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Lifestyle: Then and Now

Tweet In the last post I discussed a concept I coined called Personal Nature. The concept of Personal Nature represents to a specific individual what the concept of Human Nature represents to the collective human race. Human nature represents the evolved and conditioned behaviors, traits, and instincts of the human race. Human nature describes how [...]

Personal, Group, and Evolutionary Psychology

Tweet   [This post has been revised from the original that appeared only a few days ago. I felt there were some major flaws in my original examples. - T.] One of the more interesting tendencies I’ve noticed among online intellectuals is the glorification of evolutionary psychology, but coupled with a disdain of regular, personal [...]

Raw Concepts: Adlerian Psychology

Tweet     I would like to revisit Alfred Adler’s theory of psychology, which I discussed already in my post Theaters of Operation. The purpose of this entry is to create a shorter, more accessible summary of Adler that that found in my earlier post, for easy reference. When I refer to Adler in a future [...]