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Precious Review, Part 3: Scar Worship

Tweet Click the following links for part 1 and part 2. This installment of the Precious movie review is about an epidemic currently infecting our society that I call Scar Worship. I believe it comes from a combination of two societal trends that are currently everywhere: unflinchingly dwelling on and continuously reliving misery and hardship, [...]

Precious Review, Part 2: Oprah’s Fixation

Tweet Picking up where I left off in yesterday’s Part 1 of my Precious review, I’m now going to cover the history of the biggest promoter of the Precious movie, Oprah Winfrey. I’ve already covered how incest, abuse and dysfunction are recurring themes in the works of writer/director Tyler Perry, director Lee Daniels and author [...]

Precious Review, Part 1

Tweet I had my arm twisted into going to see the movie Precious with a group of friends. As it got the stamp of endorsement from both Oprah and Tyler Perry, I pretty much knew to expect to have my senses mercilessly pummeled with propaganda about how poor, unfortunate and relentlessly abusive the mere act [...]