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Hecklers, Part 2: Examples

Tweet [UPDATE: When I originally posted this post, I attached the wrong Patrice O’Neal video. In the one I accidentally attached, he wasn’t dealing with an especially narcissistic woman at all. I corrected that and replaced it with the video of the episode I was actually referring to.] I just want to clear up some [...]

Hecklers, Part 1: A Discussion of Guilt and Shame

Tweet In my last post I discussed whether or not confronting a narcissist and “calling them out” is ever productive behavior. The common viewpoint among experts is that confronting a narcissist is useless, because they view both positive attention and negative attention to be narcissistic supply. Also, they have an uncanny way to reframe anything [...]

Raw Concepts: Ego Math, Net Narcissistic Supply

Tweet In response to this post, reader 691 posted this comment. I address it in pieces below: I think you might be projecting your understanding of narcissism onto the their psychology. Just as narcissists have a superficial charm, they also may have a superficial understanding of narcissism and of how they fit the diagnosis. I’m [...]