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A Question to the Readers

Tweet If I was to take my writing to the next level and self-publish, what would you most be interested in seeing me write based on what you’ve read of my blog so far? Nonfiction that expands a specific topic I’ve discussed on this blog? Or nonfiction that touches a variety of topics like a [...]

What I’m Reading, 02/23/2009

Tweet This is a new regular feature I’m doing because I constantly get emails asking what I’m currently reading or the last few books I’ve heard. So whenever I start a new book from now on, I’ll just post it here so that people won’t have to email me to ask anymore. What I just [...]

Becoming a Renaissance Man, Part 4

Tweet Introduction Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Today I’m going to discuss two areas I still have problems with occasionally: Raise Your Bragging Threshold and Stop Fishing for Compliments A lot of guys brag and fish for compliments about the flimsiest things. It broadcasts horrible insecurity. No one likes that guy who looks for [...]

Cliche City – My New Most Hated Commercial

Tweet How many cliches can you cram into one promo? “A hardcore cop who’s a total control freak.” WHOAAAA!!!! But even crazier, he’s a single dad with a precociously sassy adult-acting daughter with wisecracks! A longer promo: “Ray Castle is the bad boy of bestsellers?” Did they seriously just say that without a hint of [...]

The 4-Step Thought Process For Any Major Life Decisions

Tweet I can’t take credit for coming up with this. I wrote it down after hearing it someplace else. I have a tendency to write down and save any good advice I hear at any time and keep it in a drawer for future reference. These four steps for making decisions are great, but I [...]

The Horrible State of American Architecture and Third Places

Tweet On my trip to Europe, what impressed me the most was the beauty of the architecture and urban planning that I noticed. It amazed me how much the architecture was tied into the history and identity of each country’s culture. When I returned to NY, I noticed how our constant quest for progress and [...]

Becoming a Renaissance Man, Part 3

Tweet To review prior installments: Introduction Introduction explaining the premise of the series Part 1 in the series Part 2 in the series. Find Good Role Models and Study Them Misery loves company, so people often have a tendency to pick friends who share similar problems, are enables and reinforce their negative traits. Another problem [...]

Intellectuals and Socialism

Tweet People often ask why so many intellectuals and elites become so enamored with socialism and are opposed to capitalism. One of the most compelling hypotheses I’ve seen put forward is from Robert Nozick in his essay “Why Do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism?” Summarizing or giving excerpts from this great piece wouldn’t do it justice, so [...]