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Another Guest Post

Tweet I’ve done another guest post over at political blog Alarming News. You can read and comment on it over here. Next week it’ll be business as usual back here, starting with a response to a reader letter I recently received. Related posts: Guest Post over at Alarming News My Guest Post – Comfort With [...]

Guest Post over at Alarming News

Tweet I made a guest post today over at the political blog Alarming News. Click here to read it and make comments. Related posts: Another Guest Post My Guest Post – Comfort With Women Latest Planet Ill Post Up: Self-Handicappers

Say It Ain’t So, Mike

Tweet Based on this series of posts, you can tell I really liked Michael Jackson. Based on this post, you can tell I’m not a fan of Ed Hardy. So you can just imagine how I feel about this: Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy Related posts: Mike 2 [...]

Mad Men

Tweet I was planning to discuss this Mad Men article about why women love Don Draper, but Karol over at Alarming News did such a good, concise job at it I’ll just direct you over to her post instead. Related posts: Guest Post over at Alarming News Another Guest Post

Dating Passionate People – The Europe Test

Tweet This is hilarious, and the life lesson #1 at the end about the perils of dating passionate people is so true. I learned that lesson from times I dated Eastern European women. This video has become such a phenomenon that it’s even spawned a new term, The Europe Test. It reminds me of a [...]

Fuck Ed Hardy

Tweet “Hey Christian Audigier! Thanks for ruining America!” Related: Hot Chicks With Douchebags UPDATE The Ed Hardy website is incredible to behold. It’s like a spoof of an Ed Hardyite but 100% sans irony. Even worse, there’s now an Ed Hardy energy drink (as if the bargain basement cocaine didn’t provide enough?) complete with Ed [...]