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Raw Concepts: Ego Trap

Tweet Ego is a chameleon. The two most important things to realize about it is that it hates being exposed and it hates any effort to eradicate it. This is where the ego trap comes in. Ego traps occur when you learn to recognize and try to combat one form of ego-driven superiority, only to [...]

The Theaters of Operation, Illustrated

Tweet My big post for 2011 has been The Theaters of Operation, which I think is the most important post on this blog yet. I highly recommend reading it if you haven’t done so already. One of the hallmarks of operating in the secondary theater is the narcissistic, self-centered pursuit of useless goals and superficial [...]

Balance Between Ego-Driven and Enlightened Superiority?

Tweet I’ve had a few post recently about the pitfalls of ego-driven superiority, as you can read for yourself here, here, here and here). In my last post, two comments jumped out at me, both of which I’ve heard variations of before. First Thursday wrote: Being really good at something, yet not being recognized for [...]

Ego-Driven Superiority and the Locus of Control

Tweet A while back I did a guest post for Karol over at Alarming News, and in it I discussed the concept of locus of control: [T]he concept of locus of control. From the linked page: A locus of control orientation is a belief about whether the outcomes of our actions are contingent on what [...]

Raw Concepts: Collective Ego-Driven Superiority

Tweet Yesterday we discussed the laws of ego-driven and enlightened superiority. The main difference between ego-driven superiority and enlightened superiority is whether or not one is including a sense of social interest in their goals, as discussed in-depth in this post. The quest for ego-driven superiority is at the heart of most neuroses and personality [...]

Raw Concepts: The Laws of Ego-Driven Superiority

Tweet A while back I wrote a major post called The Theaters of Operation. And this week I did some major revisions of that post, where I added new ideas and expanded on concepts. If you’ve never read that post, I highly suggest you do so, as this post builds on many of the concepts [...]

Obama: Decent Speech, But Still A Malignant Narcissist

Tweet First off, I’m glad Bin Laden’s dead. Wish it was sooner, but hey, whatever. The fascinating part of it to me was the verbal and body language during Obama’s speech. The swagger he used to saunter up to and away from the microphone. That was cool. That slight shit-eating grin he was suppressing throughout [...]