Raw Concepts: The Jumpzone


Jumpzone is a phrase I’ve coined, but that I think needs to enter widespread usage. In fact, if someone can create an urbandictionary entry for it for me I’d be grateful.

A jumpoff is a girl used strictly for sexual validation and no other type of connection. The jumpoff is the female equivalent of the friendzoned male. When a man offers deep emotional connection with the goal of graduating to a sexual connection,  but instead ends up getting stuck in that deep emotional connection role, he is said to be in the friendzone. Similarly, when a woman offers a sexual connection with the goal of graduating  to a deep emotional connection, but instead ends up getting stuck in that sexual connection role, she is said to be in the jumpzone.

It relates to the old adage, “Men give love to get sex, while women give sex to get love.”

Although friendzoning typically happens to men, and jumpzoning typically happens to women, this isn’t always the case. For example fat girls or ugly girls who are funny or have good personalities may often find themselves getting friendzones. Also, men who are deemed highly attractive sexually but bad as relationship potential often find themselves getting jumpzoned. I had a friend once who was a personal trainer and actor with a “bad boy” vibe. He often complained that a lot of high-end female customers like doctors and lawyers and other alpha female types would love to take him home as a boy toy and he had them wrapped around his finger sexually, but they would never take him seriously as relationship material. For the most part he was fine with this, but occasionally he would have a partner he wanted more than just sex from and wanted a deeper emotional connection with, and he couldn’t get it because they had a certain type of safe “nice guy” with a traditional career track they preferred for serious relationships. So occasionally, he would end up getting jumpzoned (yes, this term can also be used as a verb).

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  1. I’ve heard the terms ‘fuck buddy-zone’ and ‘fuckzone’ used to describe this.

  2. Kevin – I haven’t heard those terms but the good thing about jumpzone is it has no swears in it so can be used in polite company like Friendzone.

  3. I’ve also heard the the term “boyfriend zone” used. E.g. “He’s got her in the boyfriend zone. I don’t know if she even realizes it.”

  4. Randori – I’m not sure I quite get that.

  5. I just proposed a definition to urbandictionary. It’s gotta be voted in by the community though. If you go to the site and click on the ‘Game’ tab you may be able to get it to come up and ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ it.

  6. I think “booty call” already covers this.

    For example, see: http://blog.californiapsychics.com/blog/2014/02/7-signs-booty-call.html

  7. Boyfriend zone: The act of leading a girl on with vague or implied promise of becoming the boyfriend, while getting sex/validation from her and without actually ever committing. To

  8. Randori: that doesn’t make sense to me because Friendzone means you are trapped in the zone of assuming a friend role. So to me a boyfriend zone should be for someone who accidentally gets trapped in the role of boyfriend, such as a guy who is aiming for a friends with benefits arrangement and somehow finds himself manipulated into a monogamous relationship he wasn’t originally aiming to get into.

  9. Ah, I see where you’re coming from. Yes, that seems like a perfectly valid way to interpret what that phrase means based on that line of reasoning. I personally like the phrase as a female counterpart to “friend zone” and I think it requires less explanation for people to realize what it is.

    I wonder what other phrases already exist in a similar vein? I haven’t heard too many slang terms for unpleasant situations that women find themselves in, but then again I don’t frequent a lot of female oriented websites either.

  10. How about the ‘bonezone’? I’ve heard that one before, and it’s certainly clear.

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