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Raw Concepts: The Maturity Paradox, Pt 1

Tweet Recently we discussed the psychological studies that confirmed the existence of what is now known as Dunning-Kruger effect (referred to in the rest of the post as “D-K effect.”) If you didn’t read that post, it would help to read it before proceeding, although you can probably understand this post fine without reading it. [...]

Don’t Forget The Tumblr Mini-Blog

Tweet Just want to remind everyone that I have a Tumblr mini-blog that has lots of links to articles and audio clips that touch on topics discussed here at the main blog. It’s updated much more frequently, and is a much lighter read. The Rawness Tumblr Related posts: New Tumblr Linkblogging Mini-Edition: Modern Single Women [...]

Raw Concepts: The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Tweet There is a human nature phenomenon called the Dunning-Kruger effect that is discussed and written about quite often these days. To summarize it crudely, it says that incompetent and unqualified people are too incompetent and unqualified to realize just how incompetent and unqualified they are. The cognitive defects that keep the incompetent from being [...]

Critiques and Responses 2

Tweet In response to the “Ego Trap” post, commenter underde said the following: I don’t think that running away from your ego is the answer Note the phrasing underde used. “I don’t think running away from your ego is the answer.” I’ve said in the past that the ego is very resistant to being vanquished, [...]

Critiques and Responses

Tweet In response to the post “Ego Trap”, commenter jld wrote the following: Why is being enlightened a “superior value”? I see what jld is saying, but I think he missed the point of the post. Why is enlightened superiority better than ego-driven superiority? The answer is simple: people chasing ego-driven superiority are fucking miserable. [...]

Comments and E-mails

Tweet I’m continuing the recent series of posts highlighting reader feedback since my post “Theaters of Operation,” here are some positive recent comments and emails I received, but without any added commentary from me. I figure the positive ones are easier to get out of the way first: In response to the post “Ego Trap”, [...]

The Dog and the Tail

Tweet As usual, this post draws on concepts discussed in the post Theaters of Operation, so you may find it helpful to read that post first before proceeding, although it’s not absolutely necessary… I’ve written many posts on this blog that I swore up and down would generate controversy, and they didn’t at all. Surprisingly [...]

New Tumblr

Tweet I’ve created a Tumblr page for links, short posts and videos I find interested and related to the main themes of this blog, but now quite worthy of a full blog post. Check it out over here. Related posts: Don’t Forget The Tumblr Mini-Blog Support The Rawness Open Thread: Two Questions