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Raw Concepts: The Superhuman/Subhuman Dichotomy of Shame

Tweet A great book I read on shame was John Bradshaw’s Healing the Shame that Binds You. I’ve read better when it comes to getting into the hardcore psychodynamics behind shame, like Leon Wurmser’s books, but those books can be very intimidating, dense, and jargon-filled. Bradshaw’s book, though, is great for laypeople, and has a lot of [...]

Raw Concepts: Human Nature, Personal Nature

Tweet Something that pops up often online when discussing human behavior is something called the naturalistic fallacy, which is when someone argues that because a behavior, trait, or instinct is natural, meaning that it’s human nature, that behavior, trait, or instinct must also therefore be considered desirable and good. This is also called “the is-ought [...]

Why You Can’t Trust People To Say What They Really Want

Tweet [This post has been edited from its original version. Therefore some of the comments following the post may refer to language and ideas that were originally in the post but are no longer in it post-revision. - T.] There are two thoughts many people have when asked a question: (1) they want to give [...]