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The Easiest, Fastest Way to Understand Narcissists

Tweet I will tell you the easiest, fastest way to understand narcissists and other Cluster Bs like borderlines and histrionics. All you have to do is grasp the following sentence. The types of things drug addicts and alcoholics are driven to do for their substance of choice (lie, steal, betray, etc.), are the exact things [...]

Support This Documentary

Tweet I’ve asked for donations for myself on this blog in the past, but this time I want to ask on behalf of someone else. Check out this Kickstarter project for The Brian Banks story. You can click the link above to donate, and watch the video below for more information. Related posts: Support The [...]

Raw Concepts: Grandiosity Gap

Tweet The term “grandiosity gap” is a term I believe was coined by Sam Vaknin, a self-proclaimed narcissist who also runs a website about narcissism and has become a controversial expert in the field. He didn’t invent the concept, as many psychologists past and present have described a similar phenomenon, but to my knowledge he [...]

Movie Recommendation #3: Madame Bovary

Tweet Tomorrow June 19, at 7 AM, Turner Classic Movies airs the 1949 movie “Madame Bovary,” one of my all-time favorite movies when it comes to showing ugly truths in relationship dynamics, and it’s especially accurate in its depiction of a specific type of Cluster B emotional vampire. She also seems to suffer from maladaptive [...]

Mad Men, Season 5, Ep. 13 – “The Phantom”

Tweet I. The theme of this episode for me was the cycle of idealization, disillusionment, and the eventual devaluation. In general, this whole season was about Don’s idealization of Megan and the inevitable disillusionment and devaluation that had to follow as a result, while the season finale had a lot of smaller scale idealizations, disillusionments, [...]

Raw Concepts: Narcissistic Supply

Tweet To truly understand how a narcissist’s mind works, you must understand a term called “Narcissistic Supply.” Here’s a definition provided by the website Deconstructing Jezebel: The term simply defines the human beings in the narcissist’s life who supply the narcissist what he needs: Awe, wonder and praise for his accomplishments and performance Unending gratitude for [...]

Mad Men, Season 5, Ep. 12 – “Commissions and Fees”

Tweet I. One of the great things about the episode “Commissions and Fees” is that it explores the different ways toxic shame manifests itself in different people. Don Draper and Lane Pryce are two men who are very shame-driven, but they cope with the shame very differently. Related posts: Mad Men, Season 5, Ep. 13 [...]

Mad Men, Season 5, Ep. 11 – “The Other Woman”

Tweet One thing I love about Mad Men is how each episode has a theme that runs through it, and every storyline in the episode will have that common theme running through it. But episode 11 of this season was so thematically rich and filled with so much interpersonal psychology that I wanted to go [...]

Spoiled Brats and Low Self-Esteem

Tweet A reader emailed the following question to me, and it’s one I’ve heard a lot: Can you explain why over-pampering can create inferior feelings? It’s odd that opposite actions can result in the same outcome?  (pampering vs. neglect = inferiority) People seem confused by my assertion that both extreme neglect and extreme pampering are both [...]