Limitations of Knowledge Series

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Raw Concepts: 3-Step Mastery Model

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  1. Great series. So it seems then that the hardest part to overcome is “Step 2: Feeling the truth”. Part 1: Knowing is easy, and I assume that Step 3: Living, happens naturally as a consequence of habit?

    Once you pass Step 2 then it’s smooth sailing? Is that why this blog mainly focuses on toxic shame, Adlerian psychology, emotional vampires, etc.. because applying 80/20 principle of change is overcoming Step 2.

    Having said that, Step 1 isn’t even necessary, and all you have to do is know that taking action while being present/aware of your negative triggers without reacting to them (Zen approach), then the most important aspect of change, and within Step 2 is motivation to act.

    I believe we need desires as desires are emotions which get us moving and taking action. However, reading things like Anatomy of Female Power, The Female Con, Manipulated Man, Immature women, and all the red pill theory destroys the white knight along with all the desires. Now that the desires are gone, getting motivation, the most important aspect of change, has been severely limited, how does one attain new drive, desire and motivation? What’s left? Maybe we need to focus on the positive of women in order to fuel our desires and motivations. In one of the articles in this series you refer to positive emotional trigger that fuels a healthy relationship.

    Can you write about what someone SHOULD look for in terms of women and relationships? Something to aim in which will give them a reason to change themselves and take action.


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