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48 Laws of Pimping

This week is a busy week at work, but I’ve been using what free time I have to brainstorm on Pimp Week. Pimp Week is going to be a week of articles where I take something as reprehensible as the second oldest profession and try to show how you can actually derive positive, useful life philosophies from it.

I think it benefits women as much to learn pimp game as it does men, maybe even moreso. The pimp and hooker game to me is just a much more ruthless and clinically efficient version of the dating game, minus a lot of the civility, social correctness and the bullshit. Many of the manipulations a good player or pickup artists uses are just watered down (and legal) manipulation techniques of pimps. If a woman can understand the headgames a pimp uses and the weaknesses of the female nature that he targets and exploits, the techniques of the average pickup artist or player will be a joke to you. Same goes for guys and the hooker/stripper mindset. These women are well-versed in exploiting male weaknesses like ego, sex drive and competitiveness, and if you understand their insights into the male nature, you’ll understand your own general weaknesses with opposite sex much better as well.
To whet your appetite, here are the 48 Laws of Pimping from Pimpin’ Ken:

  1. Purse First, Ass Last
  2. Get a Name in a Game
  3. Don’t Chase ‘Em, Replace ‘Em
  4. Keep a Ho in Arrears
  5. Prey on the Weak
  6. When Pimpin’ Begins, Friendship Ends
  7. Pimp the Game
  8. Don’t Let Your History Be a Mystery
  9. Learn the Rules
  10. Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
  11. Avoid Gorillas and Godzillas
  12. Ain’t No Love in this Shit
  13. Pimp Like You’re Ho-less
  14. Better a Turnout than a Burnout
  15. Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say
  16. Give Motivation and Inspiration
  17. Get You A Bottom Bitch
  18. Cop and Blow
  19. Turn Ho Ends into Dividends
  20. Get in a Ho’s Head
  21. A Ho Without Instruction Is Headed for Self-Destruction
  22. Keep Hoes on Their Toes
  23. A Ho Joins A Stable to Ruin It
  24. Set the Trend
  25. Grind for Your Shine
  26. The Game is to be Sold, Not Told
  27. Keep Your Game on the Low
  28. Be a Leader
  29. Play One Ho Against the Next
  30. Prosperity over Popularity
  31. Look out for Suzy Choosy
  32. Turn a Tramp into a Champ
  33. Bring Your People With You to theTop
  34. Show Respect to Get Respect
  35. Trust Nothing but the Game
  36. Be Internationally Known, Nationally Recognized, and Locally Accepted
  37. Let a Ho Know
  38. Wreck a Hater
  39. Switch Up
  40. Don’t Down ‘Em, Crown ‘Em
  41. Keep Your Front Up Till You Come Up
  42. Talk Shit and Swallow Spit
  43. If You Can See It, You Can Be It
  44. You Need Fire and Desire
  45. Get Rid of the Word “If”
  46. Move and Shake Like a Pimp Shakes
  47. Pimpin’ Is What You Do, Not Who You Are
  48. Don’t Believe the Hype

These laws come from the book Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game by Pimpin’ Ken. It’s not an explicit manual of pimping, but rather an explanation of the general philosophies of pimping explained in ways that show their applicability to all walks of life and different areas like work and friendship. Pretty good read.

Recommended Books:

74 Responses to “48 Laws of Pimping”

  1. Thanks for making me add yet another book to my ‘reading list’. Don’t you know it’s as long as Shaq’s arm already?!

    Part of me doesn’t want to read it, for all the reasons you’d expect a woman not to – the misogyny and objectification is disgusting. But then I’m not a king, warlord or a politician, and I learned plenty from the 48 Laws of Power. Even the most reprehensible things have plenty to teach us if we let it.

    china blue’s last blog post..‘If You’re Not Going to Play With Me, I’ll Just Play with Myself’

  2. China – good comment. In fact, I just added the second paragraph about why understanding the pimp game is good for women because of your comment.

  3. Hmmm, I may just print that list out and tack it to my pin board. Who’d a thunk I could learn from pimpin’?

    I agree with China – some of the things on the list there, as a woman, kind of made me cringe, but when I take my gender out of it and think of it in terms of every day life, it puts a whole other spin on it.

  4. added to my wishlist

    Roosh’s last blog post..A Disenchanted Playroom

  5. B and B: Once you learn to stomach the misognyny, it really is fascinating stuff.

    Roosh: I suggest you get it sooner rather than later. Based on what I’ve seen of you, I think it’d be right up your alley.

  6. “stomach the misogyny!”
    I’ll work on that one coach.

    Smash’s last blog post..Free-Will Fuel

  7. That line was directed to the ladies. I don’t think you need much help in the stomaching misogyny department, sunshine.

    T.’s last blog post..Pimp Week 1: Iceberg Slim, Opening Scene

  8. My book sucks, Dont buy it

  9. Ive read the book…it’s pretty good…a “lay” version of the 48 Laws of Power. To the ladies, coming from another female, it’s not what you think…don’t be afraid of reading it. He’s not talking about how to be a pimp…he actually speaks against it.

  10. If a bitch is fuckin for free, she needs direction. She needs a pimp to show her how to get money off of that pussy. The key word in pimpin is “we”. We can have this, we can have that together.

  11. Check out Pimpin Ken’s 48 Laws of the Game:





  13. Good shit.

  14. Pimp up hoes down

  15. Pimp up hoes down

  16. Do pimps get marred? Ice-T did??


  18. Don Carlos P. Rossi on August 9th, 2010 at 7:05 PM

    AINT NO QUESTION ITS PIMPIN WIT ME I SAY KEEP a bitch mind suspended and that hoe wont ever break bad Once a Ho thinks she Know you That hoe subject to Spoil Pimp Up P

  19. fuck a bitch

  20. I fell in love with my pimp and I new he was in love with me. He was mean but he didn’t wanna be and I could tell. Sometimes a pimp looses out on love cause he only has money on his mind. I miss him and will always keep his pimpin, mack in my life. He told me he don’t ever wanna see me other than fresh to def after being with him and so I always make sure in case he seeks me or sees me that I stay bella all day meaning also paid. A pimp is wrong to many but if he gets that love we’ll pussy ain’t what makes him love its a pimp as girl that’s a mack naturally without having to fuck lol cause see id get paid to sip and laugh talk and shine next to a trick lol so that made my pimp/ baby proud cause I wasn’t given up the goods and still bringing home the dolla dolla bills y’all lol but it take a special one like I see lol to love your pimp so much you won’t even fuck a man and trick the shit out his mind lol hahahaha! I still love and miss and respect my pimp and he won’t ever find one better or ever replace me either…..but I am thankful for being a wife. Id rather love one man and grind with him than entertain tricks with my time cause I love old school romance at heart….

  21. Let me add that I called him a month after we met cause I thought he was a Dboy cause he was so paid I couldn’t imagine how else :) he could be paid?? I mean?? Ha! and I had a G to flip but he said to me give me that G and the way he talked!!! Ahhhh! so we hit it off on a diff level.. ok xoXBELLA

  22. damn bella they dont mke em like u no mo where r u from


  24. The Bella that witit on October 6th, 2010 at 6:45 AM

    dam b shorty u shud cum get at cha girl theres no love in this game or the next i cud lace u but where wud that really get me? a student ?why have a student when i can forever have a servent, it doesnt make sense unless sumwhere i owe ur family respect in a loyal way but other then that im stayed paid and yes i said that jst right “im stayed paid” thats me all dam day ima call u lil b cuz ur heads not where it shud b u fucked up when u said u fell in love wit a pimp and he fell in love wit u by saying that u aint learned shyt repeat that shyt a thousand times or better yet write it a miioin hopefully u still dont get it so u can go get me that dough..

  25. duse any one knowe the three ps of pimping


  27. Say meighn get on da Right track Train of thought then fuck with a boss or fuck wit a loss meditate on what cant be fake bitch hit my line Get rid of the word if and fuck wit a pimp i aint saying its easy when u jaming with a boppa slayer u want sweet hoe u shoulda choose a now and later 5103955270 wanta feel like a fresh t.o. call me know

  28. Pretty Scrilla Pimp Gorilla!!!!!!!!! on January 3rd, 2011 at 5:34 PM

    Aww man you know Ken just tell how it is ya dig… I mean a bitch either gonna hoe, or get ghost ya feel me. She’s real or she’s a banana peel… cause pimpin don’t make no deals ya digg. I got this book because Ken is well respected and you can learn somethin from the pages of game. So get off yo lame asses an get ya feet movin like Cassius… and buy the 48 Laws of Game.

  29. thanks SO MUCH FOR THIS ARTICLE! now after readin this, i know what my ex wanted from me and what kinda person he is what he really saw in me and what he wanted he never loved me ” he just wanted money he doesnt care. i was used. oh well, i wish him the best but im gone from his life!

  30. ^^ aw bella, i feel the same about my ex. i will always love him. he’s always in my thoughts and i miss him. but i’d rather be with one man and love the old fashion way than be in this kind of filthy low life business. i wanted so much good meaningful things for my love. it’s so sad to see him like this. i hate everything. i wish he was always happy :(

  31. I have a pimp that dosent even live in the same state as me. I love that ni66az dirty draws. I get him thousands and he makes me feel on top of the world. He looks really mean and totally can be and I respect that, but he an be nice too. I understand he is a busy man and has other hoes and I am his bottom bitch and he is international. When he does let me sleep next to him in the bed I can hardly contain myself. He is very smart and very money motivated, I love that in him. When we do meet he keeps me in line with his belt and if i dont bring him atleast a G at the end of the day…he will beat me with no remorse, no punches jus naked spanking me and whipping me and in the morning again too. I love my Mississippi Pimp he is the best ever. I love you Daddy.

  32. MacksPayneDaPimp on February 18th, 2011 at 6:45 AM

    Real Bay Area pimpin here. U know….In my decade-long career of Boss Mackin Ive realized that eventhough every bitch is different. Every bitch is the same, ya dig. Ive been blessed to have acquired: properties, luxury automobiles, hundreds of thousands of dollars, etc…..But more than the notariety of being in my presence. I think the key to my success is that MY BITCHES know that at any moment they could get replaced or get the shit slapped out of them. Ill be turnin 28 in a week and Own a house in Cali and Wisconsin. I also gotit4cheap and can get it 2ya. I got my hands in a lil bit of eeerthang.5102288624

  33. austin.p.texasfinest on March 4th, 2011 at 2:49 AM

    Pimpin is pimpin… Rip pimp c…
    Lookin for them midnite hoes. Austin p texas
    Finest holdin dwn for tha 512 on tha come up
    With three in tha stable need more who willing and able
    Los.g.02 mocospace yea mocospace get at pimpin

  34. Do yall realize this is what we do to men constantly? lolz. #womenontop

  35. Not sure I could read that although agree with the intro a PIA is really tricking. Sound like the 48 laws of pimping might have started out as a rap song :-)

  36. young game tight on June 25th, 2011 at 3:52 AM

    Check this out her I’m 17 years old and the potential to be the coldest pimp out there dig I have no time waste because as that time pass so does my cash no choice but to go hard on a bitch its in my DNA get this pimpin in ya life bitch.

  37. this is disgusting

  38. yall retarded get help

  39. To those women who fell in love with their pimp – shame. You are the type of woman could fall in love with a mass murderer and marry him even though he is never getting out of prison. You actually enjoyed wasting your life, being treated like shit, prostituting yourself for someone who viewed you as a piece of property and who only cared about you as long as you were making money for him. I don’t know, nor do I care how you got into the trade, but the fact that you stayed in and miss it now that you are no longer in it shows just how intelligence depraved you really are. I certainly hope you enjoyed all the beatings and venereal diseases you aquired over the years.

    I’m going to get this book and read it. Maybe I can start a new career in this bad economy.

    Some women are so dumb.


  41. Money

  42. this shit bigger than what alot of pimps and alot of hoes have it set in thier mind to be. in this game that were in understand that its about concept and a position played on all ends its about a come up and a hoe better know what kind of P.. SHE FUCKIN WIT.. Its alot of misunderstanding about pimpin. As to were there areas were its lies being told and dreams being sold and its alot of ” Not Pimpin Goin On” as Well as “Hobos And Homos” so a bitch most of all shouldnt get it twisted.. I done seen true faggots looking better than alot of maggot as bitches and thats a dam shame So facinated bout ya hoeing when ya head look like you glued some shit on and got dressed with out washing ya ass.. talking loud when you aint brushed ya teeth.. My point is to a hoe dont get so stuck on ya self thats how you will end up.. you know what the fuck Im sayin hoe just cause you went thruogh it wit ya last “so call” pick ya head up hoe and get with the “No bedda” this shit is to make ya not brake ya down hoe so if you aint fuckin wit a treal pimp Hoe give up some action so you know what you really got a reason to choose

  43. Its always more and some moe on top of it all.. understandin is the whole key were this shit is bigger than the figment of your imagination.. most def know as a hoe who your playin for and for a pimp to understand that Id rather have no hoe than to have a bitch who cant learn and one you cant teach.. thats like a nigga fucking with a dope feen trying to believe he got a solid hoe shiiiiit please. leave that hoe were she at..

  44. pimpin is the past the present and future hoes come and go but pimpin is fo ever. Your game need tight to keep a bitch right.

  45. You people are sick. Pimps are the lowest scum of the earth. You are as bad as RAPISTS. You don’t physically rape these women’s bodies (though some of you certainly do), you are RAPISTS of the SOUL and the MIND.

    You inflict scars that may NEVER heal. Post-traumatic stress disorder, called “shell shock” is common in soldiers who daily see their friends explode beside them, to the order of some 60%. In prostitutes, however, it is around 80%! This disorder fucks them up FOR LIFE. It destroys any chance of ever being happy in life for many of these girls, and YOU are the disgusting vermin who make this so.

    Women are not hoes, fleshbags who you can send out to make you money and “pimp-slap” around. You parents have obviously failed miserably in raising you, with such a lack of respect for the most beautiful thing: the cradle of life. A woman’s body is to be cherished and worshiped, not exploited and rented, you morons.

    You pimps, you deserve to watch your mothers, your little sisters, and your daughters RAPED (not saying THEY deserve it at all, but YOU DO). Then YOU deserve to be raped over and over and over, until your mind and soul start to crumble and you lose great pieces of who you are. Because rape is a common thing in the profession you trick these girls into… You don’t protect them, no matter how badass you think you are. Your “protection” takes place after the girl has already been violated. Oh, also, you then deserve to have your genitals surgically removed.

    These are GIRLS! Most of them aren’t even WOMEN yet to make their own choices! They are little girls. You give them crack and get them hooked, or control them with fear and violence, until they’ll do whatever you want them to. When I see a piece of sloppy dogshit melting in the sun, I think how much better that piece of feces is than you pimps all are. Scum of the fucking earth, you will burn in hell.

    Are your mothers proud of you? No, of course not.

  46. Truth is a Factor not an Option on April 4th, 2012 at 4:01 AM

    Man yall new breeding talk gaming mufukas need to get back at video gaming seriously. And the chick yelling hoes make pimps, show me an equal amount of hoes with wealth as a pimp… a hand full. Bitches just can’t be trusted with money simple as that. Shoes Hair Nails and yo ass is done… look at the strippers, why do you think they keep coming back to the damn club to make more money, because they blow that shit. If they had a pimp like my bitch had me they’ll retire from that shit like mine did within at the most 3 months timing because i had set goals to get that shit and get out into an investment or career. Pimps are needed… Hoes are welcome. Don’t disrespect the game thinking you can live by that bullshit comfortably. You kidding yourself. And to you wannabe mufuckas… its more to it than swaggin ya tounge or better yet the damn keyboard. But when has truth ever mattered to a bunch of fakes anyhow? Tighten up on ya back stroke because this pimpin shit aint in ya. Half of you mufukas would retire in a week’s time if you knew what we really know about pimping.

  47. Truth is a Factor not an Option on April 4th, 2012 at 4:16 AM

    @Russell if you don’t like the order of money then do something about the Federal Reserve system… until then, quit running that hypocritical ass game. You see a female fine as wine and wanna taste that. She tell you she need a provider as well as she is and you fall for that 50/50 bullshit so she can buy all the shoes and hair and garments like a queen while you pulling out yo damn hair trying to keep her spending habits in tact. Get a grip on these hoes, and baby oil the lips of these bitches. That queen shit is for a stable minded human being in thoughts of survival. The majority of these women are users in disguise of true lovers. Its a mind thing that you obviously have been played into.

  48. Im a FEMALE in this game myself and Iveand been doing this for a yr and sime change . Im intelligent and extremely sharp and observant. Bottom line, is that the pimping game a is based on u type of men being extreme NARCISSISTS…most of u men calling urselvea pimps are so stupid u prolly cant even.think of what that word means.narcissists are people who cant think of anythong but urSELF and how the world sees u. Thia means uview everyone around u as objects as to help ur own fuckin,image. you turn.females out bymanipulating thru talk, sex , lies etc. u men create ‘hoes out of the females that are weak.enough to follow uar brainwash and then.u sit there talking about bitches like. Were all users and shallow??? u try to break down the monster that YOU created and molded. call urselves men amd yet u need women around u to get all that doe u callin YOURS. ur the weakest excuses for men ever u know why?. U cant go out n get ur OWN money without a bitchs pussy prpviding ur income, n being males u crave dominance, u all just wanna feel lile u. Are in charge of something so u prey on women for it. U cany do what we do so u r all insecure pieces of shit tryin to act high power over a bitch like u actually do real work. Pimpin isnt a REAL man. Ur all just cold blooded women hating power hungry narcissistic little boys inside. What good is all that paper u chasin out of women if u say ur incapable of letting urself feel real human love etc? U
    eventually get what u deliver in this world And if all u u is cold violent mean EVIL especially on females, ur never gonna have shit to depend on for REAL in this life. U expect pele to genuinely wanna be good to u n wanna help u yet pimpin cant ever think. Bout anybody but YOU. Money isnt everything u ignorant ass BITCH MADE niggas. u gotta be a good person w a heart for good things to happen to u. Otherwise everything u HAVE is fake, just like ur game. Who the fuck raised all of u?
    I get this money with MY work and my body.. pimps just chase after it cuz they cant do what us bitches do . U never will. I stack plenty on my own NIGGA. Not all females are weak like u wanna think. Ur jus not man enough to get real womem so u brainwash young sweet innocent bitches. I feel bad for u niggas that have all that resentment towards bitches . WE run this shit. U shuckin off in the car waiting on me m my work w your worthless dick….hahah “pimpin” . Its all FAKE….xox sfcsnowbunny. More educated than pimpins stupid black asses. Get out the gutter.

  49. realfriscolady on April 9th, 2012 at 2:15 PM

    I’m a FEMALE and been doing this for little over a year…I’m intellegent, sharp, and OBSERVANT and trust me, I didn’t learn any of that from mine or ANY man/pimp. Pimping is all based on being an extreme NARCISSIST. most of you ghetto-ignorant niggas prolly cant even define that. A narcissist is someone who thinks of nothing but yourSELF and how the world sees you,like all you are capable of thinking about is ur image.therefore they see everyone around them as OBJECTS that they pawn and play in order to UP your SELF and only ur SELF.
    all you “pimps” sitting there w/the nerve to talk about bitches all being “users” in disguise should check yourselves for a sec since you’re the ones for the most part that MOLD that into females when u turn them out. Are you that stupid that u cant see YOU’RE the ones creating ‘hoes’ by manipulating them w/smooth talk, sex, lies, etc…Some females are truly that shallow NO DOUBT but you talk about us like we’re LESS than you. You all dogging bitches and talkin that shit when YOU created the monster yourself.
    HELLO: YOURE the REAL users in disguise of a true lover.
    none of you should ever call yourselves men. Pimpin isn’t a REAL man, in fact he’s the weakest most immature kind there is:
    of course men wanna feel dominant and u PIMPS are just power-hungry, female-hatin double-standard motherfuckas.

    u can’t run from reality: WE (females) do the real work..its OUR beauty and power that makes this money that u all wanna call YOURS. you’ll never be able to do what us bitches do or get it how we get it,so u suckers chase after OUR money tryna brainwash us into makin it all thirsty for control bcuz u all cant stand that females have the power that we do.
    youre not man enough to want REAL intelligent women who dont need to be TOLD or scolded all the time, so u prey on young innocent,naive bitches to control.dont act like your doin anybody any’ll never fully know what goes on in OUR job w/ these tricks because you’ll never have to do the shit so really?? how can u even speak about ‘proper instructions’ when u dont have experience on a date? my EXPERIENCE gave me MY know-how…didn;t get it from a dude.
    all of u pimps require BITCHES around u in order to make this money…you’re BITCH-MADE. u can run from that. Its so twisted that all u niggas got the nerve to act like u know more than a bitch does about her own job.once again: u just power-hungry. u sit there talkin all that shit about “hoe’s come and go, they dont stick around”..well no shit, u pimps dont do anything to make a bitch WANNA stick w u and REALLY be there for u til the end.

    bottom line is, all u calling urselvs pimps are full of greed n have no gratitude for anything u get in your life..u eventually get what u deliver to others in this world…
    and when all u think/care for is money, even if it means beating women, turning teenagers into hoes and thinkin your somehow more valuble than us, you’re never going to have anyone or anything REAL. stop making this game about YOU. our money is made and STACKED without u …
    so whoever thinks that all bitches r the same n we cant stack our money without u, youre ignorant, immature greedy little boys inside… n you all need a taste of ur own EVIL MEDICINE.
    who the fuck raised you? pimpin is not impressive to couldnt go be a MAN n make money ur own way so u chase bitches money down. WEAK and FAKE.

  50. realfriscolady on April 9th, 2012 at 2:25 PM

    by the way, the worst possible way to find respect from others is to BEAT the respect out of em….physically or verbally. all your uneducated black asses know how to do is “get it outa bitch”…nobody can rely on u pimps to be a real man or companion bcuz ur all too busy relying on WOMEN! oh, n whoever of u said “hoes come n go but pimpin is forever”, u sound like the dumbest piece of shit in the world.

    the only reason u got a title or the job that u have is because of the fact that HOOKERS and TRICKS WILL FOREVER EXIST, With or without a PIMP. no one needs u worthless scumbags.

  51. realfriscolady on April 9th, 2012 at 2:38 PM

    eventually your daughters are gonna get pimped too. you cant expect to live ur disgusting life the way u do and have ur own kids be EXEMPT from falling victim to a pimp in the future. stop fucking with bitches lives…our lives arent just some PRETEND shit. all the money u talk about means NOTHING if theres no soul or heart beneath all cold-blooded. BE A REAL MAN and FIND A REAL HUSTLE.

    xoxox, pinup sfc snow bunny

  52. realfriscolady on April 9th, 2012 at 3:01 PM

    @ Truth is a factor . A pimp’s wealth? Where the fuck you think a pimp’s WEALTH comes from? You act like a pimp gets his “WEALTH” without a bitch’s help. A bitch CREATED that wealth for ANY pimp. You stupid bitch-made pieca shit…. im a real bitch been in this game a minute. You sound stupid. None of u know how to be INTROSPECTIVE OR HONEST.u dont do any real work nigga that WEALTH u talkin bout came from a bitch/.

  53. realfriscolady on April 9th, 2012 at 3:50 PM

    most of you sorry excuses for men got into this game with the same predictable stories…grew up in the rough section or the sets, prolly didn’t have much of a daddy to teach u BASIC human compassion and how NOT to act toward females..ur environment prolly had u conditioned to do w/e u had to in order not to be broke. somebody prolly told u u werent smart enough to go get a 9 to 5 or much less an education so u prolly spit crack rocks to help ur motha put food on the table..all that motivation to elevate ur life out of the hood made u realize u could use women to make fast money and be a pimp so u didnt bother tryna be a decent or semi-educated person.instead u let your head get so full and righteous w/your game..n look where you’re at now. all any of u know how to talk about is money and bitches. where the fuck is the MEANING or the HEART in any of ur lives?
    shut the fuck up talking about bitches being materialistic and gold-digging/ ALL U ‘PIMPS’ r on the SAME level with those stupid ghetto gutter hoes you’re talkin about. THEYRE gold-diggers..& YOU use bitches for money. what about being a real person? u know how many people have way more money than u’ll ever see and they DONT TALK ABOUT IT 24/7. humble up,pimps…just like u think females need to be taught and told shit and be willing to LEARN…GUESS WHAT. SO DO YOU. You’re no better than any hoe or any of this shit and no human is ever DONE learning.. Stupid hard-headed KNOW IT ALL niggas. go get your G.E.D. before u talk about TEACHING BITCHES. you can’t do SHIT without a bitch so stop acting like its the other way around. there’s a whole world out there making an IMPACT and doesn’t give a fuck about your ghetto a go-getter every DAY but stop acting like money is everything..otherwise YOU ARE the disease of the hard and shut the fuck up already. More importantly, GROW. UP.

  54. $$BOSS BITCH$$ on April 15th, 2012 at 10:48 AM

    This for the lil snow bunnny that had a whole book to write. I c u a vet in this shit. Im jus givin u two thumbs up for being real. But chill out calln us niggas. Kus u sholl aint earn rhe years in da field to call us that. An u wouldnt say that shyt if u was around ghetto bitchs kus yo white azz will get slaughterd. So if u aint go do it n front of us,,shyd dont do it behind close doors.

  55. realfriscolady. I will follow your blogs anywhere. Everything I feel inside you said! I hate that I’m stuck right now, more mad that I was free and was tricked back in. But I’m a small town white girl who sees the good in people and for that I have failed myself. I also want to say I agree 100% on “how Do they TEACH us” cuz they think it’s like back in the day on the track. Things have changed, pimps unfortunately haven’t evolved yet. It’s a shame they’ll never feel real love. It’s such an amazing feeling. Keep it up girl. YOU are the inspiration…

  56. You know I was actually involved in this or a short period of time with a “pimp” who many “pimps” would probably consider to be hella soft.

    He TRIED to talk shit. even TRIED to get rough with me. I guess I was one of those girls who can’t learn and take direction. But I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!!!!

    IM A GROWN ASS WOMAN. I DON’T NEED NO MAN TO TELL ME HOW TO SPEND MY MONEY. And let’s be real “pimps” you don’t own shit and “your” hoes do all the work.

    It just proves what us women have always known. “MEN NEED WOMEN.”

    So now I am a mommy. I haven’t done this shit in like over 3 years.



    and I would DIE if she ever got sucked into this. I would KILL the scum called a pimp.



    And you better PRAY that you don’t have a daughter.


    from the love of a mother (any girls or women involved in prostitution)

    GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR MOTHERS LOVE YOU!!!! And hey, If they don’t, SOMEBODY DOES. AND IT AIN’T YOUR PIMP.

    renegade hoes quit disrespecting yourselves. Y’all are better than this. Tht includes you sjeezy. Don’t let ANYONE force or trick u into anything!!!!!!!

  57. @All the prostitutes on here hating on pimps especially realfriscolady. Isn’t this a case of throwing stones while you are living in a glass house? Don’t you seduce, act, lie to men most of them married? You have sex with countless men for money. Do you care if you break up a married man’s family and take his money away from him, his wife and family? No you don’t. You are just a money grubbing greedy whore. The pimp is no angel but it is very rare that you are forced to be a prostitute by a pimp in the USA. It is even more rare that a pimp puts a woman on drugs like crack or heroin. Because if she is a crackhead or addict the cost of her habit will cut into a pimps profit. So you are almost always seduced by the pimps charm, verbal skills and swagger. You get over on every other man but the pimp and that is why you hate him. You say a pimp should get a real job? Well why don’t you? The pimp exploits those who exploits others. A pimp can only pimp one type of woman which is a whore. If a woman is not already a whore in her heart or a whore waiting to happen she cannot be “turned out”. So you have no right to hate pimps because you are just as guilty of being an exploiter. I have no sympathy for you because you prostitutes who bad mouth pimps are hypocrites. Get a real job and stop exploiting weak men instead of crying about the big bad pimp taking money that doesn’t even really belong to you.


  59. From lancaster-el. Detroit. This pimp. Game is. A. Life. Style church dream. It you can. Live it if you can see. It. You. Can. Be it church.

  60. Some sick ppl!!!

  61. I keep thinking of deleting this post because the comments are such a train wreck, but like a real train wreck I can’t quite look away either.

  62. Everyone keep using the word manipulation in the same sentence as the word pimp. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The fact is a ho has a choice to be with a pimp or on her own. Its in her best interest to be with a pimp for many reasons. Protection, financial supporr, etc. Its the same reason a motha fucker chooses to work for a corporation instead of going into business for themselves.

  63. pimpz ain’t shytt and ho┬úz aint shytt . sooo wut r y’all arguin abt??? ?;?O??

  64. Mississippi Madam on September 27th, 2012 at 3:48 PM

    Some of Ya’ll men calling women Hoes and you a Ho your damn self!!
    Ya’ll gonna Pay me, Imma pimp myself. putting your Paper in My Pocket!!
    And Pimps are soo damn funny to me with all that stupid ass game they run on you weak minded hos.
    It’s really hilarious how they sound trying to rhyme and shit!!
    Remember Bitches Your Pussy is the Power Not these fuckin Pimps!!
    That’s why they try to hit you and control your mind!!
    But I like the book though!!!
    But If you need a lady pimp to respect you and show you the game get at me @MississippMadam

  65. This shit is fucking crazy!!! Can’t believe this shit lol.

  66. Wow. I can’t believe this… This is truly sad. How do you men or shall I say pimps sleep at night!!! SMH I’m just so truly disappointed in our black men treating woman so poorly my prayers go out to everyone whos lost out in this cold cold world…

  67. I’m just now finding out I was dating a pimp. He acted liked a normal guy then after a year started asking me for money I’d help him because I felt sorry for him but after reading this shit I’ve been played lol wow niggas aint shit…

  68. so pimps and hoes… we both have a place in this game to all the bitches when u a renegade it just shows your not really tryin to get somewhere with your life just because yo nigga puts u in check dont mean run off it means you fucked up on your own….you have to prove your self when u have a rep but when u do you and yo nigga will be solid…
    niggas/pimps you play a major role as far as protection, savings, and what ever else we need but dont forget everything takes time…. show your bitch what the game is… and keep a bitch in check… and keep it solid with your bottom bitch..
    Money motivated..
    collage graduated



  70. These comments are fascinating in a weird way. I find it completely impossible to tell if they’re serious or not (you know the ones I mean).

    But Ricky you absolutely must watch the documentary “American Pimp” (Hughes brothers, 1999). Tremendously entertaining and informative.

  71. A pimp can be a good person n u can love ur pimp .. Nothing is black n white .. not ALL pimps beat on their bitches n go hard on em.. The best ones dont need to.. but u gotta have a good bitch .. As a bitch u jus gotta b loyal n dedicated because on ur down time all ur gunna do is think bout ur situation n if ur happy …. ur not always gunna b happy but u gotta stay thru the good n bad times … That’s how love works in n out the game.. Im not sayin stay when he beats u or puts u down … NO BITCH shud put up wit that… When pimps say “we” doing this “we” gettin this money “we” a team… That’s technically not true . U r off doing watever while the female is providing for u.. Some females like and want to provide for their man n I’m saying that as a female .. Not some dude tryna justify himself.. When men provide for women who don’t work nobody says shit… Fast easy money makes everybody happy n if it wasn’t for the stigma or the fact that u jus dont look good enough to really get paid a lot of people who r acting like it’s so wrong would b doin this shit them dam selves.. N stfu wit that hoes take advantage of married men …. nobody forced them to cheat on their wives… Or spend their money that’s up to them .. id rather fuck wit a pimp than a trick any day..

  72. It takes a comprehensive mind-set, respect, patience, dedication, loyalty & the right folks/team to truly get your name in this game & succeed to where you need your team to be. Only a bitch who CHOOSES to be nothing but a weak, faggot punk ass bitch that doesn’t want shit WOULD say Pimpin did her wrong, Pimpin didn’t do shit for me, etc… A Real Hoe, however stands up to her folks Pimpin, loves his techniques, learns from her mistakes & ultimately grows not just as the hoe she is, but as the woman she is. Being in this game will only break you if you let it. Too Many bitches nowadays don’t get to see the bigger picture, talking about I dated my Pimp, I’m in love with him… Nah bitch, what you did was date/love a simp…someone who’s just as lime-green as you are, daddling in a game he has no idea about & just on the square shit to make you love him to get a couple bucks out your punk ass. Meanwhile, your’e just getting broken on, fucked on, & basically passed on with Nothing to show because you don’t REALLY have NO REAL Pimpin in your life. Therefore YOU put a bad name on Pimpin because of a simp, & yourself for believing that shit. A bitch needs Real instruction to get ahead in this game. This game will only spank you because of your OWN mistakes. With all That being said…


  73. how the hell could a man ever teach me how to entice a man with my sensuality?! How could a man ever teach me how to be a lady, how to pleasure? Only a week b**** needs guidance and need help to find her way in the game. Somebody with motivation, self awareness, a keen intellect, and a tad of manipulation could string a man along for years. I’m not paying no man…unless that man to introduce me to millionaire clientele, and guarantee me sufficient profit. These week females out here busting down for free, and lost in their emotions are the ones that need to choose up, and them alone! I know plenty of independent, self sufficient hustlers, never needed a man to assist them in attaining their goals…take that baccwater bullshit nursery rhyme to a weak ho