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The Self-Awareness of the Narcissist

Tweet I’m going to break one of my rules, and discuss a study before I actually read it myself. I printed out this study and will get to it this weekend, but Jan over at, along with her commenters, have been having such an interesting discussion about a study aimed at figuring out just [...]

Cluster B in Action

Tweet If you’ve been reading this blog for the past 3 years, you’ll totally spot all the psychological games and concepts going on below, so I won’t bother explaining much. But it’s such a great case study of a Cluster B in action, so enjoy. Each video is a little under an hour, but it’s [...]

The Addiction Model of Personality Disorder

Tweet What makes something an addiction? For example, I’ve heard some commentators claim that conditions like sex addiction are a joke because all men are sex addicts at heart but just lack the means and opportunity. Other observers feel that the term “addiction” should only apply to alcohol and drugs and that the application of [...]