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Open Thread: Two Questions

Tweet I’m working out some concepts in my head, and I wanted some feedback from readers. The keys to manipulation and emotional blackmail, in my opinion can be broken down to 5 big “buttons.” Fear Shame Anger Pride Guilt Manipulators, whether in the form of enemies or loved ones, have to push these buttons in [...]

On Awareness

Tweet I. The Question Izumi recently asked the following: is it better to start to recognize -ClusterB- behaviours… …into others or …into ourselves??? I realized that NO ONE is blame less So your question: Is it better to recognize Cluster B and codependent behaviors in others or in ourselves? My answer: I think there are [...]

My Cluster B Philosophy

Tweet [NOTE: This topic may seem obsessive or repetitive or the posts may seem to have gone past being useful to being pedantic, but I am building toward two key points, and when I get to the posts that make those two key points, you will suddenly understand why I have been dwelling on and [...]

Valuing Time

Tweet After posting the Patrice O’Neal video yesterday, I remembered a related paragraph I wrote in part 4 of my Reader Letters #1 series. It was such a long post that I think there were lots of paragraphs that were powerful enough to warrant their own posts that got their concepts swallowed up in the [...]

Patrice O’Neal: “This is Medicine”

Tweet EDITED TO ADD: Commenter Kuraje added the following Youtube link to every episode of Patrice O’Neal’s Black Philip show: Entire Black Philip show available here: Also, you can find it in mp3 form via torrent if you Google for it. Related posts: Hecklers, Part 2: Examples Misc. Stuff