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Presented Without Commentary

Tweet It seems the journalists don’t quite get who’s the victim here: Meanwhile in the eyes of the same media, Sarah Palin is an evil demonic succubus with no redeeming qualities.  But no liberal bias in the media, right? Mind you I’m not a great fan or great hater of Palin. Overall I’m apathetic of her, [...]

Sex and the City

Tweet This past weekend I was suffering from insomnia.  So I sat up in the living room and looked through what was available On Demand.  HBO On Demand had the first season of Sex and the City and I was curious to see  what the fuck the big deal about the show was (I’d seen [...]

Men and Porn

Tweet I repeatedly get variations of the following question from women: “I was looking for something in my boyfriend/husband’s stuff (translation: SNOOPING FOR DIRT) and came across movies  “Gangbangs of New York” and “Sperms of Endearment.”  Why would he look at porn if he had me?  Aren’t I enough for him? Does it mean I’m [...]

Tiger Woods, Part 2: Men and Monogamy

Tweet Part 1 is here. This series is an answer to the oft-repeated question, “Why do men get married men and then stray?”  Short answer: he’s hard-wired to do both.  For the long answer, keep on reading. In part 1, I described the evolutionary reasons why nature selected for the genes of promiscuous high sex [...]

Public Opinion Is An Alpha Proxy

Tweet Earl and Tiger @ Yahoo! Video This ad is creepy as hell. We’ve now made cheating into a worse social offense than actual crimes. Roman Polanski drugs and rapes kids and even he can find public figures willing to stand by him and speak out on his behalf. But get into the habit of [...]

Tiger Woods, Part 1: Men and Promiscuity

Tweet When asked about his ability to stay loyal to his wife for decades despite all the temptations Hollywood offers, Paul Newman famously responded,”Why go out for hamburger when you’ve got steak at home?” Great quote and all but the unpleasant truth is, sometimes you just want a hamburger, not a steak. Even when steak [...]

Moving On…

Tweet After completing my Middle-Class Male series, I feel like I’ve said everything I’ve wanted to say for a while.  I’m officially burnt out. In addition the grind of talking about human nature nonstop and fixating on such matters has really been draining. So I’m going to shut down this blog.  I’ll leave it up [...]