Manic Pixie Dream Girls and the Codependents Who Love Them

Tweet A good example of the codependent entitlement or covert narcissism I described in the last post comes in the Manic Pixie Dream Girl fantasy that many introverted, artistically inclined men have. These codependent men are withdrawn, shy, introverted, and afraid to call attention to themselves. But along comes this fantasy girl who acts insane, [...]

Mad Men, Season 5, Ep. 13 – “The Phantom”

Tweet I. The theme of this episode for me was the cycle of idealization, disillusionment, and the eventual devaluation. In general, this whole season was about Don’s idealization of Megan and the inevitable disillusionment and devaluation that had to follow as a result, while the season finale had a lot of smaller scale idealizations, disillusionments, [...]

Mad Men, Season 5, Ep. 12 – “Commissions and Fees”

Tweet I. One of the great things about the episode “Commissions and Fees” is that it explores the different ways toxic shame manifests itself in different people. Don Draper and Lane Pryce are two men who are very shame-driven, but they cope with the shame very differently. Related posts: Mad Men, Season 5, Ep. 13 [...]