The Madonna/Whore Complex Series

My series of posts examining Madonna/Whore complexes…how they originate and how they affect gender relations.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

4 Responses to “The Madonna/Whore Complex Series”

  1. Huh! It seems that I am destined to fall for men with this complex. My three serious boyfriends obviously (I see it now!) all saw me as the “whore” (I like lots of sex and enjoy it) My ex-husband and my present one see me as the madonna – that is ( I realise now) my fault because I suppressed that which caused my three previous boyfriends to leave me and marry someone else! I don’t want to do that any more! I’m now having an affair with one of the boyfriends who left me (more than 30 years ago!)

  2. Interesting series, T. I’ll have to sit down and finish parts 2 and 3.

  3. T,

    I just stumbled across your website today and I went through the Madonna / Whore Complex Series. They’re absolutely golden.

    I’ll definitely be back and go through the rest of your words.

    I ordered the Black Players: The Secret World Of Black Pimps through your link. It seems like a good book and I though you deserved a little something.

  4. Help me understand a few things.


    from Part 2 :

    And it’s no surprise that Ahmed, super natural with his arms around both his ex-fling and his current squeeze, said losing respect for his mom is exactly what made him great with women

    great with all women?

    or, great with insecure-self-doubting-masochist-women like his mother?

    Things would be a lot clear if Ahmed’s girlfriends personality could be known.


    with reference to Anatomy of Female Power by Chinweizu in part 3 :

    Does mother power, bride power work on all men?

    or, uninitiated men who couldn’t separate themselves from their mothers during adolescence. In effect, they stayed merged with their mother even into late adulthood (due to lack of strong male role models, absent fathers, etc). No one showed them the way. They bought the worldview their mom’s spoon-feeded them. And, hence, all the ‘putting women into pedestal’ actions even in adulthood.

    I wonder if an initiated man who can see through the ways of the world & all the bullshit that is thrown at him would fall for bride power & mother power?

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