. the player sites are useless because ultimately you have to back up the bullshit player act with reality. you can’t bullshit your way through life being a poseur. later.

  33. ooookay, underachiever. whatever you say. :)

  34. anyone notice how this dude started out saying he currently dates 18-20 year old models?

    after i point out that he’s actually underachieving big time for a supposed dotcom millionaire, now magically that was his past, he’s actually now settled down with the “best of the batch” since last year. :D keep your story straight. the truth is you probably never had chicks worth bragging about before getting rich and when you got rich aimed low because you were easily impressed.

    regardless, if you are as awesome as you say, you really shouldn’t act so insecure you have to go online to brag to anonymous people who are supposedly so beneath you and start trying to declare that they envy you. that’s a real insecure sucka move and an ugly look. real talk, bro.

    i just hope you’re a bored troll or something. this story is getting lamer the more you reveal.

  35. What kind of pulls should a dot-com millionare have?

  36. I’m honestly surprised people are asking me this. Do people really think 18-21 year old models are something you need dotcom millionaire status to pull? If you guys had any idea the type of guys the average sheltered vapid young attention whore model who moves to NY from Eastern Europe and the Midwest will fuck you’d understand why I say what I say. Going to the Ivy league and achieving dotcom millionaire status just to bang 18-21 year old models is the equivalent of a getting a six figure corporate salary at a top I-Bank just to brag about banging a really hot hoodrat or Jersey Shore guidette. You may occasionally bang them if you get the chance because they’re hot but if you’re truly a dotcom millionaire, it’s not a feat to brag about as if you’re living the dream. It should be like shooting pigs in a barrel for a guy like that. If that’s a pinnacle dating goal for him given his status, it shows me he had to be really sheltered or had zero game before he had any money and as a result makes a bigger deal of them than he should.

  37. Fuck I thought that’s what G was all about.

  38. Americo, it’s a good thing, but trust me, G doesn’t make a bigger deal out of it than it is.

  39. wow dude… you are a fuckin idiot, please give my 5 minutes back…. in name of proprty rights

  40. I agree with T.

    I used to swoop 18-20 year old models when I was a 21 year old 100 lot Bean flipper (and I am not talking about accounting either); long on Game, short on Dough. As did everyone else with a little Game in LA, NYC and Miami Beach in those days.

    If you are 37 and a millionaire you should shoot higher.

    Then again, I am sure a cat like that is making up for lost time.

    I have always been Women-Money-Power.

    Not Money-Power-Women.

    - MPM
    .-= The G Manifesto´s last blog ..Mardi Gras: The G Manifesto Way =-.

  41. I think you are wrong with the polygamy and monogamy rewards for rich guys… it only applied to certain rich famous guys like the president and Tyler woods, that is respected by a conservative crowd that is forced to have the “correct” view on it, in reality its more witchhunting created by the news that actually representative of current opinion.

    Again Alpha male has to be in regards to the context… so the guy you describe is in his hood, so there he is an alpha, here in my hood he wouldnt count for shit. Same goes in for instance the scientific community great papers will give alpha status, while in the crime world money and cunning violent behavior would do…

    Since there is alot of alpha but only one alpha around in any social context, you cant always be the alpha or even the betas, sometimes your way below that, espeically given the feminine pseudo-penis behaiviour these days.

  42. Quasi, I wasn’t saying rich guys in America are always or even often monogamous. What I meant is that compared to rich guys in the rest of the world or rich guys throughout history, our modern rich guys in the developed West are much more monogamous in comparison. In America, even the guys who philander do it to far less a degree than men of their relative wealth did in eras past and in many other current cultures, for a host of reasons.

  43. I just found this blog. Whoah, I love your style! I’ve been ruminating alot on the nature of Alpha and you’ve got some great perspective. I also loved the Gangsta-rappers-as-a-parody-of-masculinity piece.

  44. In regards to the 37 year old ivy league millionaire bragging about bagging 18-20 yr old models, Ricky Raw is absolutely right. It’s just like Andrew Dice Clay said, “I never had to be a celebrity to get chicks. I was pulling chicks before I got famous.:

  45. The Strong Arm Of The Law on February 19th, 2010 at 4:31 PM

    Nice info and you’re right. But I guess this alpha gang leader will sooner or later end up killed or imprisoned for a very long time. That’s the norm. Anyway, you can’t emulate such guys. You either grow up like them and become them or you don’t. And many girls who get in touch with guys like that end up in serious trouble themselves.

  46. this is not meant as a snide remark, but its an honest question: if this “reality” guy is aiming too low when he says he is banging 18-20 year old models…what could he possibly aim for thats above that? 18 years old = maximum youth, model = maximum looks. How is that shooting low?

  47. You said: “Now you can always tell a winner mentality from a loser mentality by how they react to viewing situational winners. Losers see winners in a situation and try to visualize either how it should be the losers winning instead or try to think about how the winner doesn’t really deserve to be winning and got his gains unfairly. A man with a winner mentality sees someone winning in a situation and thinks, “Why is he a winner right now, and what can I learn from this?”

    Exactly. I have been trying to explain this to certain of my hater childhood friends for years now. This is part of the phenomenon that James Allen describes in “As a Man Thinketh…”

    When a loser/hater sees a winner winning, his first and only reaction is to think the winner’s winning is ‘unfair,’ simply because the loser is unwilling to focus his anger and scrutiny where it really belongs–on HIMSELF. If the loser would dare look past the winner’s surface and consider the possibility that the winner is winning as a result of hard work, mental discipline and perseverance, he might learn something. But the loser/hater doesn’t (or is unable to), and thus he remains a loser and a hater, doomed to stand on the sidelines complaining about how only the jerks get girls, how nice guys always finish last, etc.

    I used to feel this way viscerally every time I would see a winner winning, like a knee-jerk reflex. Then, one day, I asked myself: “Why do I feel this way when these people don’t affect me whatsoever?” Of course, I had to admit to myself that there was only one answer–jealousy. From that day forward, I made a point to laud the winners when they won, and, as you said, to try to learn from their example. To get insight into their frame of mind. And then something crazy began to happen–I started to win too.

    Nowadays, when I hear of Donald Trump cutting another multi-million dollar deal? P Diddy hitting another success with his clothing line? Jay-Z having another hit album? Some celebrity/athlete bedding a gorgeous starlet? I say good for them, they deserve it. And then I visualize myself riding the same winning mentality that they possess, and my life continues on its upward climb. A concept that the lazy losers/haters standing on the sidelines will never–and don’t deserve to—understand.

  48. seth e,

    how could 18 yo/ models be shooting too low?

    easy…. talent, compatibility and love (in an 19 y/o model), which is what I have.

    if you can pick up chicks, great, god bless you, but do something productive with it other than being an undercompensated gigilo. use your skills to find your ideal woman and settle down and put your other talents to something useful.

  49. reality, please, tell me anywhere in this blog where i claim that being the best man you can be socially and having high standards for how you are treated is a substitute for having an enterprise? i don’t believe that and neither do my readers.

    of course one needs an enterprise or life’s mission to go along with social skills. and of course vice versa applies, one needs social skills to go along with having an enterprise. both are necessary. you’ve constructed a strawman argument and are trying to “take down” a point no one ever made in the first place. i repeat, no one ever said to ignore building a career and status while working on social skills.

    why? it obviously stems from your own insecurities. you must have always had an inferior regard for your own social skills and as a result put all your energy, based your whole identity, on your credentials. you’ve created a need to believe credentials are all that matter in order to feel better about yourself, because obviously, deep down, you believe credentials are all you have to offer and that you are nothing without them. why else would that be the first thing you lead off with describing yourself? and why would it be the full extent of your self description? you’ve probably never consistently gotten women worth bragging about until recently and you are appalled to discover you did too much for too little, like the guy who finds out after its too late for a refund that he paid three times to much for something he could have gotten way cheaper.

    for that reason, you find any talk that focuses on improving oneself in any area besides purely credentials to be some kind of personal attack on you. because accepting that there are easier, faster and cheaper alternatives to building enough value to bang hot young chicks besides overpriced ivy league degrees and millionaire status would be crushing to you, a guy who banked everything on that route and never developed yourself in any other way.

    if you really believed in yourself the way you claim you do, you’d be too busy in the real world doing fly ass shit to try amd come onto a blog to convince total anonymous strangers they’re jealous of your anonymous self. you’re not trying to convince us, you’re trying to convince yourself. no one who really believed he was fly would bother.

    work out your personal self-worth issues elsewhere. stop wasting our time. be proud of your accomplishments. you got an ivy league degree, you became a millionare by 37 (assuming you’re telling the truth). that’s great, and it’s something laudable. but don’t hate on me for showing people it’s not the only way to bang an 18-20 year old attention whore.

  50. frankly, rawness.. your site is the best of this type which is why I read it.

    . and all these player sites who claim to be “alpha males”… which is BS. alpha males are defined that way because they have 10 kids in primate society. if you have no children you aren’t an alpha male, you are a genetic failure. ironically, the black dudes with 10 kids from 10 different ladies in the inner city and the strict religious types who dont use contraception are a strict definition of an alpha given their reproductive success.

    my point is..stop wasting time chasing your dick and get a life once you are past 22. an enterprise, a cause, whatever. women are stupid, ugly and annoying most of the time… fun in college when they are gorgeous and innocent… after that womanizing is a total waste of time. life is short, banging random chicks is a waste of your energy. conning emotionally weak women into sex is not a healthy adult hobby. the only rationalization is that it helps you get game to find a decent wife… just my POV. without that end, womanizing is nihilism and self-destructive. I do have to go… later..

  51. reality, this is really not a site about picking up women or womanizing. i’m much more big picture than that. when you see the breadth of this article, is all you really see a womanizing article? if you can reduce my site to womanizing, the limitations here are yours, not those of me and my readers.

    i will give you this though, i do agree that a man needs an enterprise or a life mission in addition to social skills and good game. you’re 100% right in that respect. but i do think the reverse is also true, a man needs social skills and good game in addition to an enterprise or a life mission. look how many financially successful men end up undoing all they’ve accomplished with poor social choices, both in friendships and marriages.

  52. “There’s a word ( that I’ve forgotten, ) from sociology for the system of reputation and savage retribution that emerges in lawless tribal societies ( ex: the Balkans, Appalachia, Laos ) and you tie that to real alpha behavior beautifully.”

    “If you or anyone else here could find this word for me I’d be extremely grateful.”

    Might the word in question be Thar? It’s not an established sociological term by any stretch of imagination but means practically blood feud in Arabic. More info in this article:

    .-= jerome´s last blog ..What Do Women Want? Hmmmmm……. =-.

  54. I’m gonna go against the grain with this post.  Most of the cats on here sound like posers.  I don’t know any of you personally so take that with a grain of salt, but your observations are a bit too wordy bro, you type a lot but you’re not sayin much.  I think you’re confused though, the cat you describe is a gangsta in the truest sense, he ain’t concerned with bitches, he’s on his grind, his mental is not focused on women they just come with the territory.  You lose money chasing women, you never lose women chasing money.  You guys need to step ya game up. 

    - a real renaissance man

  55. I think you’re confused though, the cat you describe is a gangsta in the truest sense, he ain’t concerned with bitches, he’s on his grind, his mental is not focused on women they just come with the territory. You lose money chasing women, you never lose women chasing money. You guys need to step ya game up.

    Ok, I have to ask…exactly how am I confused? I said the guy was a gangsta in the truest sense repeatedly, so I don’t think I was confused there. And the rest of the stuff you said about losing money chasing women and never lose women chasing money…that’s true and all but WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR POINT? Who said otherwise?

    You sound like a guy who hears a cool and wise saying and is so eager to repeat it and school somebody with it they end up using it even if it’s irrelevant or they’re preaching to the choir. The problem isn’t that I’m not saying much but that your powers of comprehension are too limited.

  56. I do agree I can be too wordy though. That’s something I’m working on.

  57. “I’m gonna go against the grain with this post. Most of the cats on here sound like posers. I don’t know any of you personally so take that with a grain of salt, but your observations are a bit too wordy bro, you type a lot but you’re not sayin much. I think you’re confused though, the cat you describe is a gangsta in the truest sense, he ain’t concerned with bitches, he’s on his grind, his mental is not focused on women they just come with the territory. You lose money chasing women, you never lose women chasing money. You guys need to step ya game up.

    - a real renaissance man”

    I know plenty of cutthroat dudes that get money–lots of money–but can’t get girls and would give up every penny they have to be able to get the caliber of trim that I’ve gotten over the years. These are guys who are very alpha in the business realm and also a few mobsters. In my experience, a business/mob money-making alpha type may snag a hot one here or there due to his status and finances, but they usually don’t have the player knowhow to do it on the regular. Having the knowhow to get money and control other men is not the same thing as knowing how to pull females. It’s very rare that you come across a guy who’s alpha in all aspects of life–i.e., rising to the top of his game while crushing top-shelf chicks all along the way, like a Derek Jeter.

    As a matter of fact, I used to work at a nightclub where I watched your “gangsta in the truest sense” types come into the VIP night after night with their stooges and throw stacks of money only to go home alone in his Bentley. Once in a blue the gangsta would have some hot chick with him who looked miserable but they never lasted long. Two different skill sets, my friend.

    As for me, I told myself as a virgin in high school that my number one priority in life from that point forward would be to bed as many of the sexiest and most beautiful girls I could–even if it meant that making money had to take a back seat. 15 years later, I have yet to meet another guy in person whose hit list surpasses mine. Although sometimes I regret my choice to prioritize the way I did, when I flip back through my fantasy file of conquests it was all worth. There were times having some ridiculous chick all laid out in front of me where I felt like it wasn’t even real, like I was living a movie.

    Anyway, in response to your last line: a true player doesn’t “lose money” chasing women because he doesn’t spend hardly anything on them aside from the time and energy it takes to game them. And most guys chasing money are usually not able to transfer that to getting girls. Combine that with the fact that most gold-diggers are relatively ugly (at least in my experience) and the money-makers aren’t looking too good outside of their realm.

    It just comes down to what your priorities are. I don’t knock dudes whose racket is getting money. And they shouldn’t try to knock a dude whose racket is getting chicks. Because deep down, a lot of money-makers wish they could be trim-takers instead.

  58. Spoken like a true blogger, but I respect your opinion.

  59. this dont make no dang sence

  60. Okay so let me get this straight. This guy was a trua alpha because he was an enforcer for the Colombian drug cartel? And this is the guy we should all aspire to be like just to get pussy? So basically we should all become “gangstas” who deal drugs, have criminal records, get tatted, and just dont give a fuck or at least pretend that we dont because thats what the bitches want? Sorry but you failed on this one.

  61. Puahate – Do you realize the difference between prescriptive and descriptive discussions? I wasn’t saying anyone should aspire to be the drug enforcer guy. I’m challenging people’s tendency to romanticize the alpha male archetype idea as always being a laudable goal. My point is that being a so-called alpha male isn’t always an attainable or even desirable goal, and that people need to get over this mythical fantasy goal.

  62. It was clear to me what you were saying. Some guys are so focused on pussy they can’t see the wood for the trees.

  63. alpha/beta, all you guys are pathetic.
    Your whol lives and self worth revolve around putting your pecker in a stinky hole.
    Most women are trash, game is bullshit.
    The best looking guy with the most money gets the most bitches.
    A short fat ugly millionaire will get more bitches than anyone reading this site.
    You either have it or you don’t. Talk is cheap. Women arent worth the trouble.
    It is patheit to worship cunt like you guys do.
    The human female is the most vile creature on earth. Just pay the bitches if you feel the need to fuck.