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Sex and the City, Revisited

Tweet A while back I did a post about Sex and the City. I discussed how I started watching it for the first time and how I thought it unfairly got a bad rap from a lot of men. I found it to be incredibly astute observational humor about sexual relations in the big city, [...]

The Palace

Tweet Growing up in Haiti, my dad loved to party and socialize. At the end of a night of drunken revelry in Port Au Prince, the capital of Haiti, he was ambling about, hopelessly drunk and hormonally charged, and he made his way over to the house of a girl he dated once. Attempting to [...]

Modern Evolution

Tweet I recently got an email advertising a new service called Boyfriend for Hire: Ladies (and Gentlemen), we have something special for you. We bring you … Boyfriend for Hire! This team of bonded and insured technicians has over 150 years of combined professional experience. Find a single guy in NYC that can say that! [...]


Tweet Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness. – Samuel Beckett No related posts.

Dreams vs. Visions Revisited

Tweet I wanted to take some time to clarify something from my Dreams vs. Visions post. Dreamers take foolish gambles. Visionaries take calculated risks. A reader asked for clarification on what the difference was. I’ll use a post from Robert Greene’s Power, Seduction & War blog to explain: What is the difference between the two? [...]

Dreams vs. Visions

Tweet I was recently asked, Is it better to be a dreamer or to be practical? It felt wrong to me that those were the only two choices, so I didn’t answer right away and chewed over the question for a while. To answer that question, I spent a lot of time thinking about my [...]

Becoming a Renaissance Man, Part 7

Tweet Don’t Purchase Prepackaged Identity Many of us use our sartorial selections to convey a specific identity, and it’s been that way for much of human history. But people are increasingly going from using clothing to convey their experiences to using clothing as replacements for actual experiences. It’s become so commonplace a phenomenon that we [...]