A Request: Support the Rawness

I’m writing this as an open appeal for people to support this blog.

If you have been enjoying this blog, if this blog has been giving you intellectual stimulation and food for thought, if this blog has given you practical, useful advice that has gotten you real world results, or even if this blog has just been a pleasant distraction for you in the course of a boring day, again, I ask that you support this blog.

There are several ways you can do this:

  1. You may have noticed a link on the right side that says “Donate.” This link here will take you to the same donation page. Through that page you can use your credit card or Paypal to make a donation or any amount. (If you use your credit card, I don’t get access to your credit card information at all. Paypal is the middleman and protects your privacy). I want to do a lot of things to improve this blog, plus pay for the expenses of it,which includes a huge book budget like you wouldn’t believe. In addition, I plan to redesign it and make it easier to read and to navigate the archives, so I want to hire a good designer. (I’m open to recommendations for designers or paid themes)
  2. When buying any book I recommend through Amazon, do so by clicking on the book links within the post itself. Doing so gets me a commission when you buy the book. Going to Amazon yourself and buying it doesn’t.
  3. If you enjoy certain articles, pay it forward by linking to it on message boards, blog posts, blog comment sections, and emailing the posts to friends, family members and colleagues. When linking to it on blogs, it’s especially helpful when you don’t post it on blogs that already link to me in their blogrolls or that are in a circle of blogs that habitually link to this site. I’m looking to attract different types of readers and see some of these ideas discussed in as diverse circles. Most importantly, if a blog links to Steve Sailer or any other “scientific racists” and “human biodiversity” enthusiasts, please don’t spread my links among those sites. I already get too many racist readers from those sites, some of them even delusional enough to say we share a common cause and propose partnerships with me. It’s a cause for men who didn’t get the grandiose lives they grew up feeling entitled to and as a result are desperate to shore up their self-esteem by projecting their self-loathing on anyone they can. It attracts the most delusional, repugnant, mentally damaged and downright stupid people I’ve ever encountered. The worst part is that those types of readers are like cockroaches, once they infest a site they suddenly turn up all over it and are impossible to get rid of. I’d prefer not to get any more traffic from those sites. In fact, I’d even prefer radical feminist readers over those douchebags. And if you’re a reader and support of those sites, not only don’t I want you linking me on them, I don’t even want you as a reader of this blog.

These are the 3 ways you can support The Rawness. Thank you for reading, and thanks to everyone who has supported so far.

13 Responses to “A Request: Support the Rawness”

  1. Just donated $30.00. Please, keep up the good work.

    Let us know what-else we can do to support you excellent contributions.

  2. I imagine you don’t. It also won’t change the facts.

    I appreciate what you do here. You don’t make public policy, so I don’t much care about your opinions on biology. People are flawed, expecting a black guy to believe in HBD is probably too much. Denial is the optimal strategy to protect the ego. I don’t think it diminishes your good work. I plan on sending you money anyway.

  3. You could make some serious money by writing a book, even an ebook, with all your content so far digested on easy steps.

    “seven steps to cure yourself from narcissism”

    “I took the red pill, what now?”

    something like that.

  4. Actually screw it. All the old offending comments are deleted. Let’s get a fresh, more positive start in the comments, and keep it related to the actual purpose of the post. Any posts that want to argue the fine points of HBD won’t get approved.

  5. YOHAMI: The reader letters series was written as long as it was because I wanted to challenge myself to write something book length. I just wanted to see if I could write something, anything, that long. Figured if I could just do that once it would be like popping my book cherry. I think I may package a revised form of the Bill letter series as an ebook at some point soon.

  6. I want to thank everyone who has contributed so far. You guys have been great.

  7. Haha, well you managed to write something that long. Plus to keep it focused. The madonna / whore series are good too. There’s a lot here to make one or several ebooks.

    If Roosh can, why not you.

  8. Roosh is a beast. He showed me his spreadsheet of how he breaks down his writing time and accounts for every hour of writing. I’m not that disciplined and I wish I was. I do have a day job though which doesn’t help, but at the end of the day the problem is really that I need tighter discipline.

  9. Discipline or, to be obsessed because you’re overcompensating for some hyper pressing shame. That’s my trick to get shit done, dont tell anyone 😉

    Seriously though… funny how everyone has something to work on. By reading your posts I imagine you flawless and super human. Probably just my projection (what I want to be!).

    But to the point. You already have lots and lots of incredible good material here. Some of the best stuff I have read, or, some of the stuff that has helped me the most to get under my layers of bullshit. And a lot of people seems to be able to appreciate it. So there’s a market for it.

    Which means the rest is just packaging and marketing. You already have the goods, so just make it digestible. That’s what Roosh does and he’s getting better at it. You dont need the extra discipline, because it’s not like you’re lacking on content. Just invest your mind for a while on how to package and sell it.

  10. If you wrote a book I would buy it on the spot. Not even joking. Your blog has helped open my eyes so much to the world and my interactions with people on a day to day basis have improved dramatically since. I feel much more respected for who I am today than the validation-seeking lowlife that I was only a year ago.

  11. Shatteredperceptions on April 17th, 2012 at 6:37 AM

    Bought a book from amazon by clicking on one of your links, hope it worked. I would buy a book too if you wrote one. Good luck.

  12. Please publish your reader letters series on amazon store. Will gladly buy it.

  13. I apologize for my previous comment and will gladly donate!

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