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Various Linkage, 04/29/2009

Tweet Getting ready to head to Jaco, Costa Rica today. Should be fun. Going to take surfing lessons to boot. I’ll return to posting next week. Will be checking and responding to comments though. This is something I’m going to do now and again, posting links to articles and interviews I find that somehow relate [...]

Going to Jaco, Costa Rica on Wednesday (Tomorrow)

Tweet I’ll be there five days. Anyone ever been there? If so, please share your experiences. Am going to try to know out on Also, I have a Twitter account, I used it for a little bit last year and couldn’t quite see the point and lost interest. Plus I had phone updates and my [...]

Madonna/Whore Complexes, Part 3

Tweet Part 1 Part 2 Let me warn you now, this is going to be long. But I’m sure you’re used to that by now. Besides, it’s not like I update this thing daily so cut me some slack. I just didn’t feel like having this spill into a part 4, I just want to [...]

Note the New PDF Download Page on the Right

Tweet The reason I haven’t put up Part 3 of the Madonna/Whore Complex series yet is because I jacked up my wordpress settings and couldn’t make any new posts. My hosting company, WordPress, other bloggers, forums, no one could tell me how to fix it. That’s the bad news. However, bitches, good news. Eventually I [...]

Madonna/Whore Complexes, Part 2

Tweet Part 1 over here. I originally said it would be two parts. Screw it, it’s gonna be three instead. This installment is going to discuss why people who don’t grow up suffering from madonna/whore complexes tend to be more naturally good with women and sexual relationships. The next installment will be about why men [...]

Madonna/Whore Complexes, Part 1

Tweet This post is the first in a two-part series on madonna/whore complexes, both parts going up today, and it’s going to be video heavy, with five, yes five, 6-8 minute clips. So let me warn you up front, it’s going to be time-intensive, but it’s so worth it. Watch every video. Then read the [...]