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The Myth of the Middle Class Alpha Male, Part 3.5

Tweet A reader (I forgot to ask him if he wanted his name used) forwarded me this clip of an NPR show called Radiolab, in particular a clip that he said speaks directly to my Myth of the Middle Class Alpha Male series. Putting aside the annoyingly nebbish yuppie cadences of the presenters, it makes [...]

The Myth of the Middle Class Alpha Male, Part 3

Tweet Click here for Part 1, click here for Part 2.  Now let’s get started with this installment, part 3: How and Why Modern Western Society Keeps Alphadom in Check and Penalizes Any Excess of It I have to warn you, this will seem repetitive at times as I will cite overlapping points repeated by [...]

This Is What They Think Of You

Tweet I didn’t watch the Superbowl this year. One reason is that I hate how hard the commercials try these days, and how much hard the people you watch with try to convince themselves they’re outrageously entertained by these try-hard commercials. It comes off sounding like a live-action canned laugh track. Superbowl commercials are the [...]

Clarifying The Rearden

Tweet First off, the “Myth of the Middle Class Alpha” posts take a while to write, so you won’t get a new one until Monday.  I write them on the weekend. I have a lot of blogs, websites and forums linking to me, and occasionally I like to follow those links to see who’s talking [...]

The Myth of the Middle Class Alpha Male, Part 2

Tweet Click here for Part 1. The nightclub we were at was on the second floor of the building, with different landings in multiple directions that allowed you to lean on a railing and look downward at people entering from the ground floor and heading upstairs. I was spending my time at the club people [...]

E-40 Choppin’

Tweet Unbeatable at spitting slang. No related posts.

The Myth of the Middle Class Alpha Male, Part 1

Tweet [Last week I promised a post that would go up on Monday and be controversial. As I started writing it, it kept getting longer and longer and was taking too much time to complete. So I decided to break it up instead, it will probably end up being three parts in total. Here’s part [...]

Linkblogging Mini-Edition: Modern Single Women

Tweet Sometime in 2010 I plan to do a “Game for Women” month. But in the meantime this mini-linkblogging post should whet your appetites. The accompanying article. Also, an article from the Daily Mail in the UK. “The ego epidemic: How more and more of us women have an inflated sense of our own fabulousness.” [...]

We All Deal With Unfair Expectations

Tweet A common complaint from women today is how society, primarily through the media, promotes all these unrealistic expectations of women. Thanks to celebrity plastic surgery and airbrushing and photoshop in magazines and posters, a lot of men have delusions about what constitutes the average female body shape and typical cellulite levels. Plus feminists for [...]

The Point of the Thought Experiment

Tweet Most posts on this blog get several comments right after I post them, but occasionally there will be a post that continues to get comments for months and months after I originally post it. One of these posts is an early one titled “Why Women Are Called Sluts When They Sleep Around, But Men [...]