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Guest Post About Scientific Racism Over at Nexxt Level Up

Virgle Kent over at the lifestyle blog Nexxt Level Up asked if I’d write a post over at his site to discuss the topic of scientific racism. I did it, and here it is.

I had my doubts about doing it, because I think scientific racism is a narcissistic movement, and I’ve noticed over time that like most narcissists, any attention kind of feeds their egos. If you agree with them, they get off on it because it fuels the image they have about themselves as thought leaders, and if you disagree with them, they also get off on it because it fuels the image they have of themselves as inspiring envy and hatred in their enemies, who supposedly are only angry because they can’t handle politically incorrect truth (Scientific racists can reframe any argument, no matter how nuanced and logical, into the self-flattering notion “You’re just mad because you can’t handle the truth,” which makes debating them very tiring and tedious.

However, since scientific racists would keep popping up in my blog comments, would keep linking to me and my articles and claim that things I wrote actually support their theories, and would even go as far as to hound me emails asking to do guest posts, blog link exchanges, or to offer some other type of partnerships, I figured that I may as well overtly address it. Ignoring it wasn’t making the topic go away. So I decided to take Virgle Kent up on his offer.

It will be a series of posts. I am closing the comments on this post, so if you want to comment on it, you have to do so over at the post on Nexxt Level Up.

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