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No Posts Until The Second Week of 2011

Tweet I’ve been working on a series of posts that are going to be epic, plus some side writing that I’m finishing up. So there will be some downtime on the blog until I wrap up work on all those things, after which there will be an explosion of interrelated posts. The order of these [...]

Voting Results for Reader-Suggested Topics

Tweet What’s interesting was how the voting changed halfway through. Early frontrunners were drama queens, gossip and advice column. Then at some point the voting shifted to what you see below. I’m making two requests from readers. First, any male reader who feels like he’s learned a lot of unpleasant truths about human nature, dating [...]

Last Day of Reader Suggestion Polls

Tweet Again, here’s the poll. Today is the last day to vote. Only difference is, now that we’re nearing the end I’ve allowed the option of viewing the results as they stand so far. Drama queens was an early frontrunner but strangely enough dropped to 6th place since. Stages a man goes through when learning [...]

Update: Recommended Reading List

Tweet Over on the sidebar on the right I had a section that promised a recommended reading list for a while now. I’ve finally started it, click here to see. It’s only got one book on it so far, but expect it to grow quickly, within the next few days even. Check in on it [...]

Preview of My Drama Queen Blog Series

Tweet One of the early frontrunners in the voting for topic suggestions is a Drama Queen series. Apparently a lot of guys have had problems with them based on the voting. As I feel that I’ve become an expert in drama queens, this will be a very long series of posts when I eventually get [...]

Vote on Topic Suggestions

Tweet This poll will be open for a week. I’ve collected my favorite choices from the Topic Suggestions Page so far and compiled them in the poll below. Note: YOU CAN PICK UP TO 3 TOPICS; you’re not just limited to one. Link to this poll via Facebook, Twitter, email and on your own blogs. [...]

Cats Are Like Women

Tweet See how here. No related posts.

Update – Contest, Changes, Topic Suggestions

Tweet First off, don’t forget the Mad Men DVD Giveaway Contest. If I don’t get enough interested people entering, I won’t bother with it, or I’ll just put off judging it until enough people do enter. Also, the categories and tags on this site are an inconsistent mess, so I’m going to redo all the [...]

Raw Concepts: Ulteriority

Tweet Raw Concepts will be an ongoing series of posts where I define a concept I expect to revisit repeatedly in future posts, for easy reference, as well as to save myself the trouble of defining it anew in each post I mention said concept in. Today’s Raw Concept is Ulteriority. Ulteriority occurs whenever there [...]

New Printable Page Option

Tweet Note: I’ve added a print-friendly option to all my posts. Above the post title you’ll now see a “Print This” option. It will render the page into a print-friendly format with no extra graphics, sidebars or ads. Knock yourself out. Related posts: Note the New PDF Download Page on the Right Changes New Facebook [...]