Movie Recommendation #4: Young Man With A Horn

Tweet If you have been reading my past few years of posts about Cluster Bs and codependents and find them interesting, and most importantly, if you personally┬árelate at all to those posts, I highly recommend you watch the movie I’m recommending today, Young Man With A Horn. It airs tommorow (Wednesday, March 20) on the [...]

Movie Recommendation #3: Madame Bovary

Tweet Tomorrow June 19, at 7 AM, Turner Classic Movies airs the 1949 movie “Madame Bovary,” one of my all-time favorite movies when it comes to showing ugly truths in relationship dynamics, and it’s especially accurate in its depiction of a specific type of Cluster B emotional vampire. She also seems to suffer from maladaptive [...]

Movie Recommendation #2: The Moon and Sixpence

Tweet Here is a link to the previous installment of this series, where I recommended the movie “Darling.” Movie Recommendation #1: Darling On Sunday at 10:15 AM, the cable network Turner Classic Movies is airing “The Moon and Sixpence,” a 1942 movie based on a novel of the same name by W. Somerset Maugham. It’s [...]

Movie Recommendation #1

Tweet I’m going to do an occasional recurring feature here where I recommend a movie that I think does a good job illustrating the human nature topics of this blog. This is the first installment. Tonight ┬áTurner Classic Movies at 1 Am Eastern time is airing a movie called “Darling” starring Julie Christie. Try to [...]