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Mike 2

Tweet As everyone will be putting up the same Michael Jackson videos from the Thriller and Bad albums to pay tribute to the man, I figured I’d put up some of his more obscure ones. Last one was “Stranger in Moscow.” This time it’s a video for “Liberian Girl,” from the Bad album. This song [...]


Tweet Michael Jackson – Stranger In MoscowUploaded by dodo3003. Related posts: Mike 2 Say It Ain’t So, Mike Mike 3: First Video Deconstructed

Is Killing Flies Exceedingly Difficult for Liberal Men?

Tweet I’ve been killing flies with my bare hands my whole life. I have always kept quiet and never bragged about this fact, not because of any humility but because I was totally unaware of what an awesome feat this was. But apparently it is. Little did I know that I have been all this [...]


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Why Do Women Expect Men To Be Mind Readers?

Tweet This is a question I get so often in emails, I decided to just make it a blog post. Women expect men to be emotion readers, not mind readers. However, since a woman’s mind is so much more ruled by emotion than a man’s mind, reading her emotions gives you the most insight into [...]


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Dumb Girl

Tweet In the last installment, I discussed how I met a beautiful half-Irish, half-Puerto Rican girl at a nightclub back in 1997.  I pull a bold move and call her over while she’s dancing with another guy, and to my surprise it actually works. She comes over, and I play it cool.  Long story short, [...]