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Posted By T. AKA Ricky Raw On April 16, 2012 @ 3:38 AM In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled

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I’m writing this as an open appeal for people to support this blog.

If you have been enjoying this blog, if this blog has been giving you intellectual stimulation and food for thought, if this blog has given you practical, useful advice that has gotten you real world results, or even if this blog has just been a pleasant distraction for you in the course of a boring day, again, I ask that you support this blog.

There are several ways you can do this:

  1. You may have noticed a link on the right side that says “Donate.” This link here will take you to the same donation page [9]. Through that page you can use your credit card or Paypal to make a donation or any amount. (If you use your credit card, I don’t get access to your credit card information at all. Paypal is the middleman and protects your privacy). I want to do a lot of things to improve this blog, plus pay for the expenses of it, which include a huge book budget like you wouldn’t believe. In addition, I plan to redesign it and make it easier to read and to navigate the archives, so I want to hire a good designer. (I’m open to recommendations for designers or paid themes)
  2. When buying any book I recommend through Amazon, do so by clicking on the book links within the post itself. Doing so gets me a commission when you buy the book. Going to Amazon yourself and buying it doesn’t.
  3. If you enjoy certain articles, pay it forward by tweeting links, liking and discussing them on Facebook, linking to them on message boards, in your blog posts, in the comments sections of your favorite blogs, and by emailing the posts to friends, family members and colleagues. When linking to it on blogs, it’s especially helpful when you don’t post it on blogs other than ones that already link to me in their blogrolls or when the blog isn’t part of a community of blogs that habitually link to this site already. I’m looking to attract different types of readers than I usually get to make the discussions more interesting. I want to see these ideas discussed in more diverse circles. Most importantly, if a blog links to Steve Sailer or any other “scientific racists” and “human biodiversity” enthusiasts, please don’t spread my links among those sites. I already get too many racist readers from those sites, some of them even delusional enough to say we share a common cause and propose partnerships with me. It’s a cause for men who didn’t get the grandiose lives they grew up feeling entitled to and as a result are desperate to shore up their self-esteem by projecting their self-loathing on anyone they can. It attracts the most delusional, repugnant, mentally damaged and downright stupid people I’ve ever encountered. The worst part is that those types of readers are like cockroaches, once they infest a site they suddenly turn up all over it and are impossible to get rid of. I’d prefer not to get any more traffic from those sites. In fact, I’d even prefer radical feminist readers over those douchebags. And if you’re a reader and support of those sites, not only don’t I want you linking me on them, I don’t even want you as a reader of this blog.
  4. If you don’t subscribe to this blog already, you can do so by entering this feed address [3] into your RSS reader or entering your email address on the upper right-hand side of the page where it says “Subscribe to this Blog” on the sidebar.

These are the 4 ways you can support The Rawness. Thank you for reading, and thanks to everyone who has supported so far.

NOTE: Comments are disabled for this page. I made a copy of this page over here that is permanently on the front page in the sidebar [10], so if you want to comment, that is where to do it.

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