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Raw Concepts: Broken Window Relationship Theory

Tweet In Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, there is a discussion of policing tactic based on a social science theory called Broken Windows Theory. Picture you own a house, and you allow the windows of this house to remain broken. Other people who live in and visit [...]

Raw Concepts: Maladaptation

Tweet   We’ve already discussed the ways that collective psychology disciplines like group psychology and evolutionary psychology have parallel concepts to what one finds in individual psychology. I want to carry these comparisons further with a discussion of the concept of maladaptions. Maladaptations are an umbrella term for (1) maladaptive behavior, (2) maladaptive beliefs, and(3) [...]

Personal, Group, and Evolutionary Psychology

Tweet   [This post has been revised from the original that appeared only a few days ago. I felt there were some major flaws in my original examples. - T.] One of the more interesting tendencies I’ve noticed among online intellectuals is the glorification of evolutionary psychology, but coupled with a disdain of regular, personal [...]