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Patrice O’Neal: “This is Medicine”

EDITED TO ADD: Commenter Kuraje added the following Youtube link to every episode of Patrice O’Neal’s Black Philip show:

Entire Black Philip show available here:

Also, you can find it in mp3 form via torrent if you Google for it.

6 Responses to “Patrice O’Neal: “This is Medicine””

  1. RIP

  2. Entire Black Philip show available here:


  3. This is fucking awesome. Just so true, men don’t realise that their time and attention is valuable to a woman, but they just give it away.

  4. One of my greatest wins in life was being able to meet this cat and watch him perform in person, prior to his death.

    Shout out to Kuraje, had no idea the show was on youtube.

  5. He’s on point.

  6. @Deuce

    Anytime man. One of the best finds this month. All 13 episodes totaling some 26 – 30 hours of listening material. His insights blast through societal curtains like heavy artillery.