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Lessons from Eminem Diss Track Against Mariah – “Warning”

Tweet I don’t usually do celebrity gossip but this here is what Barack Obama calls a teachable moment so I’m going to make an exception. First, here’s the backstory: Eminem has hit out at Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon in his new song The Warning. It’s the latest in a long feud between the [...]

Link Roundup

Tweet Bangs and a Bun tells chicks who’ve been dumped to “Let It Go Already!” I thought this video was a joke, but apparently it’s not: Study on how romantic jealousy hijacks the mind. Money and Career Advice from Benjamin Franklin. 6 Manly Ways to Settle Your Mind. Topics to Avoid in Good Conversation (AFC [...]

Reader Mail

Tweet A reader sent me the following email: How do you respectfully deal with long-winded people who are above you? As an example, today I had a phone conversation/negotiation with a real estate CEO. He kept talking long-windedly about a subject at which point I cut him off by saying something – it wasn’t worth [...]

Alain De Botton on Status Anxiety

Tweet Nothing to add for now. This guy’s stuff is great. I’m going to be doing a post expanding on some of these ideas next week. Recommended Reading From Alain De Botton: No related posts.

Cred (Updated)

Tweet Commenter Entropy left this comment: Will anyone of you light a cigarette for a woman without being asked? I think it lowers your value–insofar volunteering to do anything for a pretty woman without being prompted–will lower your value. I will recommend a robust cigarette-centered NEG to go along with your assistance to help her [...]

Write It Out

Tweet Last year I did a series of posts about a social maneuver call the Rearden that you can use against passive aggressive pricks. It was generally well-received, but there was one installment of it that got mixed reviews, and that’s the part where I gave a specific example where I used it myself. The [...]

Mike 4: Social Proof

Tweet Okay, this is the last Michael Jackson related post. As crazy and social maladjusted Michael Jackson was in his personal life, he was peerless in one area, and that was creating a larger than life showbiz persona. And the second video I posted from him, “Liberian Girl,” demonstrates this perfectly and I think has [...]

Conservatives and Michael Jackson

Tweet This morning I went on Ace of Spades conservative blog and found the following video: This blog by a black conservative sums up the problem pretty well: First of all. while Michael Jackson has been accused by quite a few people of child molestation, he’s never been convicted of anything. Secondly, this is a [...]

Mike 3: First Video Deconstructed

Tweet With Michael Jackson’s death last week, I wanted to do a tribute to him, but I didn’t want to just do fawning praise, and I wanted it to fit in with the theme of this blog, which is decontruction of social and sexual dynamics. I think celebrities are great test cases for learning to [...]