The Myth of the Middle Class Alpha Male, Part 1

[Last week I promised a post that would go up on Monday and be controversial. As I started writing it, it kept getting longer and longer and was taking too much time to complete. So I decided to break it up instead, it will probably end up being three parts in total. Here’s part 1:]

Last summer I was in Jaco, Costa Rica. It was one hell of a poor and cutthroat place. It was very much a crime and vice-infested town with a Wild West, anything goes feel and where the cops were basically a joke, except when it comes to harassing drunk tourists. It was incredibly grimy and bleak. I spent most of the vacation sitting by a pool in our house getting twisted and barbecuing.

There was a lot of petty crime and vice going on in Jaco. Drugs and other vices were everywhere out in the open, in daylight and nighttime. Lots of hustlers and crumbsnatchers. It was touristy in some densely trafficked areas but there were a lot of isolated spots where you could get got if you weren’t careful. But for the most part it wasn’t dangerous if you had even a hint of street smarts.

Most of the criminals I saw were local crash test dummies. Little dirt-poor young knucklehead locals who seemed influenced by too many gangsta rap images from America and too much reggaeton and ended up dressing and acting like bad parodies of a hip-hop stereotype. Punks trying to look hard and practice their ice grills, but as I said earlier nothing to worry about if you had even a hint of common sense or street smarts. But if you were careless and gave them an opening, they’d rob you blind.

At one nightclub we went to, I saw one girl who had to be the most beautiful creature I saw in my whole time down there. She was head and shoulders above every woman I had seen in the town. She had this style of dress that I can only describe as a modern haute couture/old world gypsy/bohemian/WWII European refugee chic/space age futuristic Paris runway mashup with lots of costume jewelry and gaudy accessories that she played straight yet managed to pull off without looking camp, kitschy, she somehow got all those disparate elements to blend together seamlessly and become more than the sum of their parts. For physical appearance picture Ava Gardner in Barefoot Contessa meets Shakira meets Dorothy Dandrige in Carmen Jones meets Jessica Alba…but with just a light sprinkling of light brown freckles on the olive skin of the bridge of her nose and upper cheeks, almost unnoticeable on first glance. The kind of appearance that’s so subtly exotic that she could conceivably belong to every race on the planet. And finally, she had a very seductive but classy body language that worked to maximum effect but without looking at all try-hard or desperate for attention. Ultrasexual but not slutty. Restrained but not prudish or icy. Great poise, posture and movement. Yet the final coup de grace was that despite all of this…she looked friendly, interesting and approachable. She somehow managed not to be intimidating at all, and didn’t put out the bitch shield unapproachable vibe that a comparatively hot women would if she were in America. My friend had a conversation with her and found her very pleasant and charming.

She wasn’t just hot by the relative standards of the uninspiring local talent. She would turn heads in the trendiest bar in Hollywood filled with aspiring starlets and models. It was the combination of her physical assets, her unique and well-conceived fashion style and her demeanor that would make her stand out in any room in any country in the world.

She was on the balcony of the club standing next to me, and I thought to myself In a third world shithole like this, who does this chick fuck with? See, in a Vegas, Los Angeles or a New York, a chick with looks and game like this girl would be fucking with straight moguls. She could golddig with the best of them if she wanted, without much effort. I’m not talking the glorified groupie chicks who mistakenly call themselves golddiggers and waste their time being jumpoffs for athletes and rappers and B-list actors for occasional shopping spree money or a free bottle here and there in a nightclub. I’m talking the type of chick who skips all the bullshit athletes, rappers and actors and gets wifed up by the team owner, the record label owner or entertainment mogul. The kind of chick dudes would be courting not with expensive dinners, vacations and jewels but by buying her a home, a car or a business. She’d get a new promise to make her famous every day. I totally would know her story and her type in the type of urban metropolis I’m from. But here, in Jaco, Costa Rica, in this almost primal, dog-eat-dog grimy town that is dirt poor and virtually lawless, who does an alpha female like this fuck with?

I was about to find out.

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12 Responses to “The Myth of the Middle Class Alpha Male, Part 1”

  1. Nice set-up, you got me hangin like A muthafucka!

  2. continue this shit

  3. Part 2, part 2 please! Can’t wait to hear the rest. Reminds me a little of what the Colombian show “Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso” (Without Tits There is No Paradise) was about, for some reason.

  4. Great start. I have a feeling about the type of person this girl gets swooped by. But I will wait and see how your story turns out.

    Interesting side note on Jaco:

    I have never been, but I do know Costa Rica very well. (I was a Costa Rica pioneer back in the day, even then, Jaco was a little to high profile for me.)

    From what I have heard, Jaco has gotten progressively worse over the last 10-15 years from all the American influence. (Which you alluded to).

    The place used to be nice.

    American cultural infiltration has the tendency to screw things up.

    – MPM
    .-= The G Manifesto´s last blog ..Mardi Gras: The G Manifesto Way =-.

  5. G Manifesto, you nailed it. This to me is the biggest problem I saw with Jaco. There are third world countries with their procs and cons. Then there are places like America with their own pros and cons. Places like Jaco are awful because they have all the cons of a third world country, but thanks to growing American influence of the WRONG kind (not all American influence is bad but Jaco invites a bad class of American I think) they also are gaining all the cons of American culture with little of the pros. Meanwhile, they’re losing all the pros of a third world culture, like cheap prices, laid back low stress living, etc.

    It’s basically the worst of American culture and the worst of third world culture wrapped into one with the pros of neither.

  6. I want to clarify to people by the way before someone in the comments says it, when I use the term “third world shithole,” that doesn’t mean I think all third world places are automatically shitholes or that I think every place in a developed nation are paradises. There are third world paradises and developed nation shitholes around the world.


  8. Part 2 on Monday.

  9. this is not meant as a snide remark, but its an honest question: if this “reality” guy is aiming too low when he says he is banging 18-20 year old models…what could he possibly aim for thats above that? 18 years old = maximum youth, model = maximum looks. How is that shooting low?

  10. The Myth of the Middle Class Alpha Male, Part 1