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Tweet Self-handicapping via high standards. I think this is a more dangerous form of self-handicapping than low standards because so much of our narcissistic culture is geared toward encouraging high, perfectionist standards (the whole “man up!” and “you go, girl!” movements), while that isn’t the case for low standards, so high-standards self-handicappers are much more [...]

Why Men Fear The Numbers Game

Tweet I. Yesterday, reader Nupi left another comment. I think Nupi is taking the analogy of the “good business” I made in this post and in this post a little too literally: However,I would still care for a comment on the second part of my comment, namely how to effectively and efficiently implement the screening [...]

Latest Planet Ill Post Up: Self-Handicappers

Tweet UPDATE, DECEMBER 2012: The original post appears to have disappeared from Planet Ill making the link below dead, so I’ve decided to reprint the article under its original title in its original form here. Enjoy:   SELF-HANDICAPPERS AND EXCUSES I was having dinner with a friend who was telling me her relationship problems. She [...]

Corrective Actions vs. Development

Tweet Here is part of a recent comment from reader Nupi in response to a post where I likened choosing relationship partners to hiring employees in the corporate world, titled “Regarding the Recent Direction of the Blog“: I largely agree on the argument that you should start with sane/good/whatever people instead of trying to improve [...]

Latest Planet Ill Post: The 80/20 Rule

Tweet The latest installment of my weekly column for Planet Ill went up last Friday. In it I discuss the 80/20 Rule in Relationships. You can read it here. The 80/20 rule basically states that 20% of all the variables or activities in a system generate 80% of the results, whether good or bad. Therefore, [...]

Raw Concepts: The Maturity Paradox, Part 3

Tweet I recently came up with a concept I called the Maturity Paradox, and discussed it in this blog post and this one as well. The Maturity Paradox states that personality disordered people (like narcissists, histrionics, borderlines, etc.) are not only unable to be emotionally mature, but in addition are unable to assess the maturity [...]

Regarding the Recent Direction of the Blog

Tweet I wanted to take some time to discuss the recent direction this blog has taken since 2011 and the reasons behind it. I. Picture a company has an important job position and wants to keep it filled with the best person possible. How do most good companies typically about it? Most good companies (key [...]