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Raw Concepts: Adlerian Psychology

Tweet     I would like to revisit Alfred Adler’s theory of psychology, which I discussed already in my post Theaters of Operation. The purpose of this entry is to create a shorter, more accessible summary of Adler that that found in my earlier post, for easy reference. When I refer to Adler in a future [...]

More Examples of World-Creation

Tweet To read about the concepts of world-creation, check here and here for two examples. If you understand the concept, here are some more examples of world-creations, both positive and negative: Someone keeps showing vulnerability and acting in trustworthy ways, but when someone mistakes their kindness for weakness, they enforce their boundaries. They end up in a [...]

Part 2 of Scientific Racism Series is Up

Tweet Part 2 of my series on scientific racism is up over at Nexxt Level Up. Comments are closed over here, so if you want to respond you have to do so over there. Related posts: Part 3 of Scientific Racism Series is Up Part 4 of Scientific Racism Series is Up Guest Post About [...]

Advocates, Truthseekers, and World-Creation

Tweet Not long ago, I did a post about a concept I call world-creation. World-creation is about the ways our actions and words often end up unwittingly creating the very social world we occupy, whether that world is one we find good or bad. I highly recommend reading that post in its entirety if you [...]

Donations and Other Ways To Support

Tweet I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting through Paypal donations and by buying products through my Amazon affiliate link. I want to make some moves to upgrade this site by doing things like getting more server space to handle the increasing web traffic I’m getting and hiring a web programmer to [...]

Raw Concepts: Advocates, Truthseekers

Tweet I’ve recently discussed the concepts of bullshit, half-truths, lies in the service of bullshit, outright lies, and how they all differ from each other and can wreak havoc on your sense of what’s true. This post combines those concepts with the two related concepts of advocates and truthseekers. I’ll give a quick reminder definition [...]

Guest Post About Scientific Racism Over at Nexxt Level Up

Tweet Virgle Kent over at the lifestyle blog Nexxt Level Up asked if I’d write a post over at his site to discuss the topic of scientific racism. I did it, and here it is. I had my doubts about doing it, because I think scientific racism is a narcissistic movement, and I’ve noticed over [...]

Raw Concepts: World-Creation

Tweet   “A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror.” – Ken Keyes _________________________ World-creation is a concept about self-fulfilling prophecy and how we end creating the very world we perceive, even if it’s ironically a type of world we’re striving [...]

Bullshit and Intermittent Rewards

Tweet A while back in the early days of this blog, I wrote a post about a concept called intermittent rewards, also known as random reinforcement. Here’s an excerpt from the post: The simplest definition I can come up with for intermittent rewards would be “unpredictable random rewards in response to repeated behavior.” A perfect [...]

Raw Concepts: Bullshitting, Lying

Tweet I want to talk about a concept that I believe is often discussed but misunderstood: bullshitting. Philosophy professor Harry Frankfurt wrote an essay called On Bullshit in 1986 that was republished as a book in 2005. In it, Frankfurt defines bullshit, explains how it differs from lying, and why bullshitting is actually worse than [...]