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Tweet First things first, click here to follow me on Twitter.  When I get enough people signed up I plan to do something fun and interactive with it.  But I won’t discuss it in any further detail until I have enough followers. One night in 1997 I went out with the fellas to a hip-hop [...]

Becoming a Renaissance Man, Part 6

Tweet For an archive of previous installments in the series click here. Procrastinate on Things You Enjoy Pick something you are really looking forward to and get much joy from.  Now delay experiencing it.  Or miss it altogether.  Miss your favorite show.  Don’t even tape it.  That new blockbuster movie you were planning to spend [...]

Modern Girls

Tweet New York magazine has an article on the rise of binge drinking among today’s generation of young women. It basically asks whether notions of gender equality should extend to binge drinking. [M]ore women are drinking, yes—more than 48 percent acknowledge having had at least one drink in the past month (up from 42 percent [...]

New Level of Cuckoldry

Tweet Words Fail. Triflin’ ho. No related posts.

Fashion and Rebellion

Tweet The modern writing I currently admire the most is Vice magazine.  Like any New Yorker, I have an annoying urge to be the elitist prick who’s the first to declare anything as being “over” the moment it starts to gain popularity and recognition, yet as much as I’d like to bash Vice as being cliched [...]


Tweet I had threaded comments for a while because I liked how they looked on the site Stuff White People Like, but unfortunately no threaded comments plugin I found looked as neat and user friendly as the one Christian Lander has on his site, so I’m just aborting it altogether.  Back to a regular comments [...]

Female Swagger

Tweet My laptop is still down, but I can still squeeze in a few short posts here and there when I can. Ordered my Lenovo laptop and it should be here in a few weeks. My laptop repair guy swears that it’s the best PC laptop you can get, although he swears I should give [...]

Costa Rica Has Destroyed My Laptop

Tweet Good news, Costa Rica is awesome. Jaco is a nice enough place but not really my cup of tea personally, but the rest of the country is sweet. Or maybe my expectations were just too high following last year’s vacation. I might dedicate a longer post to it at some point. Bad news, the [...]

G Rap

Tweet Apropos of nothing…They don’t make them like Kool G Rap anymore Hell of a storyteller…. This is probably the first song I ever memorized all the lyrics to… No related posts.