Movie Recommendations #7: Gone Girl

The real world has been keeping me too busy to blog regularly, but I plan to return to it soon, I promise. In the meantime, I saw the movie Gone Girl, a pretty interesting movie this weekend that covers a major topic of this blog, Cluster B personality disorders.

phim-gone-girl (3)

It’s a fascinating fictional case study of a Cluster B, and what I find very interesting about the book is that it’s a story that if written about a man would probably not be a bestseller and would definitely not be a made into a major studio movie. Even with a female author, the accusation of misogynist still reared its head (spoilers in link).

I’m not going to write in depth about the movie because I don’t want to give spoilers, but at a later date I probably will.

Recommended Reading:

Gone Girl: A Novel – The novel that the movie was based on. Goes more in-depth about the childhood and thought processes of the Cluster B in question, and has more psychological depth than the movie, which is limited by being a visual medium.

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  1. There is the Purge and the Purge Anarchy. Both are excellent.

  2. It looks like it’s going to be one of the top films for the year. I’m a big film buff myself. Going to see it next week when I have my evenings free.

  3. I really enjoyed the movie as a critique of media culture/ the persona and how our narcisstic culture magnifies this inauthenticity. I find the accusations of misogyny somewhat far fetched as ( in a Fargo esque turn) the female cop clearly provides the moral centre of the movie ( along with nicks sister to a lesser extent). I find all the ” this is really about a marriage claims” laughable as if you have a single relationship in your life as toxic as Nick and Amy’s I recommend you run like the wind.

    Also from a narcisstic perspective ( and without spoiling too much) Amy’s childhood identity as ” amazing Amy” and the pressure such a role put on her ( combined with her narcisstic parents) clearly constituted a false self that the real miss dunne ( however impressive) could never live up to hence her shame based attitude with superior cynicism as a defense mechanism against her deep rooted feelings of inferiority and attendant psychological problems.

  4. Yo Raw, You been upstate?

  5. Man where are you ……

  6. I miss your awesome posts!!! 🙂

  7. Just discovered this blog. This is one of the most thoughtful corners of the internet I’ve ever come across. A man’s thoughts, fears, attempts to become a better man–all are laid bare here. I really hope you start writing again, assuming that’s something you feel would be meaningful for you again.

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