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Cluster B in Action

If you’ve been reading this blog for the past 3 years, you’ll totally spot all the psychological games and concepts going on below, so I won’t bother explaining much. But it’s such a great case study of a Cluster B in action, so enjoy. Each video is a little under an hour, but it’s such a riveting story it will fly by.

This is the best, most comprehensive, serious coverage of the three:

These are little more fun and sensationalized, but not as good as the Dateline coverage. If you can only watch one, watch the other one. Consider this one a bonus:

8 Responses to “Cluster B in Action”

  1. She seems to have gotten off awfully lightly. Not in prison on remand pre-trail, then house arrest under appeal. Is Florida always so lenient, or just with good-looking women?

  2. Yeah I don’t get that either. I mean she’s hot in a skanky pornstar way, but I still can’t believe she’s hot enough to outweigh that noxious, sociopathic personality.

  3. Yeah, South Florida, where I live… that first video is about events that got a lot of local attention.

  4. This was amazing. Look at how she LIES right to his face (and to herself) even after being showed video. Truly F’ing insane delusion insanity. This person should be burned at the stake. A TRUE danger to humanity,.

  5. In prison needing a lawyer, “I’m not signing anything” What a god damn sicko. Truly amazing, and never admitted a damn thing. Why in the hell is she getting a re-trial? This is disgusting.

  6. Not to sound like a complete prick but it doesn’t surprise me that someone like Mike Dippolito, a convicted felon after robbing people off their money over dopey credit schemes ends up with a woman like that who attempts to have him murdered. Both compulsive narcissists with no other motive in this world then to screw people over by taking as much as they can from the world without giving anything back.

    Like will always attract like.

    I never really understood that concept until now at 28. And i thank God and blogs like this for giving me this awareness at such a young age.

    It gives me direction because i at least know how i should live my life and what i should expect from the people who come into my life as a result of who i am.

  7. Onder, I don’t think it makes you sound like a complete prick at all. In fact I think you’re right on the money. His own willingness to manipulate others is due to his love of superficial markers of success, his need for externals to complete him rather than opting for internal personal development, and his desire for shortcuts to success. These same traits that drove him to be a manipulator are the exact same traits that left him wide open to be manipulated by an even bigger con artist.

  8. So much craziness. Thanks for showing an example.