Myth of the Middle-Class Alpha Male Series

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  1. Kudos for the very detailed explanation and perspective of the social structure. But I think that the The anatomy of female power by Chinamyee provided very plausible and biologically sound reason why the society the way it is and the way it will be in future without any major disruptions in technology. The primary purpose of any life is to pass its genes. It is the competition of genes that are manifested in various ways in societal structures like alpha, beta and omega…whatever.

    For women, the purpose is to find the strongest gene to recombine with and pass it on. That’s why they are willing to share the strongest and select against the weak however much he/she can provide for her. In a way, Women shape the society or the future of society by their sexual selection. Given complete freedom, they will go back to their primal ways of doing this. It is to find the alpha. And one more thing is being an alpha is not easy. You create lot of enemies unless you are very strong and able to control majority of men. You have to expend lot of energy to be an alpha because betas have nothing to lose. If betas don’t get their share, they will obviously start destroying and gang up and gain the power eventually. That’s what happened now with the democracy and everything. Democracy keeps in check the extremes of both sexes. But if and when Democracy fail, the humanity will go back to the way it was before. Violence and all other ills will ensue in the process. So it is everyone’s interest to keep the stability and democratic process.

    One more thing I believe is the technology. Technology like artificial uterus and cloning and robotics will bring whole new paradigm to the evolution. If robots achieved the level of human like shape and dexterity, Lot of betas will have a way to channelize their sexual needs. If artificial uterus invented and reliable, the concept of family will change once again because women will be freed from acting as a factory for the life and nurturer. They may lose the leverage in the process. Cloning is altogether different matter.

    But for men, If you just look at what you are doing in terms of seeking women to procreate and how much you have to spend for securing it, Sometimes it is worth and sometimes it may not. After all, even after you pass down your genes to future, Are you sure your future progeny will survive? there may be many things can go wrong or right? And Why, instead of earning more resources and enjoying your life for yourself and understanding the nature , are engaging in futile competition for sex which may kill or constant instability in your life? And if you look back, your great grand father may be the king from which we all came and again we fight within ourselves to pass ourselves? Weird. May be natural order……

    In my view, enjoying your life and be happy with what you got and protect yourself. Innovate new things and Find your place in the universe and explore the universe and study the nature and, lastly, come out of that primal need for sex which is nothing but addiction like any other if you use it for any other than procreation purposes.

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