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Real or Staged?

Tweet It’s no secret I have no great respect for Nick Cannon. He always reminded me of the famous celebrity version of that black guy in college who was kind of corny and solidly middle class, then went and tried to reinvent himself and act “extra boujetto” (bourgie+ghetto) once he hit college. The kind of [...]

Double Standards Revisited: A Thought Experiment

Tweet SHANAYNAY BLow up doll girlfriend – watch more funny videos Modern women are much more upfront and open about their sexual urges than any previous generation of Western women. I feel like Sex and the City dramatically ratcheted up this comfort with female sexuality even further, as I regularly found myself having conversations with [...]

The Three Tracks: The Sopranos and The Wire

I grew up in pre-Giuliani New York City, back when the crack epidemic was at its peak, Times Square was a seedy porn capital of the world filled with the shadiest characters you could imagine, arcades weren’t family friendly and were filled with thugs and street kids and wearing anything nice like a Starter jacket, Air Jordans or an 8-Ball jacket was an open invitation for dudes to try to test you and rob you.

So if you were like me and didn’t want to be a crook or a victim, you’re best option was to get as street smart as you could, and even better was if you could actually become friends with the thugs because that meant you wouldn’t be a victim yourself. And thus started my lifelong pattern of always making friends with shady people, something that continued all the way through my college years. There are various type of criminals, and even if you aren’t involved in crime you have to understand and recognize the types if you live in the city just to navigate your daily life activities. Think of it like three classes: crash test dummies, middle management and players.