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Tweet I don’t even know where to begin. I’m pretty sure you guys can guess my feelings on this. Now just to play devil’s advocate, notorious alpha male Henry VIII wore tights and no one would dare call him a wuss. Although my first instinct is to mock this trend mercilessly, I’ve got to say, [...]

Patron, Motherfucker. That’s All That’s In My Blood. That’s All I Drink

Tweet I fuck niggas up. INCLUDING YOU, NICK. Guido Guy Wants to Fight – Watch more Funny Videos Also: The Guido Field Guide Related posts: Comment of the Month Some Things You Can’t Explain

Expect Even Less Posts Than Usual For A While

Tweet I admit, I’ve never been the most prolific blogger out there even at my best, but I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve become even less so lately. The reason is that I’m currently working on outlining the structure of a full-fledged book and an even more ambitious project that I won’t divulge until it comes [...]