I have a project I’m undertaking in 2014 with the blog. I plan to answer every question-asking single email or comment I’ve ever received from the beginning of this blog’s existence. If you have ever written a comment or sent me an email asking a question of me or asking for advice, whether it was just yesterday or 6 years ago, I will answer it in a blog post.

I tend to get overwhelmed by real-life responsibilities from time to time, especially work-related, and I don’t get to do everything I set out to do. One of those is respond to every email or comment that I want to respond to. I decided to remedy that this year, plus I figure it will be an easy way to generate content, so win-win.

So if at any point you ever asked for advice, asked for clarification of a post, or just asked for a book recommendation, whether in comment form or email, you will be receiving an answer in the form of a blog post in the next few months. I haven’t figure out yet if I’m going from oldest to newest or from newest to oldest.

These response emails won’t be the only content for the blog. I’ll still be doing regular planned posts about specific topics. This response emails will be more of a bonus than something to replace originally planned content.