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Becoming a Renaissance Man, Part 5

Tweet Earlier installments in this series can be found here: Introduction Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Let’s get down to it. Understand and Merge Your Three Faces. This is one of those great insights that I read in a book at some point growing up, but for the life of me I [...]

A Work In Progress: The Raw Truths

Tweet (Latest additions to this ongoing list appear below in red) #1. When people admonish you to “be more original,” what they really mean is “be more like me.” When people admonish you to “be a free thinker,” they really mean “try to think more like me.” #2. Everyone knows you can’t turn a ho [...]

Where I’ve Been

Tweet I’ve been pretty sick for a few weeks. A combination of a virus and sinus infection and flu all at once. Because I rarely get seriously sick, I ignored it and didn’t seek medical attention until it got really, really bad. And immediately after recovering from that I had to move to a new [...]