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Raw Concepts: Putting It All Together

Tweet First off, I just realized the site had a glitch where it froze up whenever you submitted comments, and it’s apparently been that way for months. The problem is now fixed. Second, some people have wondered what’s up with all these Raw Concepts. Rest assured, there is a reason behind all of this. People [...]

Raw Concepts: Priority Analysis and Narcissism of Small Differences

Tweet I firmly believe people have far more similarities than they have differences. This goes for different races, cultures, genders and age groups. All are far more similar than they are different, but people fail to see that because they are programmed to downplay the similarities while emphasizing differences far more, creating an illusion of [...]

Raw Concepts: Future Orientation, or Marshmallow Eating

Tweet There was a famous study conducted back in the day called the Marshmallow Experiment, conducted by Walter Mischel. It’s considered one of the most revealing studies ever due to it’s implications about the profound effects our ability to defer gratification has on our success. Philip Zimbardo discusses the Marshmallow Experiment here: In the study, [...]

Raw Concepts: Means-motives vs. End-motives

Tweet [Note: I edited this post from its original form for the sake of clarity.] Two people can engage in an action that seems identical on the surface and in the short run but for each person has wildly different consequences and implications depending on whether that person views the action as a means to [...]

Raw Concepts: Psychic Sunk Costs

Tweet I. Sunk Cost Defined A sunk cost is an expenditure that has already taken place and can’t be reversed. For example, if you spend money on a clothing shopping spree today and haven’t worn the clothes yet, it’s not a sunk cost because you can take the clothes back to the store and refund [...]

Raw Concepts: Double Messages

Tweet Every so often I’ll meet a guy who will tell me a story along the following lines: “I was having this no strings attached relationship with this girl, and I told her I wasn’t interested in a relationship. I kept telling her I didn’t want one. But over time, she caught feelings for me! [...]

Raw Concepts: Framing

Tweet A frame is an emotional or mental state.  Framing is the act of creating a frame. Let’s use the concept of loss aversion, the idea that people are more concerned with minimizing possible losses than maximizing possible gains, to illustrate how framing works. Consider a study done by psychologists Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman [...]

Raw Concepts: Avoiding a Loss vs. Achieving Gains

Tweet Most people are more concerned with avoiding a potential loss than achieving a potential gain. It’s an aspect of human nature that’s very underappreciated but continually comes into play in our daily lives in significant ways. Some evolutionary psychologists speculate that we emotionally weigh negative outcomes fives times stronger than we weigh positive outcomes. [...]

Homework: Skins US on MTV

Tweet I’m a big fan of the show Skins, which ran in the UK on E4, particularly the first two seasons (or series, as they say in the UK). Seasons 3 and 4 totally suck and aren’t worth mentioning. But the breakthrough character is that of Tony Stonem, as played by Nicholas Hoult. Tony is [...]